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  • Sarah: I consider Paige like a long-lost sister that I never had that I should have had.

    Sarah: 我將Paige視為一位我應該擁有,卻從未現身的失散多年姐妹。

  • Sarah: The crazy thing that is me and Paige have been so close but we actually have never met.

    Sarah: 很驚人的是我們彼此如此親暱卻緣慳一面。

  • Sarah: The Born Friends Family Portrait

    Sarah: 命中註定好友的合照(影片名稱:Skype搭起的友誼橋樑)

  • Sarah's mother: Oh, this was the first time that I held Sarah.


  • Sarah: My mom was pregnant with me and just found out that I had one arm at twenty weeks, I think.

    Sarah: 我想,當我媽懷孕20周的時候發現我只有一隻手臂,

  • Sarah: She wanted to find someone else that was experiencing the same thing.

    Sarah: 她想要找尋是否有另一個人有著相同的經驗。

  • Sarah: So, she went on a website and found Teresa and Paige.

    Sarah: 所以,她去一些網站搜尋,結果找到了Teresa和Paige。

  • Auckland, New Zealand


  • When me and Sarah were born, our parents were sending letters and pictures to each other and stuff, so they became close.


  • Sarah: And then we kind of lost touch because Teresa had two more kids.

    Sarah: 但是在Teresa(Paige的母親)又有了另外兩個孩子後,我們逐漸失去聯繫。

  • Sarah: When I was eight, I needed someone there that could understand everything about me, and I was like I want to find Paige.

    Sarah: 直到我八歲那年,我發覺我需要有個可以完全理我的對象可以傾訴,我決定要和Paige重新取得聯繫。

  • Paige: My mom got an email from her mom, and apparently they had been looking for us for three years.

    Paige: 我媽媽收到她媽媽的電子郵件,顯然她們已經找尋我們三年了。

  • Paige: We started emailing first. I asked her one day if she had Skype.

    Paige: 起先我們互通電子郵件。 有一天,我問她是否有Skype。

  • Paige: What time is it for you?

    Paige: 你那邊幾點啊?

  • Sarah: When I first saw Paige, it was like I've seen a mirror image of me.

    Sarah: 當我第一次看到Paige的影像,我像是透過鏡子看見我自己。

  • Paige: When I saw Sarah, it was kind of like oh, this is how people see me.

    Paige: 當我第一次看到Sarah,我心裡想著,噢,原來大家是這麼看我的。

  • Sarah: We'll talk about boys, and life, and compare things.

    Sarah: 我們會談論男孩們、生活和比較一些事物。

  • Paige: She doesn't really worry about what other people think about her. She can walk around happily in a short sleeve top.

    Paige: 她不太會去擔心別人怎麼看她。她得以快樂地穿著袖子一長一短的衣服走動、過生活。

  • Paige: She helped me a lot, and gave me a lot of confidence.

    Paige: 她給了我極大的幫助,帶給我許多信心。

  • Paige: There weren't less challenges after I met her, it's just that I wasn't going through the challenges alone anymore.

    Paige: 當我能透過影像見到她後,事情變得簡單很多。因為我不再覺得我是一個人面對這一切。

  • Sarah: And I like move the brush, or I move my finger.

    Sarah: 然後我喜歡移動刷子,或者我已可以移動我的手指。

  • Paige: 'And so I move my finger?' Sarah: 'Yeah!'

    Paige: 然後我移動我的手指?Sarah:對!

  • Paige: I could tell Sarah things that I wouldn't be able to tell my friends... I trust her with my life.

    Paige: 我可以跟Sarah說任何我無法跟其他朋友說的事......我非常相信她,甚至到願意交付性命的地步。

  • Sarah: We have been so close for eight years, but thousands of miles away from each other. We definitely wouldn't be very close if it wasn't for Skype and how it's brought us together.

    Sarah: 儘管我們這八年十分親密,但距離將我們硬生生分個兩地。如果沒有Skype,我們絕對不會如此親近。

  • Sarah: Some best friends come and go. I feel like Paige will always be my best friend no matter what.

    Sarah: 有些過客好朋友來了又走。我感覺無論發生什麼事Paige會永遠是我的最好的朋友。

  • Sarah: It's crazy that we've never met. We've always dreamed of it, but it's just never happened yet.

    Sarah: 真的很神奇我們從未見過面。 我們曾經幻想過,但卻從未發生。

  • And then it happened...


  • Sarah: I can't believe it. I don't think it's really sunk in.

    Sarah: 我不敢相信。我不覺得我能正確的陳述我的感覺。

  • Paige: 'I'm really nervous.' It doesn't seem real.

    Paige: 我非常緊張。這超乎現實了。

  • Paige: 'Five minutes and thirty-four seconds.'

    Paige: 再5分34秒

  • (squealing)


  • Sarah: 'You're so beautiful!' 'Paige: So are you!'

    Sarah: 你好美!Paige: 你也是!

  • Teresa(Paige's mother): 'I finally get to hug you!'

    Teresa(Paige的媽媽): 我終於可以當面擁抱你了!

  • Paige: 'I can't do that!'

    Paige: 我辦不到那個!

  • Paige: I'm sure we'll always find time for each other because it's one of those friendships that you don't find twice.

    Paige: 我確定我們會永遠找到相聚的時間。因為這是那種無可取代的友誼。

  • Paige: We're like two needles in a haystack that just found each other.

    Paige: 我們像是稻草堆中的兩根針,剛好找到彼此。

  • Stay together


Sarah: I consider Paige like a long-lost sister that I never had that I should have had.

Sarah: 我將Paige視為一位我應該擁有,卻從未現身的失散多年姐妹。


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天生的朋友全家福 -- -- 通過Skype建立的獨特友誼 (The Born Friends Family Portrait -- a unique friendship brought together by Skype)

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