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  • -Welcome back.


  • I'm hanging out with Priyanka Chopra Jonas.

    我和Priyanka Chopra Jonas一起出去玩。

  • Now, Priyanka, you're such a talented performer,


  • and you're amazing at everything you do,

    你是驚人的 在你做的一切。

  • so I thought it'd be fun to put your singing skills to the test.

    所以我認為這將會是有趣的 把你的歌唱技能進行測試。

  • It's time for "One Word Songs."

    現在是 "一字歌 "的時間。

  • -♪ This song only has one word


  • It's a one-word song


  • -Now, we each have a stack of cards with a random word


  • and the name of a well-known song.


  • We're gonna take turns trying to get the other person


  • to guess the name of the song by singing only the word


  • on the card instead of the lyrics.


  • Make sense? -Makes sense. Got it.


  • -Yeah, we're a team here, now. -Okay, okay.


  • -Yeah. So I will pick a card --

    -是的,所以我會選一張牌...所以,我將選擇一個卡 -

  • -I'm not beating you this time. Okay, good, got it, got it.


  • -No. -Okay.

    -不 好的

  • -And I don't even see you beating me in the near future,


  • but we'll get into that. -[ Laughing ] We'll see.


  • -Okay. All right.


  • Okay, I have my word.


  • All right. My word is "loofah."

    好吧,我的詞是 "絲瓜"。我說的是 "絲瓜"

  • Okay?


  • Here's the song. You have to guess the song.


  • Loofah loofah loo ♪ ♪ Loofah loofah loo


  • Loofah loofah loo-fah, loofah loofah

    ? ロファロファロファ,ロファロファ?

  • Loofah

    # 絲瓜發 # # Loofah #

  • -The word loofah has me thrown so much.


  • I have no idea. -♪ Loofah loofah loo


  • Loofah loofah loo ♪ -♪ Na na na na na

    Loofah loofah loo -♪ Na Na na na na na ♪

  • -[ Low-pitched ] ♪ Loofah loofah loo loofah

    -[低音調]盧法 盧法 盧法 盧法 盧法

  • [ High-pitched ] ♪ Loofah loofah loo


  • I'm doing the harmony. ♪ Loofah loofah

    我做的和諧。 Loofah loofah

  • -♪ Run away with me to a --♪ I don't know.

    -和我一起去... 我不知道

  • Is that -- No? -No, that's a great song, too.

    那是... 不是嗎?-不,那也是一首好歌。

  • It could easily be that, too.


  • I was trying to do "I'll Make Love to You,"

    我想唱 "我要和你做愛"。

  • by Boyz II Men. -Oh!

    由Boyz II Men.-哦!

  • Oh, I do love that song, and I do know it.


  • -Yeah. Here we go.


  • Come on, partner. We've got this.


  • -My turn? Okay, got it, got it, got it.


  • -What is the word? And then don't say the song.


  • -The word is "karate." -Okay.

    -這個詞是 "空手道"-好的

  • -Okay? -Yep.


  • -Okay.


  • Karate karate


  • Karate, karate


  • Karate karate ♪ -♪ Karate karate

    空手道空手道 -♪空手道空手道 -♪空手道空手道

  • Wa na, da da da da da

    Wa na, da da da da da da da da Da

  • -♪ KarateThere you go.


  • Havana, ooh, na na ♪ [ Bell dings ]

    哈瓦那,哦,娜娜 [鐘聲]

  • -Hey! -Oh, I love it.


  • That's my girl. I love it!


  • Oh, my gosh. -Well done.

    哦,我的天哪 做得好。

  • -That's fantastic.


  • All right. -Okay, your turn.


  • -Mm-hmm. Okay, the word is "overalls."

    -嗯哼好吧,這個詞是 "工作服"。

  • Overalls overalls

    工作服 工作服

  • Overalls overalls

    工作服 工作服

  • Overalls and alls and over and over and overalls

    工作服和alls和over and over and over and overalls

  • Yeah

    # Yeah #

  • -I'm terrible at this game! What is it?


  • Over-alls and overalls


  • [ Laughter ]


  • -Tell me what it is. [ Buzzer ]


  • -It was -- ♪ Mr. Jones and me

    -這是... ... 瓊斯先生和我

  • -By -- Oh, come on! [ Both laugh ]

    -由 - 哦,來吧![兩個笑]

  • Come on! Counting Crows! -Okay.


  • -When we get together, we don't lose.


  • Come on.


  • -This is gonna be fun. This word is "saxophone."

    -這將是有趣的。這個詞是 "薩克斯風"

  • [ Both laugh ] Okay.

    [兩個笑] 好吧。

  • -Yep. -Okay, ready.

    -是的 好的,準備好了。

  • Saxophone saxophone saxophone saxophone, ooh, yeah

    薩克斯風薩克斯風薩克斯風薩克斯風, 哦,是的。

  • Saxo saxophone


  • Saxophone saxophone saxophone saxophone

    薩克斯管 薩克斯管 薩克斯管 薩克斯管

  • The saxophone


  • Saxophone saxophone saxophone sax saxophone


  • Saxo saxo saxophone ♪ -Is it Timberlake?

    薩克索薩克斯管 是Timberlake嗎?

  • -No, it's Salt-N-Pepa.

    -不,是Salt -N -Pepa.

  • What a man, what a man, what a man

    # What a man, what a man, what a man #

  • What a mighty good man


  • What a mighty good man ♪ -Gosh, it was good.

    多麼強大的好人 天哪,這是很好的。

  • I thought it was Timberlake. Here we go.


  • You need to get this one right here.


  • -I need to get this one. -This is for all of it.


  • This is for us to hold our heads high


  • when I'm walking around and saying that I'm friends


  • with this person.


  • This is proof that we're friends, okay?


  • -Okay, I'm gonna try. -The word is "potpourri."

    -好吧,我試試。-這個詞是 "大雜燴"

  • -Okay. -Okay.

    -好吧 好吧

  • -And this is kind of a classic song.


  • I think you can get this one right.


  • Potpourri ♪ ♪ Mm mm, mm mm

    * Potpourri * * Mm mm, mm mm mm *

  • Potpourri ♪ ♪ Mm, duh-uh

    "Potpourri" "嗯,duh -uh

  • Potpourri ♪ ♪ Mm, da

    "Potpourri" "嗯,達

  • Potpourri


  • Potpo, potpo, potpourri

    Potpo, potpo, potpourri

  • -♪ I got you ♪ ♪ Dun, dun, dun, dun


  • -Oww! That's it! We got it!


  • "I Feel Good," James Brown! I'll take it, for the win!


  • ♪ I feel good nowOh, yay, I've got one!

    我現在感覺很好 哦,耶,我已經得到了一個!

  • -We won, bud.


  • That is how you play "One Word Songs."

    這就是 "一字歌 "的玩法。

  • Priyanka Chopra Jonas, everybody.


  • Her new memoir, "Unfinished," is out now.


  • We love you, pal. Can't wait to see you.


  • Come back whenever. Best to everybody.


  • -Thank you so much for having me. Bye.

    -謝謝你的邀請謝謝你邀請我。 - 再見。

  • -Bye, bud.


-Welcome back.


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