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  • good morning please excuse my extremely messy  house i've been away from home for about a week  

    早上好,請原諒我 那座 凌亂的房子,我已經離開家大約一個星期

  • filming a video down in hakone area and uh yeahhaven't had time to unpack but today super early  


  • this morning quinlan is gonna come over pick  me up and we're gonna go for a little road trip  


  • because it's finally autumn in japan which in  my opinion is probably the most beautiful and  


  • it's the perfect kind of weather you would like  to be walking around outside in you don't get too  


  • hot it's not too cold and the autumn colors are  absolutely beautiful up here in northern japan so  


  • we're gonna take a little road trip up to aomori  which is a prefecture above iwate where we live  


  • and we're gonna go to a couple famous  locations for seeing the autumn colors  


  • it should be really nice i'm going to hurry  up and pack a picnic lunch before he gets here  

    應該是非常不錯的,我要趕緊去野餐 ,然後再去 他那裡野餐

  • and then we'll be off i learned my lesson andbought a backpack for hiking this time so i don't  


  • have to carry an annoying tote bag i'm just going  to throw together some fruit and this caramel soy  


  • milk is so nice and some granola bars just some  easy stuff to bring and some water as well have  


  • you guys ever had a persimmon this is my favorite  fruit to eat in japan in the fall it's amazing it  


  • doesn't look that delicious so if you've never  had one before i can understand being like  

    沒有。看起來不那麼美味,所以如果您以前從未 吃過這種食物, 我可以理解自己

  • hesitant to eat it but they're so good honestly  if you can get them in your country please try  


  • them this is what they look like on the inside  they're very interesting they're super sweet if  


  • it's ripe enough it's going to be super sweet  kind of like an apricot flavor really tough to  


  • describe but yeah honestly try them okay pack up  my fruit shove this all in my bag and go outside

    形容 超甜 但是,是誠實試戴好收拾我的水果推這一切都在我的包裡,去外面

  • we are gonna stop at lawson and grab some  snacks i did pack a little bit of a lunch  


  • but mostly just some fruit granola bars quinlan  has the specific kombini that he wanted to go  


  • to apparently they have better sandwiches and  better onigiri he knows all the tricks finland  


  • was right they've got some homemade onigiri  here over here as well oh wow look at that spam  


  • sausage that's really cool i've never been to this  lesson yes look how big they are i'll try the i'll  


  • try the plumbing we're gonna be walking and hiking  a lot today so i'm going to bring this it's like a  

    嘗試我們 要走 的水管,今天要遠足很多,所以 基本上

  • sports drink basically so our first stop today is  the hakoda ropeway it's a gondola that's going to  

    我要帶它像 運動飲料,所以我們今天的第一站是函館索道,是纜車,它將

  • take us up to the top of this mountain range and  then we're gonna go for a hike and explore the  


  • area the colors should be really nice right now  i looked on twitter i always do this before i go  

    地區,顏色現在應該非常好看,我一直在Twitter上瀏覽,在去 某處

  • somewhere i look for photos on twitter from like  this past week to see how the leaves are changing  

    之前,我總是這樣做, 過去一周我在Twitter上查找照片,看看樹葉是如何改變

  • color and they look like they're like peak autumn  colors at the moment so it should be really  


  • beautiful quinlan was just telling me the hakoda  mountains are famous because in 1902 there was  


  • an incident there were 199 japanese self-defense  force soldiers died do you want to tell the story  


  • you're probably better at it sure um basically  this is around the time when japan and russia  


  • were at war there's a number of sort of japanese  russian wars and they were practicing for the um  

    交戰的時候,發生了多種 日俄 戰爭,他們

  • inevitability of needing to move troops across the  hakota mountains and they were doing it in january  


  • it was just a training insane up here in north  japan and hakko is famous for bad weather and  


  • basically a big storm came and out of the 210  soldiers 199 of them died making yeah the worst  

    基本上發生了一場大風暴,其中210名士兵中有199人死亡,是的,這是 現代登山歷史上 最嚴重的

  • accident in modern mountaineering history yeah  that's really sad so there's even a movie you  

    事故,是的,這真的很可悲,所以甚至 可以看 電影

  • can see about it i think it's called the hakodi  incident but we can uh put that in the description  


  • how long's our drive to get up there from morioka  it's about a little over two hours to get there  


  • so we've got a long drive ahead of us  but we've got only 80 so we'll be good


  • so all right you guys can see where we  are now we're actually really close to  


  • hirosaki i've never been there before  which is cool we got here really fast  


  • you can see morioka down in the middle there  so we traveled pretty far and we're going to  

    你可以看到 盛岡 在中間,所以我們走了很遠,我們

  • be getting off the highway soon so we can see some  pretty uh rice field countryside views hopefully


  • 3700. not bad not

    3700。 不錯,不是

  • so are we in hirosaki city now  actually know what we are as close to  


  • close to we just passed kirosaki and we went  through another place called uh kurorishi  

    很近我們剛剛經過kirosaki,然後又經過了一個叫做uh kurorishi

  • it's always really exciting when i'm in a place  that i've never been to because i've traveled  


  • the majority of japan so it's very rare so this is  pretty cool but it looks like fall is the perfect  


  • season to come here there's so much greenery we're  just making another stop at a conbini before we  

    季節,這裡到處都是綠色植物,在我們 開始遠足冒險

  • start our hiking adventure but i wanted to show  you guys all the apple trees so especially the  

    之前,我們只是在康比尼(conbini)停了下來, 但我想向大家展示所有的蘋果樹,所以尤其是

  • hirosaki area of aomori is famous for apples  as you're driving through the town there's  

    青森市 的 hirosaki地區當您開車穿過小鎮時,以蘋果而聞名。

  • apple trees everywhere and they look so good we  have arrived pakoda ropeway it's pretty fizzy


  • all right so we're just waiting inside for  the ropeway car to make its way back it's  


  • about one car every 15 to 20 minutes or so and  it costs 2 000 yen for a round trip which is  

    大約是一輛車。每15到2 0分鐘左右,往返費用為2 000日元,這就是

  • what we'll be doing i guess we'll be going  up there hiking and then coming back right  


  • now that's exactly right that's what we're doing  immediately and they have a little display here  

    ,這是正確的,這就是我們立即在做的事情,他們 我們前面提到的電影

  • with the movie that we were mentioning earlier  it's called hakodasan so if you guys want to  

    在這裡稍作展示 ,它叫做hakodasan,所以如果你們想

  • find it i'm going to watch it myself i've  never seen it before but it looks interesting


  • nice where should we start we're at the  bottom looking down or looking up um oh  


  • i don't know well we can be the first people  here to maybe just better so i read online that  


  • this rope car can carry over 100 people in one go  but i can't imagine 100 people cramming in here  


  • it would be super packed luckily there's  only about 20 people here today so it's nice

    擠 在這裡 ,很幸運,今天這裡只有20個人,所以很高興,

  • this rope is rather smooth i've been on  some that are quite bumpy at parts so  


  • they're terrifying but this one's pretty goodlittle too smooth it feels like we're floating


  • okay so they're just explaining about  the accident that we told you guys  


  • that happened it was just over on that mountain  right behind us there that's where it happened


  • this last part of the ride is super slow  we're just parking oh wow it's so foggy  


  • can't see too much down below


  • it's so foggy up here not the best for  seeing the views but it does give it  


  • a really cool atmosphere oh you can see a little  bit though not everything is covered in fog


  • down there yeah on the right oh maureen city  all right let's get moving so we warm up yes  


  • so quinlan's got this cool app that will track  how far we walk and it'll also track our route  


  • right it'll track our route how far we walk um  our elevation change that's cool i come prepared  

    正確 跟踪我們的路線 ,將跟踪我們走的路線以及我們的海拔變化,這很酷,我

  • not only with apps but also with pepper spray on  the outside chance we need a bear fair spray wow i  

    不僅 準備 使用應用程序,而且還有在外面噴胡椒的機會,我們需要熊公平的噴哇哇,我好

  • haven't been up here in years and years really  except in the winter time when it's totally  


  • different oh yeah god i can't imagine hiking here  in the winter it's fun i did a video no shoes yeah  


  • snowshoes yeah that's great i love the mixture  of different plants we've got some bamboo here  


  • some evergreens it's really pretty this bamboo  grass here it's our salsa in japanese salsa  

    一些常青樹,這是非常漂亮的竹子草,這是 春天 我們日本莎莎醬 中的 莎莎醬

  • in the springtime little shoots come out and  local people love to pick and meet him but  

    ,開出小芽,當地人喜歡接他,但 熊也 很喜歡

  • the bears also love it and so most of the people  getting injured by bears happens in this grass  


  • because when they're harvesting they're picking  this and the bears are doing the same thing  


  • yeah scary yeah but this season it's uh this beer  no spring shoots i learned that in animal crossing  


  • look at the clouds rolling by so pretty up here  where's everyone else how come no one's joining us  


  • i guess they're going straight back down  many of them i think a lot of just came up  


  • to check out that yeah straight back down how  the little pinecones are on top of the trees  


  • oh my god that's so cute isn't that  cute i've never seen that before  

    上的 樣子 哦,我的天哪太可愛了,那不是可愛,我從來沒有見過,

  • look at that look at that so this is akakura and  then that's odaki the one where looking at it now  


  • i don't think we're probably gonna go there too  it's a nice stream yeah if you do want to see  


  • what this looks like in the winter i did a video  i'll link it down below yeah where you can see we  


  • hiked up to the top of that mountain right there  and walked along that ridge line which is kind of  

    爬到了那座山頂上沿著那條山脊線走去,這 可能 有點

  • maybe dumb but we were okay how challenging  was it it wasn't that challenging but there  


  • were some ledges there yeah i'll leave it you got  to check the video we made it back in one piece  


  • oh that stress right here it's so pretty i'm  so busy looking the distance i didn't know  


  • oh it's very sharp don't touch it knife grass  it's pretty but don't touch it such a nice path  


  • must be such a popular trail that they've built  this really nice path so it's very easy to hike  


  • yeah i mean i think with most mountains to get to  somewhere this beautiful you'd have to hike about  


  • an hour yeah but here because you take the ropeway  it's like bam it's really nice another world  


  • probably this way looks like more fun yeah we  can see two things i love these little berries  


  • yeah so many nice plants around here and  it smells amazing it smells like pine trees  


  • feels like christmas christmas in october

    就像十月 的 聖誕節。

  • it's because this trail is so popular they've  built really nice wooden planks to walk on so  


  • it's great there are areas that are a little muddy  um they do have long rubber boots that you can  


  • borrow up at the entrance to this hike but i'm  just wearing my sneakers and i don't really care  


  • if they get dirty it's like a painting it really  does in japanese when they say the autumn color  


  • transformation they call that koyo in japanese  it literally is like red leaves basically is how  


  • they translate it but there's something else  they call kusakoyo or the koyo of the grass  


  • and what you see out there this sort of  golden brown color in this alpine tall grass  

    那裡您看到的是這種金棕色在這種高山高草叢 中, 顏色是這樣的

  • is that so they've got these really neat kind  of stop-off points where you can just chill  


  • on a bench and enjoy the colors look at how pretty  it is look at all the grass it's so beautiful

    在長凳上放鬆,欣賞顏色,看一看所有草的漂亮程度 , 如此美麗

  • just chilling and eating my me it's not  my favorite honestly it's very salty they  


  • have this new green tea tendency is usually  just like bottled water but and a green tea


  • wow that's really good all right lunch  break's over the real hiking has begun  


  • we are aiming for a peak called akakura


  • it's gotten kind of steep got some nice stairs  here the fun will begin soon oh dear i've  

    它有點陡峭,這裡有一些漂亮的樓梯,樂趣很快就會開始哦,親愛的 ,一旦我猜到它會再發生幾次,

  • already fallen in the mud once i uh i'm gonna  guess that it's gonna happen a few more times  

    所有好的夏洛特嘗試越過, 親愛的我就 已經陷入泥濘 她做

  • all right charlotte attempts  to cross a muddy patch


  • she made it we're good we're  good what just happened there  


  • kind of slipped feels so gross not  the best feeling in the world yep  


  • it'll happen really beautiful view behind  us you can actually see the ropeway  


  • building that we came from directly behind  us there so nice it's getting very warm we  

    我們建造 的索道 是從我們後面直接來的,真是太溫暖了,我們

  • both took off our jackets oh i love the little  patches of prairie yeah it almost looks like a  


  • golf course or something little lakes little  ponds the last sign said one kilometer to the  


  • peak it feels like we've walked a kilometer but  apparently there's point a left slow and steady

    山頂 一公里 感覺就像我們已經走了一公里,但顯然有一點慢而平穩

  • that was the longest kilometer of my  life but we've made it to the summit  


  • almost 10 more sets oh my god nice  work wow pretty steep cliff 1540  


  • meters pretty cool views from up here so the peak  we're on right now is 1548 meters the fog looks  


  • really nice it makes it feel a lot higher than it  actually is but the fall colors are super pretty  


  • as you can see around this way there's this nice  ridge and so um we're going to just walk to the  

    就像這種方式您可以看到的那樣山脊,所以我們要走到 山脊 的

  • end of this ridge really cool i love the ridges  if you're going to go to the main summit odok yeah  


  • the highest point in hakoda then you would  go down and up again but we don't need to be  


  • crazy about it we can just go to the end  of this ridge walk along the ridges cool


  • it's really cool that is a steep drop-off yikes

    的感覺真的很酷, 幾乎在我們今天的最後一個高峰期, 陡峭的下降是一回事

  • almost at our last peak of the day we've just  realized that we're cutting it a little close  

    ,我們剛剛意識到我們要把它切 到最後一輛索道車

  • to the final ropeway car to get back home so we're  gonna have to turn around here and uh hurry back  

    附近 ,然後回到家,所以我們不得不在這裡 轉轉 ,呃,趕緊 用手指 回頭

  • quickly across our fingers that we've made it  but yeah i hope i'm not a bad bad hakura guy now  


  • like having us get us stuck up here overnight can  you imagine oh my god what a glorious what a view  

    就像讓我們一夜之間被 困在這裡, 你能想像哦,我的上帝,多麼光榮的事情 可以看到很多山峰

  • so many mountain peaks you can see them  all because the fog is kind of fading now

    的景色 ,因為霧已經漸漸消失了,

  • all right we better go


  • the fog's gotten so thick  that there is zero visibility


  • oh that works not bad at all i think  we can make it we've got like uh  


  • i think like five minutes you can  do it you can do it you can do it


  • success we're not stuck on the mountain for the  night so according to quinlan's hiking app our  


  • hike was about eight kilometers  long and we burned 1700 calories  


  • which is pretty good it was quite exhausting on  the way down because we were in such a rush but  


  • other than that the hardest part was climbing up  to the peak but walking along the ridge was really  


  • chill because it was mostly flat so if you're into  hiking i really recommend this hike especially  


  • in the fall the temperature was perfect  and the views were so beautiful so hungry  


  • yeah all right guys i guess i will say goodbye  here we're just gonna drive back to marioka  


  • and i'm gonna scarf down whatever food  i can find in my house make sure to go  

    ,我要 蓋 掉我在房子裡能找到的所有食物,確保去

  • check out quinlan's channel i will have him  link down below if you enjoy these kind of  

    看看quinlan的頻道,如果您喜歡這些 戶外探險視頻,

  • outdoor adventure videos he has plenty of them  over there and they're really cool i hope you  

    我會在下面鏈接 他,他在那上面有很多,它們真的很酷,我希望

  • guys enjoyed our autumn adventure thanks for  watching and i'll see you again very soon


  • you

good morning please excuse my extremely messy  house i've been away from home for about a week  

早上好,請原諒我 那座 凌亂的房子,我已經離開家大約一個星期


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