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  • I'm guessing you guys thought the Italian-American  mafia was a thing of the past. You thought we were  


  • like the dinosaurs, creatures that walked the  Earth and preyed on guys like you, and then just  


  • went extinct. You should have known better...We  never went anywhere. We just became ghosts,  


  • ghouls, wise guys that you once wrote stories  about, guys you made famous in the movies. But  

    食屍鬼,你曾經寫過故事的聰明人, 你在電影裡出名的人。但是...

  • This Thing of Ours”, it never stopped, we just  went underground, and got much better at avoiding  


  • detection. We kinda realized that bloodied bodies  splattered on the streets was bad for business.  


  • We quit beefing with each other all the  time and said “"fuggedaboutit” a lot.  


  • The wise guys got wiser, and you my good  friends, were none the wiserand thenand then  

    聰明人變聰明瞭,而你們,我的好朋友們,卻沒有變聰明... 然後... 然後...

  • it all went to hell. The once extinct dinosaurs  became hidden in plain sight. Let me explain


  • My name is JamesJimmyArdizzone, and on  account of me being blind in one eye after  

    我的名字叫James "Jimmy "Ardizzone,由於我一隻眼睛失明瞭,所以我的名字叫 "Jimmy "Ardizzone。

  • a fight with some schmuck in a bar, I got the  nickname, “One-eyed Jimmy.” I had that fight  


  • before I joined the mafia, but I caught up with  the guy later. He's now resting at the bottom  


  • of the Hudson in a pair of cement shoes. You don't think that still happens? Oh,  


  • if you only knew how many missing persons  were people whose location we know all about


  • I was born in the late 90s on Arthur Avenue in  the Bronx. That's New York City to all you guys  


  • on the other side of the world. There was  nothing special about my childhood. My ma  


  • worked part-time in a local bakery, and my  pa did double shifts as a warehouse packer


  • In the great scheme of things we were poorbut not dirt poor. My folks are good people,  


  • they're honest, down to Earth, hard working  citizens. But night shifts and calloused hands,  


  • for what, to pay the rent and pay  off debts, that wasn't for me


  • I first heard about mafia stuff during thatPizza  Connection" thing that happened back in the late  

    我第一次聽說黑手黨的事 是在 "披薩聯盟 "的事情上,那是在後期發生的

  • 80s, you know, when a bunch of our guys got done  for selling huge amounts of heroin and cocaine  


  • from pizza parlors. My pa told me all about  it. He even knew guys that were involved in it


  • You know what, those damned  feds had hundreds of wiretap  


  • conversations. Wise guys acting like shmuckstalking on the phone about trafficking and murder  


  • like we'd talk about our kids' birthdays. Wire tapstry that now, and see where you get


  • When I was coming up in the 2000s, when  we did business, we did it face to face.  


  • We even covered our mouths at times just in  case any cameras were on us and someone might  

    我們甚至有時會捂住我們的嘴 以防有攝影機拍到我們,有人會...

  • try and read our lips. We were careful, very  careful, but like I said, it all went to hell


  • Let me tell you about that, and then I'll tell  you something about the work I currently do


  • You see, in 2019, we lost our boss, and I mean  the real boss, the head of the Gambino crime  


  • family. That was one Francesco "Franky  Boy" Cali. He was the man, the main man,  

    家庭。這是一個弗朗西斯科 "弗蘭基男孩 "卡利。他是男人,主要的男人。

  • and he was what you might call the mainline  to Italy's Sicilian mafia.The guy had blood  


  • ties over there, and that was good for business. Seeing our guys dead on the streets had become a  


  • thing of the past before that happened, long gone  were the days we slit guys' throats in a barber's  


  • chair or we riddled cars with bullets. The thing is guys, we really stuck to  


  • that peace agreement for the most partwe remained  ghostsbut then when Franky Boy's body was found  

    在和平協議的大部分時間裡,我們都是幽靈 但當弗蘭基男孩的屍體被發現後

  • with seven bullet holes in him outside his Staten  island home, we kind of came into focus again


  • At first everyone thought this had to be uswhacking a boss. That's not a small thing,  


  • as you know, and since business was goodwhy would anyone want to clip the big man


  • We had no idea who'd done it. Had word been sent  from Italy? Was it another New York family? Was  


  • it the Russians? It made no sense, we had  good business with all organized crime and  


  • taking out a crime boss would cause a war. A boss  hadn't been clipped since the 80s for God's sake


  • It turned out the hitmen was just some kid, a  jamook (idiot) from Staten Island who thought  


  • Franky Boy was somehow involved with that thing  called the Deep State. That's a term for the  


  • alleged invisible hands behind the government. The  kid thought killing Franky would somehow save the  


  • President from this secret cabal of powerful  people. Can you get any more crazy than that


  • Before they knew it was the jabroni that did the  hit, the media started shooting off its mouth,  


  • asking if the Five Families were once  again at war. So-called experts on  


  • organized crime said there were rifts  between Franky and the Gotti family,  


  • the previous bosses of the Gambino crime family. Expertsexperts telling tall stories, that's all  

    甘比諾犯罪家族的前任老大。專家... ...專家們在講高深的故事,這就是全部

  • they were. At least some cops said a hit like that  is not how the Mafia does things. Outside a boss's  


  • house, c'mon, we have more respect than that. We've been in the spotlight since then,  


  • and that means I've had to be extra careful. That  damn lunatic kid has caused us a lot of trouble


  • I'd been working occasionally with the Mexicansmostly getting cocaine and babania, heroin to you,  


  • and moving it in the U.S. or abroadThat's the thing with the drug business,  

    並將其轉移到美國或國外。 這就是毒品生意的事情。

  • it doesn't dry up. Americans are avid  consumers and there's always a market here


  • I've always wondered why suchdeveloped nation wants so badly  


  • to get out of it all the time. Pursuit of  happinesspursuit of High-ness more like


  • The war on drugs can set you back a bit, but never  for long. We call it the War on Schmucks, because  

    打擊毒品的戰爭可以讓你退步一點,但絕不會太久。我們稱它為 "對笨蛋的戰爭",因為...

  • once they're locked up we can still get the  stuff to them. Ok, they got El Chapo locked up,  


  • and look what happened after that. That's  what they call a “Pyrrhic victory”… look  

    看看之後發生了什麼。這就是他們所說的 "暴利的勝利"... ... 你看

  • that up if you don't know what it means. So, there are about 3,000 of us in the  


  • U.S. or thereabouts, and a lot of us  are in New York. As one writer said,  


  • all Mafia activity leads back to New York. No longer is ourbread and butterjust  

    所有的黑手黨活動都會回到紐約。我們的 "麵包和黃油 "不再是單純的

  • murder and racketeering, but we still do the odd  bit of extortion. Our other main enterprises are  


  • illegal gambling and loan-sharkingand  like I said, feeding people's insatiable  


  • appetite for drugs, mainly heroin, butbit of coke and at times ice and ecstasy


  • Sure, we've got old school ventures, like  running strip clubs, but we've got modern, too


  • That illegal gambling we do, the operations are  all online and we keep our money off-shore in  


  • shell companies like all the rich folks doTo make sure our gambling websites aren't  

    像所有的有錢人一樣成立空殼公司。 為了確保我們的賭博網站不被

  • closed down, we operate them from countries  where they are legal, such as Costa Rica


  • The bets are made in the U.S….we use multiple  servers in Costa Rica, and then cash goes  


  • off-shore. FEDs, stick that up your culo. We've used Craigslist, too, to find young  

    離岸。FEDs, stick that up your culo. FEDs, stick that up your culo.我們也用Craigslist找過年輕的...

  • women who we then trafficked into  various states to work as prostitutes


  • I've actually done something like this in New  York. I recruited a pretty woman, and then I put  


  • an ad on Craigslist. When she got the message,  I took her to her client. I kept half the cash,  


  • of course. If you think because personal  ads were banned we can no longer do this,  


  • think again, there are ways of getting those ads  on the site. Anyway, that kind of thing isn't  


  • really a big earner, it's more like a hobbie. Yep, that doesn't sound quite as grand as  


  • what happened in the Godfather, but  sometimes you gotta make ends meet

    "教父 "裡發生了什麼事,但有時你得維持生計。

  • We can still do things like offer  protection, but it's not like we go  

    我們仍然可以做的事情,如提供保護, 但它不是像我們去。

  • into places guns-blazing anymore. I'll give you an example


  • Let's say we've got a guy runningheroin business out of a pizza parlor  


  • you didn't think we'd just stop all  that, did youand then some wannabe  

    - 你不會以為我們會停止所有的一切吧?

  • street gangsters clean the guy out one day. Well, we then tell the guy that on top of the  


  • cost of the drugs, there's a protection costtoo. Hey, maybe we paid those gangsters to do  


  • him over. The outcome is he won't get his  stuff taken again and we get more money


  • The same goes for regular folks. Let's say  their store keeps getting held up, and or  


  • their factories somehow seem to keep getting  broken into, their trucks stolen, etc. Well,  

    他們的工廠不知為何總是被人闖入 卡車被偷等等。好吧 Well,

  • we can make that stop, because we were ones  doing it in the first place. That's what  


  • you might call protection-extortion. We make  those guys an offer they simply can't refuse


  • Then we've still got some of the construction  unions. We get involved in the unions,  


  • and then start making money by controlling  the materials the construction company needs.  


  • We'll start our own union if one doesn't exist. We can then start siphoning off funds,  


  • or create benefits schemes and then defraud  benefit fund assets. It's a sweet deal,  


  • but to be honest, this is one area  where the authorities have won the war


  • Saying that, every time you see a building  going up in New York city, bear in mind we  


  • might have sub-contractors on that job or haveunion behind the workers. We get huge kickbacks  


  • from these massive construction projects. But what do we do with all our ill-gotten gains?  


  • Well, as I said, we keep our money off-shore, but  we also buy real estate through third-parties,  


  • and we've even done our bit for the environment  in Europe. Ever heard of theEco-Mafia'? 

    我們甚至還為歐洲的環境盡了一份力。聽說過 "生態黑手黨 "嗎?

  • You see, wind energy is all the rage in Europebut the industry is not that regulated. Thanks  


  • to our beloved deceased boss, Franky Boy, and his  connections in Italy, we've been able to launder  

    歸功於我們敬愛的已故老闆弗蘭基-博伊 以及他在意大利的關係,我們已經能夠洗白了。

  • money into the wind energy industry in Europe. We've even muscled out our competition in Europe,  


  • and taken over a good chunk of the industryNot bad eh, for a bunch of guys that used  

    並接管了一大半的行業。 還不錯吧,對於一群曾經的傢伙來說

  • to shoot each other over squabbles  and talk business on the telephone


  • We've also been able to launder cash and make cash  through Italy since those Sicilians own hundreds  


  • and hundreds of restaurants and bars and cafes in  Europe. Make no mistake, those wise guys in Sicily  


  • still have a lot of power. Ok, back to basics


  • We might not do hits in the street anymorebut mark my words, if you have the cash and  


  • you want someone gone, we can make them  go missing, at a cost of course. We might  


  • take out a knucklehead who's been getting in  the way of our drugs business, or we might  


  • secretly take out one of our own affiliates  if he's not doing what he's been told to do


  • We work with other organized crime, such  as the Japanese Yakuza, the Russian mafia,  


  • the Albanian mafia, and Chinese Triads, and for  the most part things run smoothly. Then you've got  


  • disorganized crime, what you might call street  gangs, and we try our best not to get involved

    無組織的犯罪,你可以稱之為街頭幫派, 我們儘量不參與。

  • Talking about my main job, let's say I want some  opioids on the streets, maybe some Fentanyl.  


  • Well, through my connections with the Chinese  Triads I can get that from China to the USA


  • If you want ecstasy, well, I've got my man  in Amsterdam. Take out one Sammy the Bull,  


  • and there's a man very happy to take  his place and there are millions of  


  • American ravers waiting with open hands. You could say I am in charge of operations.  


  • And the drugs operation is one of our biggest  money-spinners. I don't need Mexicans for all  


  • my drug business, far from it. This is how it goes


  • Some of the raw opium is produced in Pakistan  and Turkey or parts of SouthEast Asia. It's  


  • then refined into morphine in countries where  corruption is rife. Local politicians, police,  


  • the army, you name it, all take a cut. Just look  at what that Thai politician said, the one who  


  • was arrested for heroin trafficking back in the  day, he said he'd been working with soldiers


  • So, I use these corrupt countries and then the  Sicilian Mafia can get it over to America where  

    所以,我利用這些腐敗的國家 然後西西里黑手黨就可以把它帶到美國去,在那裡

  • I will collect and distribute. I get involved  with the cocaine trade, but heroin and other  


  • opioids are my bread and butter. There are just  too many hands in the cocaine business. Plus,  


  • being connected to gangs such as the Mexican  Mafia or MS-13 is just not our style

    和墨西哥黑手黨或MS -13這樣的幫派有聯繫不是我們的風格。

  • We did for a while do deals with the Mexicans, and  traffic cocaine back to the Sicilians for European  

    我們曾經和墨西哥人做過一段時間的交易 把可卡因運回西西里島給歐洲人使用

  • consumption, but since Franky Boy, the darling  of the Sicilians, was taken out by that paranoid  


  • bonehead, that's kinda fallen flat on its back. We are not animals, we are highly organized now,  


  • in spite of what you might have seen on the  Sopranos. Like the Russians, or the Chinese,  

    儘管你可能在 "黑道家族 "裡看到了什麼。就像俄國人或中國人一樣

  • we keep our heads down. If violence has to happenit will, but we'll try and make people go missing  


  • rather than leave blood on the streets. Ok, so we made a mess of a prison cell  


  • when we took out the grass JamesWhitey”  Bulger but that only goes to show we stand  

    當我們幹掉了詹姆斯 "白 "布爾格的時候,但這隻能說明我們的地位

  • by our code of conduct and we'll get you  if you cross us. If snitches get stitches  


  • inside prison, for us, rats get splattered. As one of my colleagues, a captain in New York,  


  • said recently in an interview, “In this  life there are three choices: you can rat,  


  • you can go to jail, or you can die. That's the  only way you get out. There is no quitting.” 


  • That says it all, really, we haven't gone  anywhere because when you get into this life  


  • there's no getting out. We just don't make the  headlines because we eke away in the background,  


  • trying to keep things friendly and usually staying  away from the violence that comes with crime


  • I know we're still under the radar, but when  you look at what's happening down at the border,  

    我知道我們還在雷達之下 但當你看到邊境上發生的事情時

  • we think the authorities have  got much bigger fish to fry


  • Now we think you need to have a look at the  era when the mafia ruled the underworld,  


  • in this fascinating video, “Most  Horrific Crimes - The Italian Mafia.”  


  • Maybe you're not in the mood for  that, so have a look at this…  

    也許你沒有這個心情,所以看看這個... ...

  • either way click one now before we  make you an offer you can't refuse.


I'm guessing you guys thought the Italian-American  mafia was a thing of the past. You thought we were  



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