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Today, a hidden but solvable crisis exists in America.
One in every five children in the United States is at the risk of hunger.
But children don't suffer from hunger because we lack food.
As a nation, we have plenty.
The problem is barriers that keep many children from accessing these food.
This is Lily and her mom.
Lily's mom works overtime to provide for Lily's needs.
But by the end of the month, she can't provide Lily with nutritious meals.
This makes it harder for Lily to focus in school and succeed in the classroom.
But this is not just Lily's crisis.
It's yours, too.
That's right.
With more than 17 million families facing hunger in the U.S,
there are millions of children struggling in schools.
Children who don't receive proper nutrition are more susceptible to obesity and disease.
It turns out hunger is a national health issue as well.
These factors snowball and have an enormous impact on our economy.
Billions of dollars are lost every year, paying for ill effects of hunger.
Hunger is also an economic issue.
We call this a hunger triad, affecting our most vulnerable citizens, our children.
And with the resources needed to solve it right in front of us, it seems so simple.
Yet, we found no one group was connecting the dots.
Though community programs were in place,
they weren't reaching all the people who needed it.
Community leaders and organizations didn't know funding was available to reach more children.
And the people who needed the food didn't know how to access it.
So Share Our Strength developed a groundbreaking strategy
to make sure food reaches children where they live, learn, and play.
Here's how the No Kid Hungry strategy works.
We rally government leaders, private companies, and local nonprofits.
And together we craft innovative plans to connect at risk kids with the food they need.
So, how does this strategy affect a girl like Lily?
Now, Lily receives breakfast at school, helping her focus in class.
Lily's mom receives food assistant funds made more accessible by Share Our Strength,
enabling Lily's mom to feed her all mouth.
Through Share Our Strength's Cooking Matters Program, Lily's mom learns how to buy and cook nutritious food on a budget.
And when summer comes and school's out,
a Summer Meals Program is available for Lily and her friends.
And the hunger triad disappears. And our nation grows healthier.
We can eradicate childhood hunger in America.
No kid hungry.
But we need your help to get there.
Let's solve this crisis together as a nation and eradicate childhood hunger.
Take the No Kid Hungry pledge and join us.
When you do, you will join a community of No Kid Hungry advocates
and begin receiving actions big and small
that you can take to help us achieve our goal of ending childhood hunger.
Let's end childhood hunger together.
Take the pledge.



讓孩子不再挨餓 (Lily, her Mom, and No Kid Hungry)

38711 分類 收藏
Anastasia Hsu 發佈於 2015 年 1 月 17 日    Ah 翻譯    Vicky 審核



1at the risk of0:07
是危險、風險的意思,當動詞使用時是「冒…的風險」,記得後面要搭配動名詞的形式喔,例如我們可以說 I risked losing my job,意思是「我冒著失去工作的風險。」

run/take + the risk of: 冒著…的風險
E.g., I would never run the risk of losing my wife.

put N. at risk: 使…陷入風險之中
E.g., The police put their lives at risk trying to fight against the gangsters.

at one’s own risk: 後果自負
E.g., Cheat at your own risk.

risk one’s neck: 冒著生命危險
E.g., I’m not going to risk my neck crossing this old bridge.


青少年使用酒精及大麻與腦震盪風險關係 (Alcohol, Marijuana use by Teens Tied to Concussion Risk)


當lack是名詞的時候,我們會用 lack of 搭配所缺乏的事物
E.g., There’s been a lack of awareness about what teenagers like.

E.g., I lack a good sense of fashion.

當lack變成形容詞lacking時,我們會用 lacking in搭配所缺乏的事物
E.g., This region is still lacking in water.

3turns out0:50
turn out 在影片中的意思是「結果變成、成為」,是從某一個狀態變成另一個狀態。趕快把這個好用的片語學起來,下次別只會用become了!我們再來看看其他用法吧:

turn out 結束
E.g., The ball last night did not turn out well.

turn out 參加
E.g., A lot of people turned out for the big sale.

turn out 趕走
E.g., He didn’t pay my rent, so I turned him out.


活用片語動詞:TURN (9 TURN Phrasal Verbs: turn on, turn off, turn over, turn around, turn out...)

4feed her all mouth2:05
照著字面上解釋, feed her all mouth 在影片中指的是把她餵飽,讓她不再飢餓,當我們覺得飽的時候該怎麼說呢?除了 I’m full. (我飽了)之外,還可以說 I’ve had plenty.(我吃很多了) 、當你吃完大餐之後撐到不行,可以用 I’m stuffed. 。而我們稱吃飽之後昏昏欲睡的狀態為 food coma ,coma的原意指的是陷入昏迷的意思。
E.g., After a wonderful meal, I got food coma and took a nap.

5take the pledge 2:51

意思是「保證、誓言」,也有「抵押」的意思,但在影片中,take the pledge有呼告「加入我們吧!」的意味。其實 take the pledge 原本是用在戒酒方面,指的是承諾會遠離酒精。
E.g., I’m not ready to take the pledge yet, but I promise I will cut down on alcohol.


動物屋 (3/10) (Animal House (3/10) Movie CLIP - Only We Can Do That to Our Pledges (1978)

在這個全球化的時代,你覺得除了lack of food之外,還有沒有什麼資源是漸漸呈現匱乏狀態、而需要大家的高度重視的呢?快在下方留言回覆噢!




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