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I am surprised.
Shaquille O'Neil, in the movie.
And it surprised me, because I've met him a bunch of times,
and he's such a funny guy.
And you put him in a movie, you know, to be an actor.
And he's funny.
He's great.
He's funnier than any of us.
I swear to god.
There's all comedians in the movie,
every time he does a scene.
Everybody walks away, and can go:
"Shaq is funnier than me."
He's like the nicest, greatest guy.
And we hang out with the Shaq,
and we all play basketball.
Everyone of us on the set.
That's right.
You're fanatic for basketball.
You play it all the time.
Yes, all the time.
And the Shaq's there, so we're like,
"Let's play ball with Shaq."
So we play ball with Shaq.
Full court, running up and down,
Shaq is swatting,
Shaq's in our face,
and we're like "yes~~"
So happy to get swatted.
It's an honor to be rejected by Shaq.
OK, then comes this thing.
So we play basketball,
we got to get back to the movie set.
Shaq has to take a shower.
So everyone's like "Alright, we'll see you later, Shaq."
In my head I'm like,
"I got to see Shaq's penis."
It's just, it's just not....
I can't pass up that opportunity.
You just mean for historical reasons.
It's not a gay thing.
It's just like.......
"You got to see that."
It's like the Grand Canyon.
You got to see it.
You got to see it.
You can't live and not see it.
I get this completely.
Thank you.
my plan was to kind of.....
I hear the shower going on in the back,
and I said,
"Alright, I'm just going to...."
In the back of what?
In the locker room.
I think you were like in his trailer or something.
There's a gym we play basketball.
Oh, OK, alright!
So it's like in a high school,
and he showers in a way: he's just not being the Shaq down there in the showers.
Everyone else left.
I'm like, "Alright, let me see that thing."
Oh boy!!
I'm going to see that!
Here we go!
I go back there,
I hear the shower,
and I start......
I kind of turned around backwards,
and walked backwards a little, like....
Walking backwards....
You want to look kind of.....
Like I was going to track him.
Like I walk backwards, and I saw, and I was like,
"Hey, what's up?"
And I....
But no!
I'm walking backwards, doing my routine,
getting closer to the shower,
and I turn around.
And I go, "Alright, I got to see Shaq's thing right now."
His bodyguard is there.
And his bodyguard is just so strong and big.
And like his thick neck, bald head
And this one eye is looking at me with this one eye, alright.
So I said,
I was just trying to see Shaq's penis."
"I apologize, I'm out of here." "Please don;t tell Shaq."
So I see Shaq later on the set,
and I was like,
"I guarantee that guy ratted me out."
So I said,
"Shaq, sorry about that before with your security guard"
And he goes,
"I don't got a security guard,
that was my dick."
Pretty good.
It's terrible.
That's terrible.



【conan o'brien 脫口秀】亞當山德勒來啦!想偷看俠客的老X,結果卻悲劇了!(中英文字幕)( Adam Sandler Really Wants To See Shaq's Junk - CONAN on TBS)

87693 分類 收藏
Colin Lin 發佈於 2014 年 8 月 7 日    Colin Lin 翻譯    Amber Chang 審核
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