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Hi I'm Thomas I'm a shop assistant
I am a dress maker
I'm a child care worker
I'm a bar manager
I'm a shop manager
I'm a hairdresser
I am a cook
I am a forklift driver
I am a waitress
I am a factory worker
do you know about Australia's workplace laws and how they protect you?
they may be very different to your country of birth
knowing about our rights as workers
and where to go for help and advice is really important
it doesn't matter how long you will be staying in Australia
if you're working you have rights
most workplaces are governed by the National Fair Work system
and most jobs in the system a covered by a modern award
there are many different types of awards covering different industries and occupations
and yours will generally set out things like your minimum wage
hours of work and rest breaks
like everyone in the Fair Work System
also protected by the National Employment Standards or NES
these are 10 basic minimum standards that all workers receive
including things like annual leave parental leave
and notice of termination of employment
fairwork.gov.au is a good place to find information about your workplace rights in Australia
on this website you'll find tools and resources to help you learn about
and understand your rights and responsibilities at work
when you start a job
it's a good idea to visit fairwork.gov.au
print a copy of the My Employment checklist
filling it in can help you answer questions you may have about your job
and your workplace rights.
The checklist is available online in your language.
Another useful resource is the Fair Work Information Statement.
When you start a new job your employer should provide you with a copy
if you don't already have one you can download it from fairwork.gov.au in your language
your workplace rights and entitlements
are protected and enforced by the Fair Work Ombudsman
the role the Fair Work Ombudsman includes
helping employees, employers, contractors
and the community to understand and comply with
Australia's workplace laws.
You can contact the Fair Work Ombudsman for information and advice about your work situation
this service is free to all people and your questions can be answered confidentially
visit fairwork.gov.au
or call the Fair Work InfoLine on 13 13 94
if you need an interpreter you can call via the translating and interpreting service 131 450
If you have questions about your job
or issue arises it's a good idea to speak with your employer first
often an issue arises because of a breakdown in communication
or simple mistake that's the easy to fix
if your employer cannot help or you need more information you can visit fairwork.gov.au
or call the Fair Work InfoLine
remember the Fair Work Ombudsman provides free information and advice
and services are available in your language
and if you know about a friend or family member who needs help
tell them to visit fairwork.gov.au
every workers conditions and circumstances are different
the important reminder is its ok to speak up
ask questions and seek help.
Know your workplace, know your rights


澳洲度假打工 (Working in Australia - English)

43015 分類 收藏
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