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Lengthen your eyes with Korean Style Eyeliner Techniques
Welcome to the Wonderful World of Wengie
Hi everyone this is Wengie here
Today I'm going to teach you how to achieve wide, innocent and wide looking eyes with just eyeliner and a few other products
This is my favourite eyeliner look
It's inspired by the famous ulzzangs
Who are internet idols that become famous for their innocent wide eyed looks that make their face look almost doll like
This eyeliner style not only makes your eyes appear longer, it also helps your other features seems smaller and more balanced in comparison.
A key part of this eyeliner look is to wear circle lenses. These enlarge your pupils, which actually make your eyes look bigger without any makeup, and make you look like a doll.
Lets start :)
Step 1 : Create your Eyeliner shape
Using a liquid pen liner, and starting at the top middle part of your eyelid - draw a line that is just above your natural eye line.
Follow the curve of your natural eyes and extend this line down till you reach just below the corner of your eye.
Now draw from the lower lash line and draw straight across to join it with the end of your original line. This creates a more droopy eye look.
You now have the stencil of where your eyeliner should be.
Using a pen liner gives you more control so it's easier to create this first line, and also gives you a clean edge.
Step 2 : Apply Gel Liner
Now use a gel liner to fill in the gaps and create a more defined line.
The gel liner consistency makes the liner appear darker and bolder.
You can also use a liquid liner if you want a cleaner and more dramatic look.
Step 3: Apply white eyeliner to widen the eyes
Now use a white eyeliner and apply it to your waterline to open up your eyes
I also like to use a white simmering eyeliner in the corner of my eyes to create a brighter look
Step 4: Create Eyebags
Now, this is the fun part
Use a highlighting color along the bottom lash line to create the look of childish eyebags.
To make your eyebags stand out more use a taupe, or a slightly darker shade of brown powder and a Q tip and create the eyebag "shadow".
You might think this is really strange, but it's been found that children and babies have more volume under their eye which you lose with age.
So the eye bags actually make your eyes look more youthful.
Step 5: Finish of the lashes
Finish off by curling your lashes and applying generous coats of mascara.
If you are going out you can also add a pair of false lashes to finish off your look, opt for a natural looking pair.
I'm going to skip this part.
Now here is the finished look
I often wear this eyeliner look without any eyeshadow
Don't forget to pair this eyeliner look with a smile :)!!
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Leave a comment and tell me: What is your favorite type of eyeliner? Is it pencil, gel or liquid??
Make life beautiful
The Wonderful World of Wengie
Don't forget to tune in next week for how to apply your blush to get a cute natural flushed look.
Meanwhile have a look at my other Korean style makeup tutorial videos for some inspiration.
See you next week guys!


韓式風格眼線教程:讓你的眼睛更長更寬這些Ulzzang眼睛的啟發 (Korean style eyeliner tutorial: Make your eyes longer and wider with these Ulzzang inspired eyes)

1538 分類 收藏
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