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  • What do you think billionaires do  when they're just kicking back?  


  • The answer is most likely they get buzzed on  alcohol as many regular nine-to-fivers do.  


  • The only difference is what they drink could end  up costing more than you'll make in a lifetime,  


  • because you're poor. 7. The most expensive beer 


  • Beer. It's the go-to alcohol for many people  in the world. That's why it's arguably the  


  • most social of drinks, and luckily it doesn't  usually cost very much at all. In fact, you can  


  • get yourself a beer in the Czech Republic for  about $1.50, which according to ex-pat websites  


  • isn't much more than folks over there pay for  water. Some say beer runs like water in the Czech  


  • Republic, so not surprisingly this is the top  country for beer consumption. On average, each  


  • person consumes around 190 liters of beer a yearYep, no other country comes even close to that

    一個人一年要喝190升左右的啤酒。 是的,沒有其他國家甚至接近這個數字。

  • One thing we can say for sure is most of the  people in that country would scoff if you  


  • offered them a beer costing 100 bucks. We actually  found quite a lot of beers that go for that price,  


  • some of them with names we all know. Take for instance the well-known label  


  • called Samuel Adams. It has a special beer, its  champagne of beers, called Samuel AdamsUtopias”.  

    叫做塞繆爾・亞當斯。它有一種特殊的啤酒,它的啤酒的香檳,叫塞繆爾亞當斯 "烏托邦"。

  • This is how the founder of the company described  these 200 buck beers, “It's kind of the Starship  


  • Enterprise of beerit takes beer where no beer  has been before.” You're not supposed to chug  


  • it like some college students would do with their  everyday beers, you're supposed to sip it. It has  

    它像一些大學生會做 與他們的日常啤酒, 你應該品嚐它。它有

  • a 28 percent volume, so knocking back a bottle  in five seconds would give you quite the hit


  • That's expensive, but we found  even more expensive beers


  • There's a beer calledTutankhamun Ale”, which  according to news reports was the creation of  

    有一種叫 "圖坦卡蒙啤酒 "的啤酒,據新聞報道,這款啤酒的創造者是

  • an Egyptologist. This guy apparently found  residues of beer inside the Sun Temple of  


  • Nefertiti in Egypt and got to work making  a beer based on what those Egyptians made


  • If you didn't know, beer drinking goes back  as long as human history has been recorded.  


  • In fact, some people say beer was one  reason for many advances in the world.  


  • It's always been important stuff. The English  almost had a revolution when the government  


  • wanted to stop the textile workers from getting  free ale during their mega-hard workdays.  


  • Beer is the boss and has  been for thousands of years


  • Anyway, Tutankhamun Ale was going  for five thousand pounds a bottle,  


  • which works out at around seven thousand  dollars. But that was for the first bottle.  


  • It seems after that you could get one for  a mere $70. Still, since so few were made,  


  • those that weren't snapped up were sold on laterIn the US, some people paid $500 for a bottle

    那些沒有被搶購一空的,後來都被賣掉了。 在美國,有人花500美元買一瓶。

  • This is how one person reviewed it,  “Very interesting beer, to say the least.  


  • It was good! Just different. I would  say it's an experience worth going for!” 


  • That's still not the most expensive beer ever  sold. The record, we think, goes to a beer made  


  • by a Scottish brewery called Brew Dog. They made  a beer calledThe End of History.” While some  

    由蘇格蘭一家名為 "啤酒狗 "的啤酒廠生產。他們做了一款名為 "歷史的終結 "的啤酒。雖然有些

  • bottles went for just $1,000, the most expensive  one ever sold went for $20,000. That's a lot for  


  • your average American. In fact, it would be  like Jeff Bezos paying two billion for a beer


  • The End of History was a whopping 55 percent  in volume, so it certainly wasn't the kind  


  • of thing you throw down your neck. What was so  special about it? Well, inside the bottle was  


  • a taxidermized squirrel or hare. You also helped  the brewery raise funds by buying one. Apparently,  


  • it contained flavors of Scottish nettles and  juniper berries. We don't think the dead animal  


  • did much for the taste, and if that's your thinghead over to Cambodia, or Thailand, or Laos,  


  • and you can get some hooch containing a snake or  scorpion which will set you back hardly anything  


  • and allegedly make your John Thomas grow. Disclaimer: The Infographics Show does not  


  • espouse, condone, or recommend drinking  strange brew containing dead animals


  • 6. Most expensive wine Oh, glorious wine, the nectar of the Gods,  


  • the apple of the eye of Dionysusthe drink that  attracts some of the world's most pretentious  


  • people, folks willing to spend big and  talk big about glorified grape juice


  • You might have heard people  discussing Chateauneuf-du-Pape wines,  


  • which is actually just a region  in the Rhone Valley in France.  


  • Wines from here don't come cheap, and so  they've made it into jokes in popular culture.  


  • In the movie Anchorman 2, Ron Burgundy hit  his head and said, “I drank half a bottle of  


  • ketchup thinking it was Châteauneuf-du-Pape!” Yep, this is one of the most renowned expensive  


  • wines. Still, if you go online, you'll find  you can pick up a bottle for a mere $28.  


  • That's the cheap stuff. You can  also find bottles for almost $1,500. 


  • This is still chump-change for some wine loversWe're not sure if you've heard of the story,  

    這對於一些葡萄酒愛好者來說,還是小菜一碟。 我們不知道你是否聽說過這個故事。

  • but a clever dude in the US duped people  out of millions by selling them fake wine.  


  • One of the Koch brothers gave that guy $2 million  for wines that weren't what they seemed. He was  


  • paying in the region of 50 to 100 thousand dollars  for regular wines that came in fake bottles


  • Later, Koch had an auction in which he was  off-loading around 45,000 bottles of his precious  


  • winethe good stuff, not the fakes. Just one  of the bottles was expected to go for $120,000.  


  • That was a Rothschild 1945. Remember, that's peanuts to  


  • a multibillionaire. Put it this way, when Elon  Musk was making stupid money in 2020 and 2021,  


  • he was adding $432 million to his net worth every  day. What's a paltry $120,000 to people like that,  


  • or folks with many fewer billions. They  could lose that much down the back of the  


  • sofa and they'd never know it was missing. After hearing that, you won't be too shocked  


  • to hear that in 2010 someone at an auction in Hong  Kong paid $328,000 for a bottle of Chateau Lafite  


  • Rothschild. You can actually find these wines  online going for just $70, but this was an 1869,  


  • apparently a good year and very rare. According  to reports, most of the bidders were Chinese


  • At the time, this was the most expensive bottle  of wine ever sold, but it got pipped in 2018.  


  • That was the year someone paid $558,000 for  a bottle of 1945 Romanée-Conti. The buyer was  


  • an Asian wine collector. Just after he spentsmall fortune on that bottle an American buyer  


  • paid $496,000 for the same wine. This amounts  to close to $100,000 for one solitary glass.  


  • Imagine knocking it over! That stain would be  worth the same as a standard Porsche 911 Carrera


  • This is what Bloomberg said about where the  wine was grown, “Of its seven fabled reds  


  • and one white, those from the tiny 4.5-acre  Romanée-Conti vineyard are absolutely iconic,  


  • the epitome of the highest-quality Burgundy.” Not  long ago someone said they'd poison all the vines  


  • on that land if the owner didn't give them over  one million bucks. They didn't get away with it


  • A 2009 version of thisfabledwine will  now set you back over $3,000 a bottle.  

    這款 "傳說中 "的2009年版葡萄酒,現在每瓶將為你帶來超過3000美元的回報。

  • Apparently, this is what you get for your  money, “Amazingly complex aromas, long,  


  • savory layers of earth and spice flavors, and  a silky texture that transfixes your tongue.” 


  • Now let's shake things up a bit. 5. The most expensive cider 


  • Ok, so we've just discussed the chosen drink of  the high-society milieu, the people that don't  


  • regularly mix with the sort of folks watching  this video. Now let's get low down and dirty  


  • and discuss a drink that is more connected  with the working people, a drink in the UK  


  • that comes in three-liter bottles and is quaffed  by what the press has called theimpoverished”,  

    三升瓶裝,被媒體稱為 "窮人 "的人喝。

  • anti-social”, “under-ageand as any Brits will  tell you, thedesperate.” Hey, at just over  


  • three quid ($4.1) for a three-liter bottle of 8.4  percent hooch the stuff is an absolute bargain


  • But let's leave the likes ofWhite Lightning”  andFrosty Jack's” alone for now. We don't want  

    但我們先不說 "白色閃電 "和 "冰霜傑克 "等。我們不希望

  • anyone having a panic attack here. Let's instead  focus on the ciders of the privileged class,  


  • where golden apples hang from luxurious trees. Actually, ciders it seems don't get that  


  • expensive. We went online window shopping and  struggled to find any ciders worthy of the palette  


  • of a billionaire. Sure, you could get your hands  on a bottle ofSea Cider Prohibitionfor $25,  

    的億萬富翁。當然,你可以花25美元買到一瓶 "海蘋果酒禁酒"。

  • but that's hardly a massive step up from the  stuff that boasts “50 percent offon the label

    但這和那些標榜 "五折 "的東西相比,幾乎沒有什麼大的進步。

  • The French of course make cider sound really  expensive. Imagine telling your buddy you just  


  • cracked open your third bottle of Frosty Jacks and  he then tells you with an air of disgust that he's  

    敲開你的第三瓶Frosty Jacks,然後他告訴你與空氣中的厭惡,他是。

  • about to quaff his first bottle ofEric Bordelet  'Perlant' Jus de Pommes a Sydre.” Snob. He would  

    即將喝下他的第一瓶 "Eric Bordelet 'Perlant' Jus de Pommes a Sydre"。勢利眼。他將

  • have paid in the region of $18 for his drink. In  your mind you're a winner because after a bit of  

    已經支付了18美元的區域 為他的飲料。在你看來,你是個贏家,因為在經過一番

  • adding up you've worked out you've effectivelypercent-wise, gotten yourself a real bargain

    加起來,你已經工作了 你已經有效地,百分比方面, 得到了自己一個真正的便宜貨。

  • A bottle ofCidre Dupontservewill cost you  about $35. A bottle ofDomaine de Kervéguen Cuvée  

    一瓶 "Cidre Dupont Réserve "大約需要35美元。一瓶 "Domaine de Kervéguen Cuvée"(克爾維根莊園)。

  • Carpe Diem Prestige”, even though it sounds greatcosts just $25. It seems like that's about as much  

    Carpe Diem Prestige",雖然聽起來很不錯,但價格只有25美元。這似乎是關於

  • as an expensive cider will cost, so we'll leave it  there and now get into the most expensive kinds of  


  • booze you can buy that's not wine. 4. The most expensive rum 


  • Some of you philistines out there would  spoil a good rum by adding Cola to it,  


  • but we know a few of you rum aficionados  would never defile a good drink by mixing it  


  • with unknown chemicals. You would never consider  doing that with a glass ofLegacy by Angostura”.  

    與未知的化學品。你絕對不會考慮用一杯 "安格斯圖拉的遺產 "來做這件事。

  • This is a rum that comes from TrinidadTobago and will set you back around $35,000. 


  • Unlike wine, people aren't buying it  because it's old. It's just said to be  


  • of really high quality and if you bought  a decanter of it you'd be only one of 20  


  • other people who were rich enough to buy one. If you wanted to buy some rum right now and not  


  • have to go to an auction for it, you could  spend just over $5,000 and pick up a bottle  


  • ofAppleton Estate 50 Years Jamaican  Independence Reserve.” Quite a few  

    的 "阿普爾頓莊園50年牙買加獨立保護區"。不少

  • online stores saysold out”, but we found some  places that have a couple of bottles in stock

    網店說 "賣完了",但我們發現有些地方有幾瓶庫存。

  • We think the winner for the rum is  the “J. Wray and Nephew 1940s rum”,  

    我們認為朗姆酒的冠軍是 "J. Wray and Nephew 1940s rum"。

  • or at least it's the winner in terms of what you  can find online and buy now. This stuff in the  


  • past has gone for $50,000. The 25-year old of its  kind you can see for sale now at around $12,000. 


  • Some of the most expensive bottles ever sold were  found in a stately house in the city of Leeds in  


  • northern England. That rum was bottled withfew others back in 1780. In 2014, they were all  


  • sold at auction for around $11,000 each. The guy who owned the house said this,  


  • “I had always known the bottles were down there  but I wouldn't have given them another look.”  


  • This man was already related to an Earl  and part of England's rich, so he gave  


  • the proceeds of the auction to a charity. Ok, on to something even more expensive 


  • 3. The world's most expensive cognac Cognac is also one of those drinks  

    3.世界上最貴的干邑 干邑也是其中的一種飲品

  • you associate with the wealthy. It's the kind of  thing you drink in the drawing-room after dinner  


  • while smoking cigars and talking with bearded  gentlemen about how you plan to do an arms deal  


  • with a dictator on the other side of the world. We went to a website and as soon as it opened  


  • a man in a serious voice said, “Dare to  taste, Remy Martin Black Pearl Louis XIII  


  • Cognacand then he waffles on about becoming a  “master of timeor something like that. They've  

    "干邑",然後他絮絮叨叨地說要成為 "時間大師 "之類的東西。他們已經

  • obviously hired one of those high-paid  copywriters because instead of talking  


  • about what booze doesgets you sloppythe  website mentionssensibility and temporality.” 

    關於酒的作用--讓你馬馬虎虎--網站提到了 "感性和時間性"。

  • That kind of talk doesn't come cheap. A bottle of  this stuff right now will cost you around $40,000.  


  • There are plenty of them, too. Right now you  can buy the magnum version for almost $130,000,  


  • which makes this cognac an expensive tipple  indeed. That's why it's the drink of choice  


  • for British arms dealerswell, maybe it is. It's not the most expensive though.  


  • We found a bottle of Gautier Cognac that was made  in 1762. At an auction, it went for $144,525. 


  • Now for something Russian  arms dealers like to drink


  • 2. The most expensive vodka Ok, so there's something calledBillionaire  

    2.最貴的伏特加 好吧,所以有一種東西叫 "億萬富翁"。

  • Vodka”. That's because it costs $3.7 millionbottle. That's sure to elicit thestarving kids  

    伏特加"。因為它的價格是370萬元一瓶。這肯定會引來 "餓死的小孩

  • around the worldcliché. Who could seriously  live with themselves for buying a bottle

    世界各地 "的陳詞濫調。誰會因為買一瓶酒而認真地跟自己過不去呢?

  • The thing is, the reason it's so expensive is  that it's not just thepurest and softest vodka”,  

    問題是,它之所以這麼貴,不僅僅是 "最純最軟的伏特加"。

  • but because when it was made the water flowed  over diamonds. Yep, that's true. But the  

    但因為當它被製造出來時 水流過鑽石。是的,這是真的。但是...

  • main reason it costs so much is that there are  3,000 diamonds studded onto the bottle itself.  


  • There's another vodka calledRoyal Dragon  Vodkathat costs US$5.5 million, but again,  

    還有一款名為 "御龍伏特加 "的伏特加,售價550萬美元,但同樣。

  • your paying for diamond-studded packaging. That's kind of cheating. What about regular  


  • vodka? How much does that go for? There's Absolut's “Crystal Pinstripe  

    伏特加?那要多少錢?有絕對公司的 "水晶條紋"。

  • Black Bottle”. It doesn't come with gold or  diamonds or certain kinds of gems, but it  


  • is a crystal bottle. It costs just over $1,000. There's theStoli Elit: Himalayan Editionvodka  

    是一個水晶瓶。它的價格只有1000多元。還有 "Stoli Elit: Himalayan Edition "伏特加酒

  • which has nice packaging but nothing too over  the top. One of the reasons it's so expensive  


  • is the fact it was made with Himalayan water. For  $3,000 you apparently get a really smooth taste.  


  • It's the kind of stuff rappers  drink before getting into a fight


  • It looks as though that's the thing with  expensive vodkas; it's mostly about the bling.  


  • If they're not covered in gems or made on  the moon they generally don't cost too much.  


  • You can still buy some brands for $100 to $300,  though, that don't come in a special bottle. It's  


  • the same with tequila. The expensive stuff hasluxury package, so we're not going there again.  


  • Let's instead focus on arguably the most famous  spirit of them all, a drink that doesn't require  


  • bling to make it ridiculously expensive. The most expensive whisky 


  • The scots have been making and drinking  whisky for quite some time, so you won't  


  • be surprised to hear that collectors pay  large amounts for some of the older stuff


  • They don't have to be too old to costlot, though. Take for instance theOctomore  

    不過,它們不一定要太老,也不一定要花很多錢。以 "Octomore "為例

  • 10-year-old 2nd edition”. It costs $235. Then  you've got the “2004 George T. Stagg Kentucky  

    10年第2版"。它的價格是235美元。然後,你已經得到了 "2004年喬治-T-斯塔格-肯塔基州。

  • Straight Bourbon Whiskeycosting around $550.  Someone commented on the latter, saying it  

    純波本威士忌 "價格在550元左右。 有人評論後者,說它

  • has a “quality that defies belief”. You're not  paying for age here, or diamonds, just quality.  

    具有 "難以置信的品質"。你在這裡不是為了年齡,也不是為了鑽石,只是為了品質。

  • Then you've got Macallan's “1824 series”,  which despite the name doesn't have an age  

    然後是Macallan的 "1824系列",雖然名字很好聽,但沒有年齡限制

  • on the bottle. Those can go for around $900. Like wine drinkers, some whisky drinkers  


  • take their hobby seriously. This is how one  person described smelling that 1824 stuff


  • Buttery and creamy, with grapefruit-tinged  citrus notes providing background sharpness.  


  • On top of that comes layers of more  traditional sherry notes, with milk chocolate,  


  • sugared raisins, and spiced apple.” Still, the most expensive stuff has been  


  • aged a fair while. A bottle ofBowmore  1957” has an average price of $710,220.  

    陳釀了相當一段時間。一瓶 "Bowmore 1957 "的平均價格為710,220元。

  • Right now online you can buy a “Bowmore 'Black  Bowmore' Finest Single Malt Scotch Whisky”  

    現在您可以在網上購買 "Bowmore 'Black Bowmore' Finest Single Malt Scotch Whisky"。

  • for just over $40,000. A “Springbank 1919”  is just $78,000 a bottle, which is a similar  

    只需4萬多元。一瓶 "春岸1919 "只需7.8萬元,這和

  • price to many regular vintage whiskies. As for the big guns, a “Macallan 1926”  

    價格到很多普通年份威士忌。至於大炮,"Macallan 1926"

  • from a certain cask went for over $2.6 million in  2019. It was called theHoly Grailof whiskies.  

    從某桶酒在2019年的價格超過260萬美元。它被稱為威士忌中的 "聖盃"。

  • Not many people have tasted it. One guy that did  taste it said, “It's a great whisky - but I've had  


  • better.” A bottle from the same batch had earlier  sold for $1.2 million. From what we can see,  


  • if we're not talking about fancy bottles, these  are the most expensive drinks in the world


  • Now you need to watch, “Most Expensive  Things in the World.” Or, have a look at

    現在你需要看 "世界上最昂貴的東西"。或者,看一下...

What do you think billionaires do  when they're just kicking back?  



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