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  • Hi, it's Jeff Kleintop with 90 seconds on what we're watching this week. The big focus

  • of the week will be on Commodity Futures prices and if they continue the decline of the past

  • two weeks and ease concerns over the rapid rise of inflation. Industrial materials, like

  • lumber and iron ore, and agricultural products, like weed and corn, have slid more than 10%

  • since peaking earlier this month. It could be that manufacturers, after scrambling to

  • meet obligations on the rush of contracts signed in the first quarter, appear to have

  • adapted to the changing market conditions and adjusted their pace as prices climbed.

  • Easing commodity price pressures may help support markets worried about the sharp rise

  • in inflation pressures and what it can be central banks. Europe's leaders meet at the

  • world policy forum later this week on issues including green solutions, as Europe nears

  • the rollout of its massive green infrastructure in economic stimulus plan. And after big gains

  • last year, green stocks have slumped but they rebounded partly in the past week and we'll

  • be watching to see if they get a further boost on renewed policy commitments this week. Leaders

  • of the big U.S. banks will testify to critical Democrats in the House and Senate this week

  • on their business practices, and this could impact the performance of financials which

  • have been the second-best performing sector this year behind energy. In terms of economic

  • data, we're going to get the German IFO index on business climate and the US durable

  • goods orders. Both may shed more light on the return of business capital spending, key

  • to sustaining economic growth when stimulus finally begins to fade. Thanks for watching.

Hi, it's Jeff Kleintop with 90 seconds on what we're watching this week. The big focus


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