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  • Uh, how do you get to 2300 Willsbury?

  • Oh, OK.

  • What you wanna do is you gonna go straight down this street, and you gonna hit a right, alright?

  • You gonna drive down for about half a song,

  • and then you gonna bust a left on Third Street.

  • Once you get to Third Street, you gonna see a dude named Steve.

  • He gonna be spinning signs.

  • He real nice with it.

  • You might want to tip him somethin'.

  • Then you right there.

  • It's nothin'.

  • Great. Thank you so much.

  • You got it.

  • Super helpful.

  • Very helpful.

  • I am so fucked.

  • Hello?

  • Yani, what's your address again?

  • Jenny, how many times have you come to the house?

  • A lot.

  • Oh my God, I love this place.

  • It's so good.

  • I always have so much fun there. - I know, I want the tostones.

  • Oh my God, where the hell are you going?

  • You're like always walking away. - What are you talking about? I thought it was over here.

  • Are you going north or south on Sunset?

  • I'm between a Dell Taco and a Chevron.

  • I'm gonna stop now, because I'm gonna get lost.

  • And them I'm gonna end up in the woods and die.

  • Where's the bathroom?

  • Oh, it's down the hall to the left.

  • OK.

  • Where's Jenny?

Uh, how do you get to 2300 Willsbury?


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