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  • find out how she's doing High Rose.


  • How are you?


  • Hi, how are you?


  • I'm great.


  • I'm great.


  • I was telling her body, you're kind of a londoner too because you lived here for quite a while, didn't you?


  • I lived there.


  • Hi brian, Thank you for having me on.


  • Hello.


  • Everybody out there in virtual and are now real world, which is virtual.


  • Um, yeah, I I have such a huge flame for London.


  • It really was instrumental in me kind of regaining some sanity after some really insane years and having distance from the US and seeing, you know, fascinating watch the power structures, both be completely similar and quite different.


  • And there the various elites at work, the suppressors, the ones that smear you and it's been, you know, from a distance watching it happen to you.


  • Isn't it fun?


  • Yeah, right.


  • Maybe you can give you a little advice when it comes to that rose.


  • It's a strange thing, you know, until you feel it, you don't know what it's like.


  • and so maybe one of the first time ever, I now know what it feels like to have that happen to them.


  • And yeah, I heard your story when you were in London real, but it's a completely unfathomable thing.


  • So uh yeah, until the machine, until you challenge I wrote a book about it.


  • Until you're going to write a book about it, I'm sure of it until you really challenge the power structure and make them nervous.


  • Um they usually leave you somewhat alone, that kind of keep an eye on you from the sidelines, but once you really start going for them, then the smears the attacks the character assassination.


  • I mean with you, I read it was about anti Semitism and you had Eva schloss on your on your, you know channel and and then with me, you know, I was a turf, I was anti trans, which is hilarious since my best girlfriend spent the night with me last night and you know, friends, we had a slumber party um you know, it's just like this is not reality, but they don't care and they will make that we use every hot button, disgusting thing to take someone down when all you really want to do is make the world better and you kind of want to say like, what's so bad about that?


  • I know the worst thing is Roses, that it discourages you from wanting to make the world better and you're like, I'm out here, I really want to do this great thing for this great city and yet you get chopped away by these kind of smears that then get repeated.


  • And then I guess Rose, so many people like us, they just throw the towel in right there like, oh well this is going to be the way it's going to be.


  • I'm not gonna bother and we probably crushed so many people that could change the world because that happens, right?


  • You have to have an inordinate amount of strength to, to uh put yourself to be hated Yeah, to be hated essentially, and to be lied about and I've been, you know, for me, I had, you know, they detailed in my book, Brave, I was lied about harvey weinstein paid off the media for years and that was proven um to slander me too crazy drug addict or the whole playbook, right?

    你必須有超乎尋常的力量,才能讓自己被人憎恨 是的,基本上被人憎恨,被人欺騙,我一直,你知道,對我來說,我有,你知道,他們在我的書《勇敢》中詳細介紹了我被欺騙的情況,哈維-溫斯坦買通了媒體多年,這被證明是嗯誹謗我太瘋狂的吸毒者或整個遊戲手冊,對嗎?

  • Which is, that's the woman's playbook for you.


  • They have to get a little different, but they do the wacky guy from America.


  • I'm pretty sure that they're, they're jam, you know, and it's just like at some point you're like, God you play because so boring can't you can't you do better like if you're fine, if you're going to hog all the power then be better or fuck off.


  • Mhm.


  • It's well said Rose and I'm finally getting to see that, you know, because you know before that I had a show and I had incredible like you, people like you on the show and I had controversial guests and I kind of wrote through that I fought against censorship last year.


  • We can talk about that because I know you have to but until I put myself out this for this political campaign, nobody really came after my character.


  • And even now I think my policies are 10 times better than the other candidates, but they don't really come after the policies.


  • Again, they come after me and it's the american, it's in the suit and then they try to go find some guests I spoke to out of 1000 guests that said one thing and then it gets repeated.


  • I just have to stay focused and always remind myself why am I doing this?


  • And it challenges you really, it challenges you.


  • Are you really doing this for the truth for the betterment of everyone for the long term.


  • And you must have had to ask yourself those hard questions when that was happening to you.


  • I mean like you're like wow you know, I gotta keep fighting right?


  • Well it kind of is funny when the very people that repeat the lies that are so clearly coming from a specific place that is being threatened, a place of power, they just repeat the untruth verbatim without doing any deeper research that hurts me.


  • Especially because those are the people I'm trying to help you know?


  • And for me I'm I'm not going to run for political office.


  • I think that personally I can affect, can I curse?


  • Yeah fuck it.


  • I can kick the shit out of people from the above position.


  • Like kind of the macro above and just kind of see the system and be like this actually needs to work better.


  • Let's do that.


  • But getting into it requires a renegade spirit and it requires, you know, I'll tell you something.


  • It's really weird.


  • I was in Parliament a couple years ago and I went into this room, I was being just taken around in Parliament where there are all these parliamentarians and they didn't know I was in there because they were taller than me.


  • And I wish to God I'd had my camera because one of them was literally talking about how dumb his voters for and how how easily fooled they were.


  • And I was like oh and I've been in the halls of power in D.


  • C.


  • You know, I was a volunteer at the ridiculous group called no labels republicans and democrats working across the aisle and the which is behind the scenes, not untrue in terms of them being friends and are basically being kind of the same thing.


  • Uh It is it is a wild perspective from the inside out and and it's hard when you can't tell the public when you kind of just know more about a certain thing and you it's so hard for people to believe.


  • And I think that's why I like good cops get ferreted out.


  • I could probably good politicians.


  • They're like God like life quality versus wanting to help help just because some people are born with these very strange compulsions to help.


  • I'm one of those people, I asked myself I'm not doing it for profit.


  • They can't figure out what my motivations are because I don't want anything from them.


  • I just want it to be better.


  • And I know you can do this with London.


  • I know you can do this.


  • Yeah.


find out how she's doing High Rose.



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