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What I'm going to show you is probably the most efficient way of learning words of
a second language. Also, every tool you need to do this is free. When I say efficient,
I mean it is simple and gives results quicker and easier than anything else I know of.
The science behind it is that information needs to be repeatedly accessed in order to
be stored in the long term memory. The more you access it, the deeper it is stored.
You know this already. But here comes efficiency. If you do the TIMING well, you can go back
to each word less often. It is best to access each stored word when you can just about remember it.
Each time these words will be stored for a longer time and thus, each pause between
recollections will be longer.
Google "Spaced Repetition", if you'd like to learn more on the theory behind it.
It's quite an interesting concept.
So, step one, we need a list of words. Google Translate's lesser known feature makes the
creation of phrasebooks really simple. In this example, we need to learn Danish words.
Just type in your word in Danish, and you'll get the English equivalent. Click on the English
word for other suggestions, if you need.
Then, by clicking on the star sign on the bottom left corner of the grey box, you can
store this word pair in a Phrasebook. See? It appears on the top right corner.
You can see all your expressions if you click on it. Now click on the highlighted icon
to save your collection.
Select your data and copy it to the clipboard.
The tool I found to be the best for memorising is Memrise (available at www.memrise.com).
There are many other tools, experiment if you wish. I chose this because I found that this is
the easiest to import words into. It uses spaced repetition to it's maximum potentials
and it's design goes as close to making learning an addictive game as possible, I think.
And another, important thing: it's available as an application for iPhone, iPad and Android...
for free.
The process of importing your words is quick and simple. You create a pack, fill in a few
words, and... paste your data from the clipboard. The default settings are fine here.
Click okay, and you're done. Enjoy!


可能是學習單字是最有效的方法 (Probably the most efficient way of learning words)

1071 分類 收藏
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