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  • Virgo and Taurusnow, this is definitely a good match, especially for a marriage. Kind

  • of a boring marriage, maybe, sure — I mean, sorry, but the only two famous couples I can

  • think of that are Taurus--Virgo couples are Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, and John McCain

  • and his wife, Cindy! Talk about boring! Both of these couples have been married forever,

  • as far as I know there haven't been any scandals or cheating rumors, or anyway, nothing they

  • didn't just face together as a couple and move beyond... See? Boring. No, but really,

  • these two signs can make an excellent, solid, committed match that can stand the test of

  • time. See, these are both Earth signs, so they're both touchy-feely typesno matter

  • what you've heard about Virgo being the sign of the Virgin, it's still a physical Earth

  • sign. So just like Taurus, it expresses love and feels loved through touch. Virgo might

  • take a little longer than Taurus to relax and let go, but Taurus is just the kind of

  • sign that can help Virgo let their hair down, if you know what I mean. These two can be

  • committed partners, and they're very practical together. You know the typethey budget

  • carefully for the groceries, they map out a five-year plan for buying a house together,

  • they make firm, loving parents together... All that wonderful, boring stuff that really

  • is important in a lasting relationship. So these two might not be the types to meet in

  • a bar and take each other home and tear each other's clothes off, but there's nothing wrong

  • with that! Virgo, especially, takes its time in falling in love and committing, and Taurus

  • is nothing if not patient, so Taurus doesn't mind the wait. I give this couple a solid

  • A, even if they're just a little lacking in the pizzazz department.

Virgo and Taurusnow, this is definitely a good match, especially for a marriage. Kind


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金牛座和處女座的兼容性,由Kelli Fox,占星家。 (Taurus and Virgo Compatibility by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer)

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