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  • He's probably the world's best known artist, and  yet nobody truly knows who he is. Banksy, the  


  • revolutionary graffiti artist, is world renownedand has produced works of graffiti everywhere from  


  • his homeland of the UK to the United States and  even Palestine. For his fame- and infamy- though,  


  • nobody has yet been able to decisively pin down  who exactly is the enigmatic artist. Or have they


  • Banksy is known to have a juvenile recordand began his graffiti career in 1990. Despite  


  • Britain's tough stance on graffiti, the young  artist pulled off several risky graffiti stunts  


  • at a young age, gaining him street cred and an  invitation into the Bristol underground scene.  


  • It was there that he met photographer Steve  Lazarides, who would go on to not just document  

    在那裡,他遇到了攝影師Steve Lazarides,他不僅記錄了他的生活,也記錄了他的人生。

  • his work, but sell it as he became his art agent. Graffiti is a painstaking affair though,  


  • and nothing was worse than getting caught  in the act or being chased off by the  


  • bobbies (note to animators, these are cops) before  your work was done. Thus one day while hiding  


  • under a garbage truck from the local bizzies (note  to animators, also cops), Banksy saw the stenciled  


  • numbering on the truck and realized he could pull  off complicated artwork relatively quickly if he  


  • too turned to stenciling. In a very real senseBanksy owes his entire career to a garbage truck


  • Stenciling would prove revolutionary for Banksyand allowed him to spread his artwork prolifically  


  • across the UK. Yet Banksy was hardly'ing  from his artwork, earning a few hundred pounds  


  • here and there for random pieces he managed  to sell. All of this would change though when  


  • Banksy's work took the leap from vandalism to true  art- thanks to Christina Aguilera. She would buy  


  • one of Banksy's original prints at auction for  twenty five thousand pounds- which in non-Harry  


  • Potter money is around $34,000- and just like  that buying graffiti art was the in thing to do.  


  • Banksy's art began going for tens of thousands of  pounds a piece, which is rather ironic for someone  


  • who's primary themes include anti-capitalism  and the vapidity of modern culture


  • Banksy's popularity would truly explode with the  release of the documentary, Exit Through The Gift  


  • Shop. The film was directed by Banksy himselfand featured the story of a French immigrant,  


  • Thierry Guetta, who accidentally stumbles  into the underground art scene in LA  

    蒂埃裡-古埃塔(Thierry Guetta),他意外地進入了洛杉磯的地下藝術圈。

  • and falls in love with it. It's a tragic tale  of materialism over art, as Guetta goes from  


  • awakening artist to full-blown sell-out. The film  premiered at the Sundance Festival in Park City,  


  • Utah, in 2010, and was accompanied by 10 street  art installations by Banksy himself in Park City  


  • in order to promote the film- which seems like  a complete capitalist sell-out thing to do,  


  • but nobody tell Banksy we said that. But ok, who exactly is Banksy, and has anyone  


  • come close to unlocking Banksy's Clark Kent alter  ego? Well, turns out science may have the answer

    接近於解開班克斯的克拉克-肯特另一個自我?事實證明,科學可能有了答案 Well, turns out science may have the answer.

  • Using geographic profiling, which is a scientific  way of saying that researchers stalked somebody's  

    使用地理側寫,這是一個科學的方式 說,研究人員跟蹤某人的

  • social media and real-life travel plans, it  was believed in 2008 that Banksy was actually  


  • Robin Gunningham, who was himself an artistBanksy would go on to deny this, but then again  

    羅賓-岡寧安,他本身就是一個藝術家。 班克斯會繼續否認這一點,但話又說回來了

  • Batman would probably deny he was Bruce Wayne tooIn 2018 Gunningham put up a piece of early artwork  

    蝙蝠俠可能也會否認自己是布魯斯-韋恩。 在2018年,Gunningham放出了一張早期的藝術作品

  • he had made for sale, and many people saw striking  similarities between it and early Banksy pieces.  


  • For the researchers who concluded Gunningham  was the real deal, their geolocation data is  


  • enough evidence to prove who the real Banksy is. But the problem is that Gunningham is not the only  


  • person whom geolocation data manages to implicate  as a possible Banksy. A newer theory posits that  


  • Banksy is actually one of the members of rock  band Massive Attack- or possibly, all of them

    班克斯其實是搖滾樂隊Massive Attack的成員之一--也有可能是他們所有人。

  • Banksy rose to fame along the same timelineand the same place, as Massive Attack.  

    班克斯成名於同一時間線,也是同一地點,與 "大規模攻擊 "一樣。

  • Growing up in Bristol, Banksy says that he  was inspired by graffiti artist 3D, otherwise  


  • known as Robert Del Naja, who happened to befounding member of Massive Attack. Both Banksy  

    被稱為Robert Del Naja,他恰好是Massive Attack的創始成員之一。班克斯

  • and Del Naja were active in the same city at the  same time, and Del Naja even appeared in Banky's  

    和Del Naja同時活躍在同一座城市,Del Naja甚至出現在Banky的。

  • Exit Through The Gift Shop. But this theory claims  that Del Naja is only part of the Banksy identity,  

    通過禮品店出口。但這一理論稱Del Naja只是Banksy身份的一部分。

  • as Banksy is not just one person- but several  individuals led by Del Naja. The theory does  


  • have some traction too, as careful analysis of  appearances of Banksy artwork shows that it very  


  • closely follows tour schedules for Massive Attack. The evidence includes six murals discovered on  

    密切關注Massive Attack的巡演日程。證據包括六幅被發現的壁畫

  • May 1st, 2010 in San Francisco, after Massive  Attack performed there just three days earlier.  

    2010年5月1日,在舊金山,Massive Attack三天前在那裡演出之後。

  • A week after a Banksy mural was discovered in  Toronto, Massive Attack was also performing there.  

    在多倫多發現Banksy壁畫一週後,Massive Attack也在那裡演出。

  • Lastly, on that same tour, Massive Attack  played in Boston's Chinatown a day after  

    最後,在同一次巡演中,Massive Attack在波士頓的唐人街進行了演出,第二天,他們就在波士頓的唐人街進行了演出。

  • a new Banksy popped up on a local wall therePreviously in 2006, Massive Attack performed  

    在當地的一面牆上出現了新的班克斯畫作。 此前的2006年,Massive Attack曾在當地的牆上

  • in Los Angeles just a week before Banksy's  well-publicized Barely Legal exhibition

    就在班克斯廣為人知的 "勉強合法 "展覽前一週,班克斯在洛杉磯舉辦了展覽。

  • In 2008, 14 Banksies appeared in New Orleans to  commemorate the third anniversary of Hurricane  


  • Katrena, while at the same time Del Naja was  co-writing the soundtrack to a Hurricane Katrena  

    Katrena,同時Del Naja還在與人合寫Katrena颶風的原聲帶。

  • themed documentary entitled Trouble The WaterWith all these coincidences one of two things is  

    題為《水的煩惱》的主題紀錄片。 有了這些巧合,有兩件事情就是

  • certain- either Banksy is a big fan of Massive  Attack, or Banksy is Massive Attack, as the  

    班克斯是 "大規模進攻 "的粉絲,或者說班克斯就是 "大規模進攻 "的粉絲。

  • theory posits that it's a team of individuals  behind the famous artist, and not just one man


  • There's been plenty of sightings of individuals  working on Banksy pop-ups, and some have even  


  • been captured on film, yet no solid identity  has yet been confirmed in any of these cases.  


  • With so many rumors speculating about the real  identity of the world's most enigmatic artist,  


  • it actually begins to make sense that  Banksy is not just one lone individual,  


  • but rather a group of individuals all  coordinating to create artistic murals  


  • in a short amount of time on city walls  all over the US and the Uk. In the end,  


  • the enigma is part of the Banksy charm though, and  if his real identity was ever confirmed investors  


  • fear that the price of a Banksy would plummet  dramatically. If Banksy is truly as subversive  


  • and anti-capitalist as he- or they- claim to  be, then maybe that's his entire goal, although  

    和反資本主義,因為他,或他們, 聲稱自己是,那麼也許這是他的整個目標,雖然。

  • at this point with the millions made off Banksy  sales, we doubt the point would be well received


  • So next time you see someone spray painting  something that looks suspiciously Banksy-related,  

    所以下一次你看到有人噴漆的東西 看起來很可疑,班克斯相關的。

  • snap a picture, because you just might help  unmask the world's most enigmatic artist.  


  • Also, London and Bristol have thousands of pounds  worth of fines waiting to be handed out for  


  • graffiti'ng on public and private property. Now for an extremely related video,  

    塗鴉'NG 在公共和私人財產。現在來看一個極其相關的視頻。

  • check out How do 'dumb' paintings sell for  millions? Or click this other video instead!

    查看 "啞巴 "畫作如何賣出百萬?或者點擊這個其他視頻代替!

He's probably the world's best known artist, and  yet nobody truly knows who he is. Banksy, the  



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班克斯到底是誰? (Who is Banksy, ACTUALLY?)

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