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  • In April of 2012, L.S. Riley was having  nightmares. He'd always been a night person,  


  • staying up well after his  roommate had fallen asleep,  


  • but now he had even more of  a reason to stay out of bed.


  • Riley had once heard someone say that fresh  air was the best way to chase the demons away,  


  • so he'd started taking night walks to avoid  the terrors in his sleep. But Riley was about  


  • to learn a hard lesson: The worst nightmares are  the ones that come for you when you're wide awake.


  • This is the story of the Smiling Man.  


  • What happened? Who is he? Why are some  smiles so creepy? And most importantly,  

    發生了什麼事? - 他是誰?他是誰?為什麼有些人的笑容如此詭異?最重要的是

  • how could you survive an encounter with  him? There's only one way to find out...

    你怎麼能在和他的相遇中活下來?只有一個辦法可以知道... ...

  • Like we said, Riley had a habit of taking  nighttime walks. He lived downtown in a major  


  • US city, and he'd been taking his nocturnal  strolls around town for four years without  


  • any kind of incident. He'd once joked to a friend  of his that in this city, even the drug dealers  


  • were polite. Maybe that's why he let his guard  down on the one night that he needed it most.


  • It was Wednesday, a little after 1:00 AMand Riley was walking further away from  


  • his apartment than he usually wouldHe was at a police-patrolled park,  

    他的公寓,比他通常會。 他在一個有警察巡邏的公園裡。

  • normally as safe as your back yardHe noticed that the whole town seemed  

    通常情況下,像你的後院一樣安全。 他注意到整個小鎮似乎

  • unusually dead tonight - he hadn't seen anyone  during the entire duration of his walk. But as  


  • he rounded the corner into a small, dark  side street, that was about to change.


  • In the distance, he saw the silhouette oftall, lanky man, dancing. It was a kind of odd,  


  • loping waltz, somewhere between a dance  and a walk. There was something off about  


  • the man. Something uncanny. Riley shooed away the  irrational fears and figured the guy had probably  


  • just had a few too many drinks at a local barHe walked out onto the road to give the stranger  

    只是在當地的一家酒吧喝了幾杯。 他走到馬路上,給陌生人

  • more space on the sidewalk, but as the two got  closer, Riley realized he'd made a mistake.


  • The man was moving a little too gracefully  to be a drunk. He was dressed in an old suit,  


  • his face craned up, looking at the  night sky. Riley noticed his eyes  


  • were practically bugging out of his headand most notably, he was wearing a wide,  


  • toothy smile. The kind of smile that looks  almost like it hurts. A creepy, cartoon grin.


  • Riley crossed the street to give the Smiling  Man a wide berth, but the man stopped,  

    萊利橫穿馬路,給 "笑面人 "一個寬闊的空間,但那人停了下來。

  • perfectly parallel with him across the  street. He was looking in Riley's direction,  


  • still facing skywards. Riley kept moving, wanting  to put as much distance between them as possible.  


  • A block later, he looked over his shoulderand saw the Smiling Man crouched in the shadows  


  • a few feet behind him. Still grinningbearing his teeth like a predator.


  • Riley was frozen as the Smiling Man rose  to his feet and began waltzing towards him,  


  • faster than any person should be able to. He was  in grabbing distance when the Smiling Man stopped  


  • in front of him. Terrified, Riley choked outdesperate noise. He wanted to sound intimidating,  


  • instead, he sounded terrified. But Riley  got lucky - the Smiling Man turned tail,  

    相反,他聽起來很害怕。不過萊利運氣不錯--"笑面人 "轉身尾隨。

  • and began waltzing off in the other direction.


  • Riley got moving again. He was closer to  his apartment; he just needed to get inside,  


  • and then he'd be safe. But that's when he heard  the footsteps behind him: Pounding at the asphalt.  


  • He turned and saw the Smiling Man sprinting  towards him like a maniac, eyes bulging,  


  • smile still freakishly wide. Lucky for Rileyperhaps because of fear and adrenaline, he could  


  • run faster. He sprinted until his legs burned  and he was finally able to lose the Smiling Man.

    跑得更快。他一直衝刺到雙腿發燙,終於可以甩掉 "笑面人 "了。

  • He returned to his apartment that nighttraumatized but alive. He lived in that  


  • city for six months after that, but he never  took a night time walk again. The nightmares  


  • in his head had nothing on the nightmare he  encountered on the streets that one night.  

    在他的腦海中,沒有任何的噩夢 他遇到的街道上,有一天晚上。

  • Riley knew from something in the man's face  that he wasn't drunk and he wasn't high.  


  • He was truly, dangerously insane, and Riley  had been lucky to escape with his life.


  • Riley posted this story on the r/LetsNotMeet  subreddit, a place for people to post real,  


  • frightening encounters they've had with strange  people across the globe. It seemed like a freaky  


  • isolated incident, but as it turns out, L.S.  Riley was only one of many people who'd had  

    但事實證明,L. S. Riley只是許多人中的一個,他們都有過這樣的經歷。

  • terrifying encounters with the Smiling Man. He  was just the person to finally give it a name.


  • In fact, so many people out there had had their  own experience with this terrifying grinning  


  • phantom, they started the r/TheSmilingMan  subreddit to share their experiences.


  • A user named PoptartMuncher relayed a terrifying  encounter outside his home. He saw a distant,  


  • waltzing figure as he was pulling into his  driveway. When he got out of his car and  


  • began walking towards his house, the figure broke  into a frantic sprint, just like in Riley's story.  


  • PoptartMuncher ran into his home in a paniclocking all the doors and windows. That's when  


  • the Smiling Man appeared at his front door, trying  to slide it open, his face pressed up against the  


  • glass. He grinned and hissed out the words, “I'll  be back again for you”, before waltzing away.

    的玻璃。他咧嘴一笑,嘶吼出一句 "我還會再來找你的",然後邁著華爾茲走了。

  • Another user with the appropriate handle  “grinningmanwatchinghad the Smiling Man appear  

    另一位賬號為 "grinningmanwatching "的網友則出現了笑面人的身影

  • outside of his home in the dead of night. He  lived in an isolated farmhouse out in the woods,  


  • so when an unusually tall, grinning  creep appeared in his yard,  


  • staring in through the windows, he knew that  nobody was coming to help him. He was just  


  • lucky that the Smiling Man wasn't able to  enter his home that night, and eventually  

    幸運的是,笑面人當晚沒能進入他的家,最終... ...

  • decided to waltz off of the property. Things  could have gone a hell of a lot worse.


  • A former Smiling Man-skeptic with the username  Anonyme13 had the closest encounter yet.  


  • While outside his home, he saw the Smiling  Man appear and begin waltzing towards him.  


  • He looked so terrifying and unnatural that Anonyme  literally collapsed to the floor as he approached.  


  • The Smiling Man crouched over him, and leaned  in so their faces were almost touching. Anonyme  


  • described feeling the man's breath on his skin: It  was cold, like a winter breeze. He got lucky, and  


  • the Smiling Man let him go. He was able to get uplimp back into his home, and shut the monster out.


  • The subreddit moderator, a user called  HeckToTheYeah65, studied all the entries  


  • on the subreddit to extrapolate the  best description of the Smiling Man.  


  • He's always above six feet tall, often wearing  an old-fashioned suit and sometimes a small hat.  


  • He often looks up at the sky and can be  identified immediately from his strange,  


  • waltzing gait. Many of the stories seem to come  from the state of Iowa, and he typically stalks  


  • dark streets and isolated homes. And of coursehe's never seen without his wide, unnatural smile.


  • So who or what is the Smiling Man? He's  become the stuff of Internet legend,  

    那麼,"笑面人 "到底是誰、是什麼?他已經成為了網絡傳奇的素材。

  • and fans have drawn parallels with a number of  popular creepypastas. These include Smile Dog,  


  • the classic tale of an image believed by many  to be pure evil. If you haven't seen our video  


  • on Smile Dog already, the gist is that it's  an image of a Siberian Husky with a wide,  


  • demonic human smile. Anyone who sees the image  is haunted in their dreams by the monster,  


  • encouraging them toSpread the Wordand  infect more victims by showing them the photo.  

    鼓勵他們 "廣而告之",通過給他們看照片來感染更多的受害者。

  • Another, similar Creepypasta often associated  with the Smiling Man isThe Grinning Man.”

    另一個類似的Creepypasta經常與微笑的人聯繫在一起,就是 "微笑的人"。

  • In this story, the narrator's friend dieshorrific death. The only lead on what may have  


  • caused it is an email he received, containing  a photo of a grinning face and the trigger word  


  • Desperation.” Exposure to this is believed  to cause violent insanity in victims. However,  


  • this isn't the only Grinning Man often associated  with the monster we're covering in this video. And  


  • if the connection holds water, the Smiling Man may  have been around for a lot longer than we thought.


  • The town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, is no  stranger to weirdness. If the name is familiar  

    西弗吉尼亞州的Point Pleasant鎮,對怪異的事情並不陌生。如果這個名字很熟悉

  • to you, it's because it was where the legendary  Mothman was first sighted. But a lesser known  


  • monster was also sighted here by a sewing machine  salesman named WoodrowWoodyDerenberger in  


  • 1966. Woody was driving along a hill just outside  Parkersburg on Interstate 77 when he encountered a  


  • strange vehicle: It looked almost like a giant oil  lamp, traveling towards him on the road. He pulled  


  • over in sheer confusion. That's when a hatch  in the vehicle opened, and someone stepped out.


  • He was a strange man with a dark  overcoat and an unseasonably dark tan,  


  • but the strangest thing of all was his freakishly  wide grin. The man identified himself to Woody as  


  • Indrid Cold, and told him that this would be the  first of several encounters. But Woody reported  


  • that Cold's grin didn't shift once during this  conversation - he was speaking telepathically.  


  • He even encouraged Woody to share the story with  the authorities, before climbing back into his  


  • strange vehicle and disappearing. Two other men  reported a similar experience that same night,  


  • describing the grinning Cold disembarking from  his craft and asking them strange questions.


  • Cold kept his word and met up with Woody several  times after that. He told the sewing machine  


  • salesman that he was an alien from a planet named  Lanulos, simply visiting earth. The 1960s were a  


  • real heyday for mysterious, grinning figures. A  few weeks before Indrid Cold allegedly appeared  

    真正的全盛時期,神祕的笑臉人物。在Indrid Cold據說出現的幾周前

  • in West Virginia, two young boys - James Yanchitis  and Martin 'Mouse' Munov - encountered a similar  


  • figure in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Both boys claim  to have spotted theStrangest man they ever saw”  

    新澤西州伊麗莎白市的人物。兩個男孩都聲稱發現了 "他們見過的最奇怪的人"

  • standing behind a chain link fence. He  didn't say a word, he just stood there,  


  • freakishly tall and grinning like a maniac. That  certainly sounds like the Smiling Man to us.


  • Nobody could blame you for feeling freaked out  right now. Is he an alien, a monster, a demon,  


  • or just a dangerous, smiling lunatic? And why is  a smile - a facial expression meant to indicate  


  • happiness - so disturbing in the right contextAccording to a research study performed by the  

    幸福--在正確的語境下如此不安? 根據一項由

  • University of Minnesota, it all depends on  the type of smile. The study aimed to find  


  • out what makes a smile seem likable, and what  makes a smile seem creepy or off-putting.


  • The study found that the following features were  often associated with creepy and threatening  


  • smiles: Being too wide, showing too many teethand conforming to a “V” shape. Sound familiar?  

    笑容。太寬,露出太多牙齒,符合 "V "形。聽起來很熟悉?

  • According to a meta-study published by the BBCthere are nineteen different types of Smile,  


  • each one communicating something differentThe Smiling Man's signature grin seems closest  

    每一個人都在傳達著不同的東西。 笑面人的招牌笑容似乎最接近於

  • to what the article calls theAngry-Enjoyment  Smile.” These wide, fixed grins often indicate  

    到文章中所說的 "憤怒-快樂的微笑"。這些寬闊的、固定的笑容往往表示

  • a malicious intent, or a kind of sick joy in  hurting others. That's why it's often applied  


  • to frightening villains, from Jack Torrance to  The Joker, and the Smiling Man is no exception.


  • Sometimes, a smile like that of the Smiling  Man can indicate sickness and disease.  

    有時候,像 "笑面人 "那樣的微笑,可以說明病痛。

  • The rare illness Risus Sardonicus, often  associated with tetanus and Wilson's Disease,  

    罕見的疾病Risus Sardonicus,常與破傷風和威爾遜病有關。

  • can cause facial muscle spasms that  force the face into a malicious smile,  


  • orRictus Grin.” This definitely sounds like  the Smiling Man's painful-looking cartoon grin.

    或 "Rictus Grin"。這聽起來絕對是笑面人痛苦的卡通笑容。

  • Finally, how can you hope to avoid the Smiling  Man? Well, according to the Smiling Man subreddit,  


  • your best bet is to avoid going out at nightespecially if you live in a quiet or isolated  


  • area - keep your doors and windows locked, and  if you ever encounter the Smiling Man himself,  


  • don't make a noise and get out of  the area as quickly as possible.


  • The Smiling Man could be anywhere nowPerhaps even a little closer than you think...

    笑面人現在可能在任何地方 也許比你想象的還要近一些... ...

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In April of 2012, L.S. Riley was having  nightmares. He'd always been a night person,  



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