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  • Let's go on into Sutton, which is a borough.


  • We will again travel in today, and this is where we see issues with the mayor's street space scheme.


  • And so the Sutton Council has now removed the pop up cycle lanes and throw Leeway and ST Nicholas Way reinstating the traffic lanes for use by motor vehicles.

    所以,薩頓議會現在已經取消了彈出式自行車道,並將Leeway和ST Nicholas Way扔掉,恢復機動車使用的車道。

  • And the trial measures were launched back in September to create ideally, a dedicated space for people to cycle and provide a safer, active, greener travel alternative to the car journeys to Sutton Town Center.


  • But according to the council, recent traffic survey data and consultation feedback have highlighted that the trial quote has not achieved its objectives.


  • And I really appreciate this.


  • I'm a man that respects data and respects the science, and these people had a great idea but that they've looked at it and they've said that the number of cyclists reportedly is not growing and the car uses returning to pre locked down levels, and the article finishes by saying this and I quote the council has listened and we have said since the start will remove any schemes that are not working and I praise Sutton for this they go on to say quote, we will now be taking out the cycle paths in ST Nicholas and throw leeway due to the low number of users and restoring the previous traffic lanes unquote.


  • And so again, I appreciate sudden looking at the numbers, looking at the science again.


  • I am all for green initiatives.


  • I am all for promoting cycling in the city, but I want to make sure it doesn't hurt our residents, and I want to talk about that shortly.


Let's go on into Sutton, which is a borough.



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市長的街道空間計劃。為什麼在薩頓的這個計劃會有問題 布萊恩-羅斯 (THE MAYOR'S STREETSPACE SCHEME: Why There Were Issues Surrounding This Scheme In Sutton - Brian Rose)

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