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HoM 35: Karma, Reincarnation and the SOUL27 August 2007
Jack again – so you know who`s speaking.
So - Reincarnation.
Reincarnation was also placed-in by Anu,
which is part of the White Light Construct, part of the soul construct.
So, you had reincarnation, the White Light construct and the soul construct,
that basically did it three-in-one which is part of the whole recycling situation.
The soul construct was connected to the White Light,
which was connected to Anu, existence,the universe, etcetera –
so that you just remained in your preprogrammed, pre-ordained life experience here on Earth, etcetera.
Then you have reincarnation.
Reincarnation was specifically directed by specific beings. In other words, the following:
you die and you had about seventeen lives before the one you had when you just died.
Now, all that information is in your soul.
So, what happens is: the moment you die,
you had beings who (obviously) specifically wrote everything down in which is called the Akashic Records –
which is basically imprints of your entire life experience in a book.
And then you die and then you`d be led to this being.
This was now the upgradedplacement that they`d placed-in, the „authoritive placement` of deciding
whether you`ll go to reincarnation,whether you will be placed in ascension-process,
whether you would choose to be in your own heaven, will you either go to another galaxy and exist on another planet,
reincarnation as… yeah, etcetera.
So, then you walk up to this being - it was a massive, massive, massive manifestation being –
with this preacher`s table-thing and this massive book on top of it –
this is now all beings in existence`s book who have ever had lives on Earth.
Then you walk up to this being and this being looks at your life
and decides whether you require to learn more „lessons`,
whether you have „failed lessons` -
it was all about lessons and the whole bullshit about karma, etcetera –
which is bullshit; it`s part of the whole soul construct manifestation,
to have human beings believe they have to go life after life trying to fucking figure out one point
because they fucked up in previous lives, [of] which they can`t even remember
why they did it,how they got there – and now they have to pay for it
through learning a lesson, apparently„transcending` that point.
That is utter - excuse my word - but it is really bullshit!
I just couldn`t believe, you know, in terms of… I won`t get there, never-mind.
So, karma, it was the manifestation of karma.
The manifestation of karma was another point to enslave human beings to believe that they have to go life after life
trying to figure out and„compensate` for another past life and learn their lesson –
if they haven`t learned it in this life, they`d have to go on to the next one, next one, next one.
You know what? Some beings lived ten thousand lives here on Earth still not being able to transcend that one point.
Why?Because that`s how the Annunakis enslaved human beings, believing they have to learn lessons,
believing they have to „pay for`, apparently, a previous life that they had „fucked-up`
in and then compensate therefore by „making it right in another life`.
All is taken into consideration: your karma –
the decision was based on „karma`.
So, let`s take it to: you`ve decided to go to reincarnation and you`re led by your „guides`,
who are apparently your „protectors` –
but your „protectors` in terms of making sure
that you as a human being remain on your path of enslavement and preprogrammed existence/life experience –
you`re taken to a being.
This being places out six plates,
it looks see-through,but then they place-in six different families.
You`re able to choose from six different families;
some have a choice, depending on how „good` and „worthy` your previous life was.
They placed these six placements, six families and now they can say bullshit, like:
„you`re going in this family to save the marriage, this is your purpose!` –
or: „this mother needs you,she is so alone, her husband left her, you will become the love of her!`.
You know – they`d make it so that you`d have some form of purpose for a certain family.
And then you may choose which family you want to be in.
And then you choose one and then they send you to that particular woman.
They first place you into, like, a container,
which is existent in the back of the mother`s…
just above your bum,
that line there, there was a little container which you`re placed in.
And then round-about 6 weeks – round-about, maybe less –
you`d then go in and integrate into the baby that`s being developed in the mother`s womb.
But recently it had gotten worse:
it was already – not „worse`,
the system-integration got worse at birth, yeah –
but now being integrate already at the moment of conception: [whistles], and then you sprout like a flower –
[chuckles] the birds and the bees –
just putting in a little joke there.
So, that was the reincarnation process. And the reincarnation process was also automatic.
Remember now,
all the beings in the dimensions were programmed in-here [holds headregion],by Anu –
and he knew always all the time what was happening to everything.
Though he had power and dominion in the dimensions,
his power and dominion on Earth was as the consciousness systems inside human beings
and then the White Light, the soul construct and the reincarnation process;
that was all him as him.
So, that`s how reincarnation worked.
This is Jack. Thank you very much.


業力與輪迴轉世及靈魂構體 (人類歷史(35)業力與輪迴轉世及靈魂構體)

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