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Attention film buffs! Here's 31 random movie facts you need to know.
Alfred was supposed to talk to the Joker here,
but Michael Caine was so startled by Heath Ledger, he forgot his lines.
Vincent and Mia's dance is the same as Gloria and Mario's from Fellini's "8 1/2"
Clint Eastwood wore the same poncho through all three “Man With No Name“ movies...
without ever cleaning it.
Red's Cell Number ”237“ is the same number as the haunted room from the shining.
Christopher Lee is the only member the cast and crew to have ever met JRR Tolkien.
Arnold's $15 million salary for "T2" breaks down to twenty one thousand dollars per word.
Hasta la vista, Baby.
George Lucas put together this montage as a favor to Francis Ford Coppola
for helping him with American Graffiti.
Sally Field is only 10 years older than Tom Hanks.
All the animals in the matrix are computer-generated.
Hidden in this pillar is an engraving of R2D2 and C3PO.
Every piano key played on-screen is accurate... no one is faking!
Anthony Hopkins total screen time is only 16 minutes.
Neil Patrick Harris was considered for the role of Private Ryan.
The words "you freak" at the end of the sentence are dubbed by Christopher Nolan.
This dance routine was choreographed by Paula Abdul.
Martin Scorsese actually has two cameos. Once here.
and once here.
The coconut gag was used because the film couldn't afford horses.
-"Where'd you get the coconuts?" --"We found them!"
These blue lasers were borrowed from "The Who" who were rehearsing on the sound stage next door.
Charlie Sheen stayed awake for 48 hours to get this look.
My Blue Heaven is an unofficial sequel to Goodfellas.
Both movies are based on the story of Gangster Henry Hill,
because the screenwriters were married.
This asteroid field contains random objects, including a potato and a shoe.
The movie "See You Next Wednesday" is a running joke in John Landis's films.
"Psycho" was the first American film to show a toilet flushing.
Uncle Ben's car is Sam Raimi's personal Oldsmobile Delta 88.
It appears in all the director's films.
Alan Rickman was dropped the second early to get his true reaction.
The name of the band is never mentioned once in the entire movie.
Cameo by porn star Ron Jeremy.
This scene required 342 takes.
This scene required only one take.
The runtime of Titanic is the exact time it took the real ship to sink.
And Snow White and the Seven Dwarves was the favorite film of Adolf Hitler.
What movie do you wanna know about?
Let us know, and we'll make the video.


關於電影你應該要知道的31件事! (31 Random Movie Facts You Need To Know)

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