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Hi,my name is Niharika
and welcome to our new lesson
How many times have you spoken to someone
over the phone and thought that
Oh my God, this person is so unprofessional
or so uninterested
Well, I'm sure many of times isn't it?
Now make sure that others are not talking the same
about you
Alright? You think that phone skills are not important?
You think it's pretty easy to talk over the phone?
Well let me tell you that effective phone skills are extremely important
because it maintains a level of confidence with the other person
that you talking to
Well of course you are invisible to that person, isn't it?
So like a simple nod or a simple grin would not help
Alright? So this is essential to have these effective communication skills
so that you speak right and people enjoy talking to you
So I'm gonna help you with couple of ways
that would help you to talk right over the phone
So the first trick that I have to you is
mention your name when you answer the call
Now it can be really disorienting for the caller
if he doesn't know who he's talking to
So it is important for you to mention your name
And also make sure you have a nice happy friendly tone
when you answer the call
Now this doesn't mean that you overdo it
don't sound really excited
Oh hello! How are you
OK that would be too much
just have a nice friendly tone
so that the person feels positive about talking to you
And this would get the conversations start off well
The second trick that I have for you is speak clearly
Now it's important for you to pronounce your words well
Of course please do avoid mumbling
or talking too fast or gushing
OK these would not help the caller to understand what you are saying
So it is important for you to pronounce your words correctly
Also, there's the possibility that the caller
may be must be hard on hearing
or maybe doesn't understand the language really well
So make sure you talk a little slowly
OK? and also raise your voice
So that you are a little more audible to the caller
Now raising your voice doesn't mean that you
start screaming, OK?
Just raise it a little so that you're audible enough
The third one that I have for you is use your words right
Now it doesn't make sense if you are talking
to your boss or if you are talking to your grandmother
and you use the teen language or you use slangs
like you would go
Hey! What's up
So are you having fun? Or hardcore fun?
Doesn't make any sense, doesn't it?
Your boss or your grandma will think you are completely retarded
So make sure you use the right language, the right words
If you are talking to someone professionally
please use the respectable and professional words
Right? You cannot end up usie these slangs
So use your words right or that fits the listener
The forth one that I have for you is listen actively
Now what's the point of having a conversation
if you are not listening to the person
Right? Well if you are not listening to the person
and you're not trying to understand what he's saying
What are you gonna answer him?
So it is important for you to listen carefully
understand so that you can answer appropriately
Also, make sure that you acknowledge
Let not the caller feel that's he's talking to a wall
Always acknowledge whenever you're listening to the person
Right to the caller, OK?
And also please do not interrupt
Interrupting people can be really really rude at times
So avoid interrupting too
The fifth that I have for you is use descriptive language
Now of course if you have to explain something to the caller
you need to brush up on your communication skills,isn't it?
So please do that
So that it helps the caller to understand what you are talking
For example, if you have to describe something
use..make use of examples
because you are invisible to him right?
So hand gestures would not work
So try giving examples examples of some shapes some colors et cetera
imagine..this is the best way
imagine you are on the radio and you are the one
talking and people are listening to you
That would kinda encourage you to sound a little more interesting, isn't it?
Like the way we listen to the radio, we can't see the person
who's talking but we really enjoy what they talk
because the way thy describe the way they talk
is super fun, isn't it?
So that's why you need to follow to
Try to be a little more descriptive so that the caller
understands and enjoys talking to you
And the last one that I have for you is always keep pen and paper handy
Now there are times that you might just forget
you would get tongue-tied and you don't know what to talk to the person
So it's always best to keep a problem sheet in front of you
or you might also forget what the caller talk to you about
So it's important for you to just note down things
that would help you to remember
Right? So if you follow all these ways
trust me,people would love talking to you
and you would never have a hard time communicating with people
over the phone, alright?
Now that brings me to the end of the lesson
Hope this lesson is useful for you to speak effectively
and professionally over the phone
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【職場的進擊】如何有效的用電話溝通?How to speak effectively over the phone?

47842 分類 收藏
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