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How to plan your budget?
Budgeting is one of the most important tasks of a TEDx event.
Sure, you don't want to lose money.
Generally, you will need to pay for some of your staff,
your location, technical equipment, catering, and communications.
You can earn revenue with ticket sales and sponsorships.
So, take your time to plan,
update your budget frequently, and ask fellow TEDx organizers to help you.
Let's have a look at the costs first.
Good staff is key.
The more positions you and your team can cover, the better.
For other tasks, try to involve volunteers, and convince partners to work for free.
Also, speakers are not being paid. This is a TEDx rule.
But, you will have to pay for travel costs, accomodation, and food expenses.
For the actual event, you need to lent a good location.
If it is your first TEDx event, start with a small to mid-size location.
Better to have a full audiotrium than empty seats.
Always include equipment rental, staff and transport costs to your calculation.
Keep in mind. Off locations involve higher expenses for transport.
Do you need any insurances and permits?
Also, think of cleaning costs after the event.
Always write a technical concept for your event.
You will need a live presentation system,
projectors, screens, microphones, sound, light and laptops.
For documentation purposes, you should have video cameras set up,
also ask a photographer to take pictures.
Be aware: post production costs are often underestimated.
If you want a live stream, make sure you have a fast and reliable Internet connection.
Check which hardware is already avilable and included at your location.
Do you have to rent additional equipment?
In the breaks of your TEDx event, it's good to provide food and beverages.
To calculate catering cost,
multiply the number of expected guests with the cost per person.
Decide on the amount and quality of catering,
depending on time of day and duration of your event.
To reduce costs, a proper buffet can be replaced by light snacks, or finger food.
Sponsors can help you lower catering cost.
To attract guests, you will have to design and produce a communications package.
An invitation, printed or per email,
advertising material, a web site, badges, and a program booklet.
Also, a TEDx branding for stage and screens.
It is always good to work with a professional designer.
The results will look much better.
Calculate production, postal, and potential ad placement costs.
Your main source of revenue are ticket sales.
Multiply the potential number of attendees, not seats, with the envisioned ticket price.
Ticket prices should be reasonably low to attract a broad audience.
Keep in mind that you calculate a contingent of free tickets
for speakers, team, press, and sponsors.
In the end, costs and revenues should, of course, be balanced.
If not so yet, sponsors may give you additional financial support.
Prior to finalizing your budget,
it is always good to talk to fellow organizers to exchange ideas and experiences.
Good luck with calculating your TEDx event.
[Produced by TEDxBerlin]
[Producer/speaker: Stephan Balzer]
[Illustration: Marvin Clifford]
[Creative direction: Marko Thorhauer]
[Sound: Lars Damm]


【TEDx】如何規劃你的財政預算案 (How to TEDx: How to Plan Your Budget)

5506 分類 收藏
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