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Hi, um, I’m taking a community survey. Um… are your parents home?
7 problems anyone with a baby-face will understand.
Bouncers are your ultimate enemy.
I can’t accept this. It’s fake.
But it’s me. This is me.
Yeah, thank you. Next please.
I…but this is what I got when I…You're not honest.
Everyone assumes you're the intern.
Hey Zack. Hi.
Would you mind making 12 copies of this? Great, thanks. No I…..(sigh)
And the coffee’s running low.
Constant culture shock.
(movie)It’s got everything. Blah blah.
Yeah, I’ve seen it…when I was in theaters.
Wait, how old are you?
You overcompensate to seem your age.
Hello. I’m an adult.
Hello, nice to meet you, sir.
Kids in the Twitter. Am I right? Don’t ask me.
Dating your own age is nearly impossible.
Ay baby, looks like we need a date for prom. Ahhhhhh...
You know I was thinking, um, you know, you and I, we should grab a drink sometime. Maybe.
You’re so cute. Thanks. What…
Getting this comment EVERY SINGLE DAY.
Oh, you’re gonna be great for look like that when you’re 40.Trust me.
Well, that will be great when you get older you know. You’re like wrong age. Yeah, yeah, I heard that a lot.
You’ll keep distinguishing like a fine wine, like Clooney!
Good genes, right? I…hopefully I think so.
But luckily, you're not alone.
Hey. Hey.
See the new guy? Yeah, total baby-face.
I know, I’m so glad I don’t look like that. Tell me about it.
Hey. Oh hey. How’s it going?
Welcome to office. Welcome, and you’ll love it here.(sigh)
Any weekend plans? Nothing.
I was at the Ralph's so they carded me. Am I? It’s nice to feel young.


娃娃臉的煩惱 (7 Problems Anyone With A Baby-Face Will Understand)

65446 分類 收藏
Daniel Chin 發佈於 2014 年 7 月 18 日    Daniel Chin 翻譯    Laura Hung 審核
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