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  • Alright, It's time for in the Zone brought to you by AutoZone.

  • Let's take a look.

  • We've got to give the sun some love here because they've won six straight games after last night.

  • Phoenix is in fourth place in the Western Conference.

  • Devin Booker was just named Western Conference Player of the Week.

  • So, Matt, what's your biggest take away during this win streak?

  • This is the CP three effect.

  • I knew once they got their chemistry down, CP three was gonna be the best thing happened to Booker and Aiden.

  • Um, CPI has a long list of making big, big, better.

  • Tyson Chandler, DeAndre, Jordan, Clint Capela Aid might be the most talented out off all four of those.

  • So he's benefiting and then taking pressure off Devin Booker.

  • Devin Booker is one of the best young scores in this game, so I think CP three is mindset.

  • And although he hasn't won a championship, he's a winner and he's an extension of Monty Williams on that court, and he has the Phoenix Suns playing great.

  • They were my my team toe watch this season, and they haven't let me down at all.

  • We remember how good they were in the bubble last season, and that was no fluke, comparatively, to the heat.

  • You mentioned Monty Williams, but I think that CP three deserves a lot of credit here.

  • Remember what he went toe?

  • Okay, see?

  • And people thought, Hey, might not even go.

  • He might kind of mail it in.

  • Nope, that didn't happen.

  • Then he goes to Phoenix.

  • Gonna mail it?

  • Nope, That didn't happen, either.

  • Both of those teams got better.

  • CP three has established himself as a guy that when you need a problem solved, he could solve it.

  • From a leadership standpoint, it's great to see, because this is one of more talented teams in the league that was sort of floundering, not really figuring out what they could do.

  • Now they have.

  • It's really fun.

  • Squad to watch.

  • It's funny.

  • I was watching DeAndre in the postgame yesterday, and he was asked by Dwayne Rankin, who covers the Phoenix Suns for the Arizona Republic.

  • He was asked, Basically like, Hey, what's the big difference here?

  • And he pointed out the kind of accountability that they're dealing with and how in practice they will talk things through and they'll go at each other a little bit, you know, in in a productive way, right and be constructive.

  • And Matt, you said it.

  • The CP three effect.

  • You know that Chris Paul wants things done a certain way because he knows what it takes to win at a high level, albeit having not won a championship.

  • He's been as close as you can get to get into the finals and and certainly has been a fantastic player, one of the best point guards in the history of the sport.

  • So, like that those conversations in practice with him, you've been a part of that.

  • What are those, like, just competitive, You know, I think in the past people have complained about his delivery.

  • I think he's worked on his delivery, but everything he's saying is always right.

  • And another thing we haven't mentioned is their defense efficiency that they want to say their number six in the league at the defense of rating and that's very important out there.

  • So the CP three effect is in full effect on both sides.

  • But like I said, he's a great communicator and listens to everyone and talks to everyone, and I think that's all that's going on is these guys were all in sync all on the same page, and we're really getting to see how good Aidan and Booker are now that there's someone that facilitate to both of them and kind of mentor and guide both of them as well.

  • Yeah, no doubt, man, he has been fantastic for sure.

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Alright, It's time for in the Zone brought to you by AutoZone.


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CP3 was the best thing for Devin Booker & Deandre Ayton on the Suns | The Jump

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