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  • hey guys good evening from my really cool hotel  room in kyoto i'm in kyoto at the moment if you  


  • follow me on twitter or instagram you've probably  noticed i've been here for a few days now i'm  


  • staying in this really nice i guess you would call  it a hotel technically i think it's classified as  


  • a yokan a traditional japanese inn but it's really  neat because it's actually a very old uh japanese  


  • townhouse that's been recently renovated into  this brand new hotel but they've kept some of  


  • the traditional elements so it's super pretty  and i'm just really excited to be here in  


  • kyoto because i've never really had the chance to  properly explore it i've been to kyoto a few times  


  • but it's always kind of like a rushed trip and  i've got so many things to do that i don't have  


  • a chance to just wander around and enjoy the city  i booked some extra days here i've got a few free  


  • days to kind of just wander around with my friends  and explore it and i'm really looking forward to  


  • that hopefully we get lucky with the weather it is  saying cloudy on and off maybe a tiny little bit  

    希望我們能得到幸運的無線天氣說多雲,斷斷續續 的降雨 也許有點

  • of rain but in general it looks really good do you  want to look around my cool little ryokan how it's  


  • basically like a house this place is pretty bigwasn't expecting it to uh be this large actually  


  • i was really surprised when i came in but let me  flip the camera around and give you guys a tour  


  • so when you enter the hotel room you come up  a staircase we're actually on the second floor  


  • right now and it brings you to the bedroom here  and interestingly enough it's not futon these  

    ,現在 我真的很驚訝 它把您帶到這裡的臥室,有趣的是,這不是蒲團,它們

  • are mattresses they're on the ground there's no  bed frame so it kind of looks like futon i was  


  • looking over the reviews of this place on google  and there was a customer that had complained  


  • about the futon and they actually ordered in these  mattresses specifically for that customer because  


  • they didn't like the futon so that's the reason  they have mattresses here apparently i like futon  

    他們不喜歡蒲團,所以這就是他們在這裡 買 床墊的原因,顯然我 本人也

  • myself but i can see why it might be uncomfortable  for people especially if you have like back pain  

    喜歡蒲團, 但我知道為什麼它對人來說不舒服PLE特別是如果你有一個像背部疼痛

  • or any kind of like you know joint problems might  be a little hard to sleep on but yeah so the beds  


  • are mattresses it's a pretty small bed i've been  like pushing them together and using them both  

    床 床墊這是一個非常小床上,我一直喜歡推在一起,用他們兩個

  • together but i always fall down the the space  in the middle it's been kind of annoying but  


  • it's all right it will do it's a really cozy  little space and look at how pretty it is  


  • it's so nicely renovated it's just beautiful so  this is just a little seating area um it's pretty  

    裝修得如此漂亮,它只是一個漂亮的座位,所以這只是一個小小的座位區域um 牆上 漂亮的

  • artwork on the wall this is a air purifier they've  left me some yukata to wear if i want to just  


  • chill in the house where yukata probably won't  be using it it's really cold right now actually  


  • and some extra blankets but yeah that's the  bedroom now moving into the hallway we've got the  


  • bathroom again it's just so nicely decorated  look at this really modern towel hanging  

    又有 了 浴室,裝飾得非常漂亮,看著這台真正的現代毛巾掛式

  • drying rack it's very pretty like they've kept  some traditional elements of japanese design  


  • but in general the place was very modern  huge bath very nice gorgeous wooden walls  


  • a little wooden bucket that you'd see at an onsen  isn't it cute all the doors in the hotel are these  


  • traditional sliding doors which is a nice  touch so beautiful and a really cool feature  


  • is this this is a floor heater under floor heating  this is just unheard of in japan especially in  


  • these traditional type of rooms so this is such  a cool feature i can just turn it on and off here  


  • and it warms up the floor immediately it's so nice  especially right now it's quite chilly in kyoto so  


  • to come back to the hotel and turn this on and be  able to have a really cozy warm floor on my feet  


  • is so nice this is a recycling sorting area japan  is very specific about their garbage sorting rules  


  • so we've got cans pet bottles which is plastic  bottles and glass bottles here so when i first  

    所以我們這裡有罐寵物瓶,分別是塑料瓶和玻璃瓶,所以當我第 一次進入酒店

  • came into the hotel i checked out the bathroom  in the bedroom first and i thought this was just  

    時,我首先 檢查了臥室的浴室,我以為這

  • like a closet or something but no it's an entire  other room i was so surprised excuse the mess  


  • this has been my editing room for the past couple  days there's a little kitchenette here i haven't  


  • really been using it they were kind enough to  supply this tea set there's some green tea in  


  • there i've been drinking lots of that while i edit  in this cute little teapot and they also supplied  


  • these snacks these are local kyoto vegetables  that have been deep fried into like chips  


  • they're really yummy and i got some yukon  and some teas this is the tea that i like  


  • at the moment it's really nice and isn't this  traditional chest really cool i opened up all the  

    此刻真的很好,不是這個傳統的衣櫃真的很酷 嗎? 我打開了所有

  • little drawers i just had to know if there was  something inside there wasn't unfortunately um  


  • but it was fun nonetheless isn't this place so  cozy i'm really enjoying it and this room also has  


  • a floor heater so the tatami flooring  is nice and toasty how cool is that  


  • another cool feature is there's actuallywashing machine that i can use and it dries  


  • clothes as well so i'm here for a whole week so  that's super handy i will link the company name  

    衣服,所以我在這裡整整一個星期超級好用的我將在 下面 鏈接公司名稱

  • down below so you guys can check out their  properties but they have several different  

    ,以便你們可以檢查他們的房產,但是他們 在京都周圍

  • ryokan um traditional inns all around kyoto  so if you guys are planning a trip to kyoto  

    有多家不同的 日式旅館和傳統旅館,因此如果你們計劃 將來 前往京都旅行,請務必

  • in the future check them out really cozy and  the prices are quite affordable so yeah glad  

    檢查一下它們的舒適性和 實用性 。價格很實惠,所以是的, 我 很高興

  • i found this place so for the past couple  days i've been so busy i haven't had time to  


  • open up my advent calendar i thought we could do  that together because my friend ushka was so cool  


  • and put together a handmade advent calendar for  me this year i've saved up the past couple of days  


  • and we'll open them together now all right so i'm  a little further behind than i thought i've got  


  • five five days to open up i haven't opened it  since the 10th if you guys are curious what is in  

    五到五天要 落後 向上,我從第十屆開始就沒有打開過,如果你們好奇第一

  • days one to nine i've got it pinned in my  instagram highlights so here is number ten  


  • we've got oh some cute little cat stickers so  ushka is my business partner um for neko neko post  

    我們有哦,一些可愛的小貓咪貼,所以ushka是我的商業夥伴um for neko neko post,

  • so she loves stationery as much as i do so many  of the advent items are stationary themed right  


  • day number 11 next we got more stationery got  these cute little message cards and i don't  


  • know if you can see but they're cut here so you  can kind of hook them onto a gift bag like this  


  • and write your message here there's a  few different designs that is such a  


  • cute idea very pretty light blue pen she's  so thoughtful honestly ooh 12 is a big one

    可愛的主意,非常漂亮的淺藍色筆,她是如此體貼周到。哦, 每次我去ushka的房子收拾neko neko時,

  • okay um every time i go to ushka's house to pack  up neko neko post packages it's like our neko  

    12就是一個很大的一個。 郵包就像我們的neko

  • nico post headquarters she buys me cereal to eat  because at night time i like to snack on cereal  


  • i eat it in the morning too i eat it like all day  long so thank you lucky number 13. what do we have  

    吃 零食, 我也早上吃,我也整天都在吃,所以謝謝您幸運的13號。

  • oh washi tape this really cute town themed  washi tape that'll look really cute on my  


  • christmas cards actually and a sparkly green pen  and finally day 14 today what do we have here  

    聖誕賀卡 上看起來真的很可愛, 還有一根閃閃發光的綠色筆,最後今天是第14天,我們在這裡有什麼

  • oh those are so cute onsen cats hot spring themed  cat envelopes so if you guys want to see what's in  

    哦,那些是如此可愛的溫泉貓溫泉主題貓信封,所以如果你們想看看 剩下的是 什麼

  • the remainder of my advent calendar go follow me  on instagram um and catch up with me daily there  

    我的降臨日曆在instagram um上跟著我,每天都趕上我

  • i'll be opening them daily for the rest of until  christmas the next 10 11 days i guess how is there  

    ,在接下來的10 11天 裡, 我將每天開放它們直到聖誕節,剩下的11天我想

  • only 11 days left till christmas this month went  by way too fast i've tried to get as many videos  


  • up as possible but as you can see i've been  traveling around a lot i was in tokyo for a bit  


  • now i'm in kyoto then i'm home for one day and  then i'm off to an onsen with aki i'm really  


  • looking forward to that and then i'm going to  yamagata and then finally back home again so  


  • lots of traveling happening this month but i think  i will be able to film a lot of it might take me  


  • a little while to edit it because i don't think  i'll have much time to just sit down and work but  


  • hopefully there'll be some fun videos coming out  once i can sit down but i hope you guys enjoy the  

    希望我坐下來後會出現一些有趣的視頻,但我希望你們喜歡 接下來

  • next couple videos which will all be in kyoto so  that should be really fun it's kind of new for me  

    的 影片將全部在京都所以,應該是很有趣它是一種新的對我

  • even though i've been here a few times i've really  only seen like the main touristy spots so it's  


  • gonna be a lot of fun to explore like the side  streets and the the quieter stuff together looking  


  • forward to it but i hope you guys are havinggreat day and i will see you again very soon you


hey guys good evening from my really cool hotel  room in kyoto i'm in kyoto at the moment if you  



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