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  • Hi, I'm Julia Michaels and today I'm gonna be taking you through my music video for all your exes.


  • This is playback, even your head be the only girl it's ever been in your bed.


  • I want to live in a world while you're exes are dead.


  • I feel like this year because I've had so much time to myself and time to self reflect.


  • I've become way more visual.


  • This is the kind of concept where a lot of people think it, but not a lot of people say it out loud.


  • When I wrote this song, I have this funny idea for a dinner party where I'm sort of Suzy homemaker and I'm catering to all of my boyfriend's friends and they sort of pan in on me and then when they pan out, I'm holding a tray of surgical equipment and I'm found with one of his exist when I received a bunch of treatments.


  • There was one that I really loved from a director named life thomas and when I talked to life on the phone I told her about my idea and she goes Julia what if we did do the dinner party but instead of being his friends, it's all his exes and they're all dead and you're just having this like ridiculous extravagant dinner party for all his dead exes.

    有一個我非常喜歡的導演叫Life Thomas,當我和Life通電話時,我告訴她我的想法,她說Julia,如果我們真的舉辦晚宴,但不是他的朋友,而是他所有的前任,而且他們都死了,你只是為他所有死去的前任舉辦這種可笑的奢侈的晚宴。

  • I was like that is genius.


  • I said whatever we do, I want it to be really satirical, really comedic and just really play up the psycho anus I guess of the song, your previous statistics where you spent last christmas Australian past.


  • I wanted to play up the Stepford Wife aspect.


  • I've always been a fan of juxtaposition.


  • I've always liked things that felt a little kitschy even lyrically.


  • I love that.


  • I think we pulled a lot from like american psycho, definitely john cusack from the Adams family because she also looks really Stepford Wifey but she's just like a crazy person, which I love her character in the movie.


  • So we, we definitely reference that, I think for the blond, basically we wanted to just portray someone that had everything together in their life together but was masked um with this sort of like jealous angry nous and just wanted to sort of like protect the love that she has with her person um and we'll do anything to protect that love with her person I wanna live in.


  • Mhm.


  • You're in season once we had the dinner party, the girls that were playing his exes were hilarious if I'm sitting at the table and I'm looking at them, there was a girl on my left that her, she was so funny, she was like girl, just stick a Twinkie in my face, you're fine, I'm like okay, just just like shove a hot Cheeto up my nose.


  • I'm good, I can handle it.


  • I was like, okay.


  • So I was like putting ice cream and frosting and twinkies in their faces and they were such sports, I put them so hard that day.


  • All your exes are died.


  • I don't want to kill all the I mean, I loved every look from this music video, it was definitely very thoughtful.


  • So a lot of our outfits were actually vintage and we're teetering on 60°, sort of a tire.


  • And my favorite outfit of the day was the pink dress with the bow on the back and the lime green heels with the chains be the only, I never really held a chainsaw before besides the picture, uh the single cover and this, I know how to handle the chainsaw now be scared, should be scared.


  • My favorite scene was probably when she was knocked out on the floor and I'm dancing like I had just like won an award and I'm just behind her framing her face doing squats, loosening up.


  • That was pretty funny and the fake blood was disgusting.


  • It was more sticky than I thought it was going to be.


  • So by the end of the night we were like trying to wipe it off my body, it was like sticking in my hair and if I had my arms up for too long, I would put them down and it would stick to my arms.


  • It was so gross.


  • Oh no, I think the creative process for the music video comes after you've been able to sit with the song for a second.


  • I think we listened to the song 20 times and then it was like, oh, this would be really funny and really fun and just that collaborative spirit with life really brought this music video together.


  • Probably one of my favorite music videos from the past is for a song called Happy, which kind of has the same spirit as this.


  • I'm in a kitchen, I'm throwing cake around, I'm burning a dollhouse.


  • I guess I like destructive destructiveness.


  • I do have a special place in my heart for things that feel really can't be.


  • I think it's just really fun and I don't think a lot of people do it enough because I don't know why not, right?


  • I feel like if my lyrics can be sort of satirical and kitschy and funny, then I should be able to portray that in the things that I wear and in the way that I do think don't tell me no.


  • I mean I love everything about the music video process.


  • I love that I get to be with a lot of people that I enjoy.


  • I love the hair, I love the makeup, I love the outfits.


  • I love the collaboration by thomas really was so magical and let me be a really big part of the creative process, which made it all that more fun.


  • Yeah, I mean, I love the whole thing, it's just so much fun and I love being able to play a character even though my boyfriend said that he's pretty sure I wasn't acting throughout this whole music video and that's why it came out so great.


  • The only let's get out of bed in your Yeah, dead.


Hi, I'm Julia Michaels and today I'm gonna be taking you through my music video for all your exes.



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