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  • hey guys welcome to aizu wakamatsu  this is actually one of my  


  • favorite spots in japan i think i've been here  about five times now i think it's actually  


  • the spot in all of japan that i've visited the  most number of times because i love it so much  


  • this is the first hotel i will be staying in  tonight i'll give you guys the full tour in a  

    這是我今晚將入住的第一家酒店,我將在 第二秒鐘 為大家提供完整的旅遊,

  • second but let me just explain why i've decided  to come to fukushima so because no international  


  • tourists are allowed to enter japan at the  moment the government is kind of encouraging  


  • japanese residents who can travel and are able to  work remotely to go out and stay at ryokan hotels  


  • so because i'm lucky enough that the work i'm  currently working on is all done on my computer  


  • i can really do it anywhere in japan so decided  to come to my favorite place here izu akumatsu  


  • in fukushima and support the local tourism  industry stay in a couple really cool ryokans  


  • and just relax and get some work done it beats  sitting in my living room so let me give you  

    然後放鬆一下,做一些工作,這比坐在我的客廳裡 要好得多 。 讓我給

  • guys the full tour this is my first time staying  at this hotel the room looks really nice so far  


  • so you come in the entrance here i've gotlittle shower and washroom area off to this side


  • fancy toilet


  • looks like they've provided like skincare  hair care all the little accessories  


  • it's a little basket down  there with some bath towels


  • and over here is the little shower room in here  i think we have the futon yeah extra futon i like  


  • to pile them up and make my bed super comfy  so this is the main living area they've got  


  • a little table and they always give you welcome  snacks and they're always different i'm really  


  • curious what they are they're always packaged  so nicely oh this one is izu hana mamet flower  

    好奇它們是什麼,它們總是包裝得非常好哦,這是izu hana mamet花,

  • i don't think they're actually like from a flower  but i think i know what they are they're like the  


  • really sweet beans they're famous here in  fukushima so they usually serve you those  

    它們在福島州(Fukushima)出名 的 真正的甜豆 一樣, 因此它們通常為您服務

  • oh they're really big ones look at them they're  huge these are so tasty with green tea i should  

    哦,它們是非常大的,看著它們它們這些巨大的綠茶很好吃,我 可能 應該

  • probably brew myself some tea but i'm  so hungry i'm just gonna eat them now


  • yeah so it's just a bean it doesn't look like  it would be sweet but it's actually really sweet  


  • which is why they're good to eat with tea because  it kind of just tastes like eating soft sugar  


  • so the bitterness of the tea balances them out  but they're so good but yeah a little table tv

    所以茶餘額的 苦味 出來,但他們是如此的好,但耶一張小桌子電視

  • my futon for the night an air conditioner which  i will need because it's really hot and humid in  


  • here there will probably be some yukata yep thatcan wear around the ryokan it's totally acceptable  


  • to just put your yukata on and wander around the  hotel look at the view it's so pretty got really  


  • lucky with the weather it was actually saying  thunderstorms a week so i thought it was going  


  • to be super rainy but at the moment looks really  nice over there what's in here tea and coffee


  • and this is just a little sitting area this  is probably where i'll relax and do my work  


  • have the pretty view of outside so that is my  first hotel for tonight while the weather is  


  • not pouring and thunderstorming i think i should  take advantage of it and go outside so let me take  


  • you guys outside and we'll kind of explore  the town together it's a really chill town  


  • it's not huge you can get around by foot but i'll  probably be taking a taxi just because i'll have  


  • like my camera gear and stuff with me there's  a couple things that i researched online that i  

    喜歡我的相機裝備和東西而 打車,所以我在 網上研究了幾件事,我

  • want to go see so fingers crossed they're open  and we can get into them but let's go inside


  • so the first stop today is hazaido temple  i can't believe i've never been here  


  • coming to isiwakamatsu so many times and never  coming here is really strange but i just never had  


  • the opportunity to so it's a really cool wooden  buddhist temple it was built in the late 1700s  


  • and it's the design of the place that  is really what makes it so amazing so  


  • i'll explain more about that when we get up  there there's a little um kind of tourist street  


  • omiyage and foods and shopping on the way up  to the temple okay they've got an escalator  

    食物和購物到寺廟的路上好吧,他們有一個ES calator

  • if you don't want to take the really long  staircase so it cost 250 yen to go up to  


  • the temple it's a it's not an escalator  it's like a conveyor belt it's really cool


  • oh they're so pretty


  • so to get to the temple you go down this pathway  


  • here there's such a good  view of the city from here

    從 那裡可以 看到整個城市的美景,

  • there it is i thought it was going to be  further into the mountains but it's right here  


  • wow that's really cool so the cool thing  about this temple is it's designed in a  


  • double helix shape so the staircase going  up never interacts with the staircase going  

    雙螺旋形狀,所以上升的樓梯永遠不會與 下降 的樓梯相互作用,

  • down so you never pass the people in the  temple you go up one way and down the  


  • other apparently there's a french castle  with this design designed by leonardo da  


  • vinci and they think that this temple here was  based off of that design but let's go inside

    芬奇 設計的法國城堡 ,他們認為這裡的這座寺廟是基於這種設計的,但是讓 我們走進 裡面

  • so as we walk through the temple you'll see that  there's different buddhist deities along the way  

    ,當我們穿過寺廟時,您會發現沿途 有30多個 佛教神靈,而

  • there's over 30 of them and the reason they  designed it the staircase like this is so that you  


  • can pray to them in peace and not get interrupted  by the people coming down on their way back


  • so here's the peak of the temple here and down


  • what a pretty little temple complex aizu was  actually already one of my favorite spots in japan  


  • and i didn't even know this place existed so it  was pretty amazing if you're looking for a really  


  • chill relaxing vacation out in a more countryside  area of japan definitely check out aizuwakamatsu  

    在日本的更多鄉村地區 尋找一個真正令人 放鬆的休閒假期,那 真是太了不起

  • it's gorgeous wow look at the wall look  at the variety of color it's so cool  

    了,絕對可以看看會津若松, 它是華麗的哇,看著牆壁,看看各種顏色, 如果 真的很酷

  • if you didn't know the color of hydrangea depends  on the ph of the soil that they're grown in


  • and that concludes our adventure  throughout sazaido temple and so  


  • glad we had a chance to come this timefind something to eat i'm hungry i have  


  • a shop right here outside the temple  actually that does freshly made mochi


  • hey

  • wow so these are the walnut mochi i didn't expect  it to look like this i thought the walnuts were  


  • going to be inside and she gave me some pickles  as well so i think these are going to be sweet  


  • it's freshly made mochi she  just made it in the back there


  • wow that's really yummy it actually reminds  me of a hungarian dessert that my grandpa  

    哇,真的很好吃,這讓我想起了我的祖父 曾經用核桃做的

  • used to make with walnuts it's a walnut  cake it's really sweet but it's actually  

    匈牙利甜點, 這是一個核桃蛋糕,它真的很甜,但實際上

  • kind of salty at the same time  it's a really nice combination


  • all right i'm gonna grab another drink because  it's so hot oh that looks good hokkaido melon soda  


  • i just want to water though right off to the next  stop i want to take you guys today there's a showa  


  • era museum here they're really fun to look at  it's more like a shop than a museum and lots  


  • of the time they let you actually touch the stuff  and like go through it and it's lots of fun so the  


  • showa era kind of covers uh quite a long period  but it's really cool seeing the old antiques  

    昭和時代涵蓋了很多相當長的一段時間,但是 當您在日本這個具有歷史意義的重要

  • from that period interesting japan tidbit when  you're in areas like this historically important  

    地區 時, 看到 那個時期的有趣的日本 古玩真是太酷了

  • areas of japan they kind of tone down the colors  of the signage and the stores in order to fit in  

    ,它們會淡化標牌和商店的顏色,以便 與衝浪有趣的是,您會發現該

  • with the surroundings so you'll notice  that all the convenience stores in the  

    地區 所有的便利店

  • area are black and white not their typical  really bright loud colors it's really cool  


  • so we're in kind of the downtown area of  izuwakamatsu now lots of little shops lots  


  • of kind of touristy souvenir type things tons of  restaurants all right we've made it this is the  


  • museum here it's called showa natsukashi it's  right in downtown aizu wakamatsu so it's very  


  • easy to find it costs a couple dollars  to get inside but there's lots to see


  • this is cool it's like a little izakaya


  • wow this place is really  cool i've been to a few showa  


  • museums and often there's just one little area  that's kind of set up like a room how it would  


  • be back then and the rest is just kind of items  laid out on shelves and stuff but this place the  


  • whole area feels like you're just back in time  in a town or something there's shops and rooms  


  • it's really cool they've designed it all so that  you feel you're just transported back in time  


  • like a living room from the  1950s we have in here pencils


  • wow even old tissues i've  never seen this brand before


  • washing machine it says they're just toys there's  a little makeup mirror here we still have all the

    洗衣機 之前從未見過這個品牌, 它說它們只是玩具,那裡有一個小化妝鏡,在這裡,我們仍然看到所有

  • products


  • look at the toothbrush why is it so big  


  • and then downstairs underneath the museum they've  got an antique shop all of this stuff is for sale


  • i could make my own mochi at home


  • they're also selling the old-school snacks  and they've got a little tub here filled with  

    他們也在賣老式點心,而且這裡有一個裝滿 拉麵瓶 的小浴缸。 如果你們喜歡這個 真正酷的

  • ramune bottles this is how they used to keep  them cool if you guys enjoyed that museum that  

    博物館,這就是他們過去保持 冷靜的方式,它實際上比我預期的要好,就像我說的那樣,這

  • was really cool it was actually better than i was  expecting like i said it's a lot different than  

    與我曾經去過的其他昭和時代的博物館 有很大的不同。

  • some of the other showa era museums i've been  in it was a lot more interactive and just really  

    更具互動性,而且 設計 得非常 好,我將在下面

  • nicely designed i'll have all the information  of the places i'm visiting on my trip down below  

    的描述框中 提供我旅途中要去的地方的所有信息,

  • in the description box so you guys can check them  out but i think i'm gonna go back to my hotel for  


  • a little bit starting to rain now like i expected  it would so i'll see you guys in the morning bye  

    一 點點開始下雨,現在像我預期它會因此,我會在早上再見

  • for now good morning welcome to day two of my  fukushima adventure so i looked at the weather  

    , 大家早上 好,歡迎來到我的福島探險之旅的第二天,所以我 今天早上

  • this morning and it said it was cloudy until 5 pm  and i thought that's perfect i can make it out to  

    看天氣 ,說直到下午5點都是陰天,我認為這很完美,我可以解決到

  • the area i wanted to show you guys today  just in time before the rain starts but no  


  • it decided to start pouring already i haven't  even left the hotel yet if the rain doesn't stop  

    它決定開始 傾盆大雨 了,我什至還沒有離開酒店,如果雨沒有停止的

  • then i'll probably just go straight to my next  hotel which is pretty exciting though because i  


  • got a really fancy one for my last day here  i have my own little onsen bath in the room  


  • i've never stayed at this hotel before so should  be really nice so we'll see how the weather goes  


  • but we might head straight to my next hotel for  our next destination we will see so as expected  


  • it rained all day but welcome to my new hotel room  it's really nice i'm so excited to show you guys  


  • so i've got two beds the reason i got suchbig room is because of the bath they only have  


  • a couple rooms with the private bath in the room  and it's usually like the big family suite but  


  • check this out this is probably the nicest  private onsen bath hotel room i've ever seen  


  • take my socks off i need to get my feet  wet but um behind me they've got little  


  • sink area here where you can  prepare and then check this out  

    水槽面積 很小 ,您可以在這裡準備,然後檢查一下,

  • not only is there a super spacious beautiful  bath but i have this view how cool is that  

    不僅有一個超寬敞的漂亮浴缸,而且我認為, 我喜歡河的聲音

  • i love the sounds of the river because the  temperature oh that's hot that's really hot  

    有多酷, 因為溫度哦,那真熱,那真是熱

  • i might have to add some cool water to that but  how cool is this i am so stoked to get in this  


  • bath and relax so here's our welcome snack let's  see what this hotel gives you looks like manju

    高興能入浴並放鬆一下,所以這是我們的歡迎小吃,讓我們看看這家酒店給您的 感覺

  • black sugar it's interesting  how it's beds and not futon

    像是文殊 黑糖,這很有趣,它是床而不是蒲團

  • what's in here a safe and down here we've got the


  • shower area oh this one has a bathtub cool so  the little village that sudokan is located in  


  • is called ashinomaki onsen village and it's so  cute it looks like a really nice place to just  


  • pop yukata on and wander around  and just relax and enjoy yourself  

    彈出浴衣穿行而過 今晚 放鬆一下,盡情享受

  • tonight i'm gonna have a bath obviously while the  light is still here so i can enjoy those views  


  • and then i'll probably just sit down here and  do some work and enjoy my last day in fukushima  


  • how awesome is this this must be the best  private onsen i've ever rented in japan  


  • i can't wait to get out and explore the little  town because it looks so nice and i came here  


  • on a sunday so there aren't that many people  around if you do book a ryokan in japan i do  

    星期天 來到這裡的 ,所以周圍沒有那麼多人您確實在日本預定了旅館,所以我

  • recommend avoiding friday and saturday because it  can get really packed if you come on a sunday most  


  • people have to work the next day so they tend  not to go out to do fun so i kind of can enjoy  


  • the whole space to myself and have lots of room  there's a huge lounge downstairs they've got a  


  • fancy restaurant where i'll be having dinner  later and yeah i just can't wait to get out  


  • and explore the town it's so nice i've got  pure cold water running in the bath right now  

    探索這座城市,這真是太好了。 因為日本人趨於穩定,所以

  • because japanese people tend to be able to stand  temperatures that are like way above anything  

    現在有純淨的冷水在浴缸 中流淌溫度和溫度

  • i could possibly dip my foot into so every timecome to one of these baths i find that i have to  


  • turn the pure cold water on and let it sit  for like half an hour before i can get in  


  • i'm gonna sit here and enjoy my last hour  of views before the sun starts to set  


  • i really hope you guys enjoyed this video and  maybe you got some ideas for your next japan  

    我真的希望你們喜歡這個視頻, 如果您決定冒險冒險進入

  • trip if you decide you do want to venture out into  the countryside a little bit fukushima isn't too  

    下一次日本 旅行 ,也許您對此有一些想法。 福島的鄉村有點

  • far from tokyo if you hop on the shinkansen  it'll take just over an hour to get here i  


  • believe do make use of the bullet trains and come  out here for a few days it's such a nice relaxing  


  • change of pace from the big cities thanks for  watching guys and i will see you again very soon


  • you

hey guys welcome to aizu wakamatsu  this is actually one of my  



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