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I am Herbert. I am Oscar from the Target. And I am Ashley.
And today we are Target employees. We're going to be pretty much trying to sell our albums to middle-aged men.
You actually look like you work here.
Yeah! Welcome to Target! Welcome to Target!
Hi guys! Can I help you anything?
Ok, It's okay.
Lovely. Have a lovely day.
Can I find any microwaves?
Umm... I'm not really sure. There are some CDs down there.
So is there any microwaves there?
I think so yeah...
I was just looking for movies...
This is actually a movie as well... Five seconds of summer... um...DVD
Yes everything is fine...Ashley
Five seconds of summer! Good one! Good one!
Thanks, man
Anyway, keep holding that.
Wait, here...just take this...Thanks...
You need deluxe?
I just wanna recommend this to you.
It's over there. There's a whole rack of them.
Just let you know, we have special five seconds of summer new albums umm...debut albums comes in four different colors. If you like it, if you have a daughter or a son...neither....Oh..I'm sorry
I wish I could wake up with amnesia...
I think you have something pretty good already
This...this is pretty good as well
Thank you! It's really good!
Okay... you should check it out.
Would that be you?
No...no that's not me...
Are you sure?
No...look...he's awful
Use the um... employee discount
Keep on!
Welcome to Target!


到暑 5秒 Target 整人推銷計劃 5 Seconds of Summer - Target Prank (#5sosTargetEmployeesOfTheMonth)

3786 分類 收藏
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