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  • Let's take a look at Cancer and Pisces together in love. So here we have two Water signstwo

  • very feeling signs, very emotionally attuned to each other. Both very vulnerable signs.

  • Pisces is extremely romantic, and Cancer is very protective of its loved ones, so these

  • two can really make a great matchand they're in it till death do they part, you

  • know what I mean? These two aren't playing around together. They fall in serious love

  • with each other, and they're in it for the long haul. OK, so I want you to work with

  • me on this one... Think about Cinderella and Prince Charming. So she's this sweet, loving,

  • romantic young girl who does everything for everyone elseshe's basically just a slave

  • to her evil stepmom and her ugly stepsistersand she's always just getting pushed around

  • by them. But she's so selfless, she never complainsand that's just so Pisces. And

  • then she ends up living out every girl's fantasy when, at the end of the fairytale, the shoe

  • fitsand by the way, Pisces rules the feet! The glass slipper slides right onto

  • her perfect little foot, and she marries into a wealthy royal family and lives happily ever

  • after, protected forever after by her Prince. Cancer is all about family and protection,

  • you knowso that's just such a perfect, iconic pairing of these two signs. Of course,

  • in real-life, not-so-fairytale endings, we have Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain. Well,

  • that was kind of a really sad story, overall, wasn't it? I don't know, maybe Courtney Love

  • didn't live happily ever after with her Prince Charming, and she wasn't exactly Cinderella

  • in the traditional sensealthough she did have that blonde hair and those pink,

  • satiny dresses, although they were always ripped full of holes with tattered lace and

  • everythingbut the Cinderella story sort of fits. Kurt Cobain was a Pisces, and that

  • sign rules drugs and addiction. And Courtney Love, the Cancersay what you will about

  • her, but she was very protective of her man, and it seemed like she gave him as much comfort

  • and stability as she could. That's Cancer, trying to shield their loved ones from the

  • harshness of life. And in the end, she couldn't save himno one could. But their love

  • story captured the hearts and imaginations of millions of people back in the '90s, when

  • they were together and living out the grunge rock dream.

Let's take a look at Cancer and Pisces together in love. So here we have two Water signstwo


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巨蟹座和雙魚座在愛情中的兼容性,由Kelli Fox,占星師。 (Cancer and Pisces Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer)

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