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Hey, mom, can I borrow 40 dollars?
40 dollars? What for?
I am getting dinner with a friend.
40 dollars for dinner? What are you having? 5 dinners?
Okay... it's...it's a girl.
I am taking a girl, please!
What happened to your allowance?
I spent it.
Well, then you should have saved it like I always tell you. Sucker.
Why not you just let her pay?
I can't do that.
Why not? Girls are all about being equal these days.
But isn't it just expected that guys pay on the first date?
Yeah, but sometimes girls feel like they owe you something if you pay, so if you let her, she'll feel more relaxed.
No, but I don't want to look cheap.
She might actually think that you are being really current and respectful.
It's all about how you say it.
I guess, when you put it that way.
Can I borrow like 40 bucks?
Why? Are you broke?
I spent everything on this dress.
I will pay you back right after I get my next paycheck.
Wait, it's your first date.
So, what do you have to worry about. The guy always pays, doesn't he?
Well, not necessarily, and I don't want to just rely on that.
Whatever, we all know you don’t actually expect to pay anyway.
Girls just reach for their wallet, but all guys know you don't actually intend on using it.
We see right through that.
Well, I would, alright, and I don't wanna be that kind of girl.
Guys are happy to pay on the first date.
They want to, so just let them. Problem solved.
Well, it looks really nice on you.
Thanks! I just got it today.
You just got it for tonight, huh?
Here you are, thanks guys.
Uh...let me...
Oh, no, I can...
Uh, well, I know you are a strong girl so I don't want to imply anything by just picking up the check.
Oh, it...it, it wouldn't at all.
If you feel like you wanted to pay for tonight. That...that'd be so sweet.
But so chauvinistic, I mean, who am I to force social standards on you.
Not chauvinistic, um, chivalrous. I'll be so grateful.
That's the thing. I won't want you to feel like you owe me anything.
I...don't be silly. I just feel like, you are an awesome guy.
Right, uh...but, being that awesome guy, I understand that a woman's desire to feel respected and equal.
Unless that’s not how you feel about yourself.
That’s very considerate of you, but I also understand that guys like to take care of girls every once in a while.
But you are not the type to expect guys to just pay all the time.
Not at all, I just thought you would want to do a nice gesture.
Don't you want to be independent?
Don't you want to impress me?
Why don't you two just split the bill?
So, what are you doing next Thursday?
Next Thursday, nothing, actually.
Oh well, then you wanna to try this again? Dinner, I promise I will pay.
Yeah, I’d like that, but you don't have to pay.
No, I insist.
I appreciate it, but I have a job. I can pay for things.
I wasn't implying that you don't have money. I just wanted to be chivalrous.
Don’t worry about it. I wanna pay.
No, I wanna pay.
I thought you were gonna pay?



第一次約會到底誰付錢?(Wong Fu Productions: Who Pays on a First Date? - Save the Date)

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