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  • Two Pisces in loveokay, this is kind of a funny one. Let me tell you about my cousin

  • Janshe's a surfer, and she's actually always reminded me of a mermaid for some reason

  • and her husband Walter, who's a fisherman. I mean, what could be more perfect? Pisces

  • is a Water sign and it's the sign of two fish, so most Pisces are happiest if they can live

  • near water. And Jenny and Walt, they pretty much live in the water. Of course, they do

  • eat a lot of fish, so, I don't knowdoes that make them cannibals??? I'm not sure about

  • that one... Probably best not to look too deeply into it! Also, Pisces is known as the

  • sign of drugs, and don't tell my aunt and uncle, but I'm pretty sure they were on something

  • at their wedding. I mean, oh my goshthey were both just in la-la-land! Of course, that's

  • the way Pisces is a lot of the time, no drugs required. This sign just lives in an alternate

  • reality — a pretty, frilly, romantic, filmy, hazy reality of their own creation. So you

  • can see why two Pisces in love would make a really incredible emotional connection,

  • but as far as a long-term, day-to-day relationship goesnot so much, you know what I mean?

  • I mean, someone has to pay the bills! Someone has to make sure the sweet little fishies

  • in the aquarium get fed! Two Pisces together just aren't very practical, which makes the

  • daily stresses of a long-term relationship pretty tough to manage. And this sign is all

  • about escapism, so two Pisces together are a lot more likely to escape into whatever

  • hours of TV watching or lovemaking or, I don't know how Jenny and Walt spend their

  • time, swimming? napping??? — just to avoid dealing with all the mundane, tedious stuff

  • that a daily relationship is all about. Yeah, they're still together, but I honestly don't

  • know how they make it work. There's huge, deep love between these two, but they really

  • do have to work hard if they want to make it last in the real world.

Two Pisces in loveokay, this is kind of a funny one. Let me tell you about my cousin


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雙魚座和雙魚座在愛情中的相容性,由占星師凱利-福克斯撰寫。 (Pisces and Pisces Compatibility in Love by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer)

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