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  • You all know the story. It's about 11.40 pm on  April 14, 1912, and Britain's largest passenger  


  • liner the R.M.S. Titanic finds itself in a bit  of trouble. First, there's a bang, followed by  

    R. M. S. 泰坦尼克號發現自己遇到了一點麻煩。先是一聲巨響,接著是...

  • an eerie period of silence, and before you can  sayBlimey, did you just hear that old sport,”  

    一陣詭異的沉默,在你說 "天哪,你剛才聽到那個老傢伙的聲音了嗎?"

  • theunsinkable shipstarts taking on water. Just  over two hours later the Titan of the high seas  

    "不沉之船 "開始進水。僅僅兩個多小時後,公海上的泰坦號。

  • goes under and just over 1,500 people acquaint  themselves with Davy Jones' Locker. It's a bad  


  • day indeed for all involved, but a century and  a bit later we can all laugh about itOr can we


  • Because what if everything you thought you knew  about the sinking of the Titanic was wrong? What  


  • if there was no catastrophic iceberg impact? ...  What if someone wanted that ship to go down? What  

    如果沒有災難性的冰山撞擊?... 如果有人想讓那艘船沉下去呢? What if someone wanted that ship to go down?那...

  • if Jack and Rose didn't even exist? Just kiddingBut really, there are a lot of things you don't  

    如果傑克和羅斯根本不存在?開個玩笑而已。 但是,真的,有很多事情你不

  • know about the Titanic. The word on some dimly-lit  streets is that ship's destruction involved power,  


  • greed, and ultra-rich families. Was  there a religious curse on the ship,  


  • or, did it even sink at all? Do you think that's  crazy? Trust us, there are believersthey are out  


  • there, spreading the word on internet forumsToday we'll do a deep-dive into their theories

    在那裡,在網絡論壇上傳播著。 今天我們就來深入探討一下他們的理論。

  • Let's start with the possibility  of a giant piece of floating ice  


  • NOT wrecking the ship, but the military doing it. Ok, so you all know World War One started in 1914  


  • and you know the Titanic went down in 1912, but  did you know that at this point in time Britain  

    你知道泰坦尼克號是在1912年沉沒的 但你知道此時的英國

  • saw Germany as its biggest threat to its dominance  in Europe? Did you know the German Emperor Kaiser  


  • Wilhelm II wanted nothing more than to build  a bigger, better naval fleet than Britain, a  


  • country that proudly claimed torule the waves”? When the Titanic went down, Germany already had  

    驕傲地聲稱要 "統治海浪 "的國家?當泰坦尼克號沉沒時,德國已經有了...

  • very powerful U-boats, ones that could sink  a huge passenger liner. Around three years  


  • after the Titanic sank, a U-boat destroyedBritish passenger liner off the coast of Ireland,  


  • a sinking that killed 1,198 people. So, would  it be too much of a stretch of the imagination  


  • to ask if a U-boat sunk the Titanic? Was Germany  flexing its muscles? Was it gearing up for war


  • This theory might sound far-fetched, but trust  us, some people give it a lot of credence.  


  • It's arguably more believable than some  of the far-out theories you'll hear later


  • After the accident, both passengers and crew were  grilled by the U.S. Senate. Some of them said they  


  • never heard an impact at all, but they did hear  what sounded like explosions under the water. And  


  • get this, passengers in lifeboats said they sawrescue ship approaching, a ship they thought was  

    救生艇上的乘客說,他們看到一艘救援船在靠近,他們認為這艘船是... ...

  • crewed by Americans coming to rescue them. But the  American ship was nowhere near, so you have to ask  


  • what was that ship they saw? A few sailors on the  sinking Titanic also said they saw a ship in the  


  • distance, and now some people think that it could  have been a U-boat surfacing for a short while  


  • to admire the damage it had caused. Ok, so let's move on to a theory  


  • that the Titanic didn't even sink at alland this isn't even the strangest theory

    泰坦尼克號根本就沒有沉沒 這還不是最奇怪的理論。

  • The British had built another massive ship called  the RMS Olympic. This beast was the older sister  

    英國人又建造了一艘巨大的船,叫 "奧林匹克號"。這艘怪獸是英國人的姐姐

  • of the Titanic and both ships looked very much  alike. In fact, they were almost identical


  • They were owned by an outfit called the  International Mercantile Marine Group,  


  • and that was controlled by none other than J.P.  Morgan, the Wolf of Wall Street in those days. In  


  • case you're wondering, the Titanic was registered  as a British passenger liner, but it was actually  


  • owned by the American Morgan, as was the Olympic. In 1911, the Olympic collided with a Royal Navy  

    和 "奧林匹克 "號一樣,為美國摩根公司所有。1911年,"奧林匹克 "號與英國皇家海軍的一艘船相撞

  • ship and the accident caused severe damage. The  theory goes that because the Olympic was blamed  

    船,並在事故中造成嚴重損失。理論上說,由於 "奧林匹克 "號被歸咎於

  • for the collision, its insurers, Lloyds  of London, wouldn't pay up. That cost the  


  • International Mercantile Marine Group a lot of  cash. To make matters worse, its other big ship,  


  • the Titanic, wasn't yet finished and the work on  it had been delayed. That meant no ocean liners  


  • in the water and a big loss of money. So, what to do in that situation


  • Some people believe that the Olympic was patched  up, not perfectly, but it could at least sail.  

    有人認為,"奧運 "號是打了補丁的,雖然不完美,但至少可以航行。

  • After that, there was a kind of switch. They  said the damaged Olympic was the new Titanic.  


  • The theory sounds more believable when you hear  that the crew on the Titanic said that the ship  


  • listed to port in the water. That means tilt to  the left, which is what would have likely happened  


  • if the damaged Olympic was in the water. Ok, so why would they do that


  • Well, to have at least one ship in the  water for one thing. But there's more,  


  • and this is where it all gets insidious. You see, if a damaged ship sailed among icebergs  


  • over a long distance there was every chance it  would sink. It would look like an accident, too,  


  • so the insurers would have  to pay. If that happened,  


  • J.P. and his company of wolves on Wall Street  would get their cash for a banged-up vessel,  


  • and then they could put the real Titanic in the  water. Everyone's a winner, except 1,500-plus  

    然後他們就可以把真正的泰坦尼克號放進水裡。每個人都是贏家 除了一千五百多人

  • dead people. Some theorists believe that they  didn't actually want people to die. Because the  


  • damage was so small, J.P. and friends thought  everyone would be rescued when it went down


  • This all sounds like a Dr. Evil kind of plan and  there are more than enough people that want really  


  • hard to believe that all bankers are forged deep  in the pits of hell, but there is one reason and  


  • one reason alone why the tale doesn't ring trueYou see, the construction number of the Titanic  

    僅僅一個原因就能解釋為什麼這個故事不真實。 你看,泰坦尼克號的建造編號是:

  • was 401, and the construction number of its sister  was 400. When bits of the Titanic were pulled from  


  • the ocean bed, they had the 401 construction  number on them. When the Olympic was turned into  


  • scrap nowhere was the number 401 found. J.P. Morgan isn't off the hook yet


  • Another theory is that he wanted some  people on the ship dead. Sinking the  


  • Titanic to slay some enemies might seem a bit  excessive, but you have to remember that some  


  • people think the earth is flat and Queen  Elizabeth is a lizard inside human skin


  • The conspiracy theorists say J.P. wanted very much  to establish the Federal Reserve Bank in the U.S.,  


  • but in his way stood a handful of people  that didn't think it was such a good idea.  


  • Three of them were the wealthy and powerful people  named John Jacob Astor, Benjamin Guggenheim,  


  • and Isidor Straus. Guess what? They all went  down with the Titanic and J.P. got his bank.  

    和Isidor Straus.你猜怎麼著?他們都和泰坦尼克號一起沉沒了,J. P. 得到了他的銀行。

  • The theory asserts J.P. was supposed to have  a seat on the ship but he canceled the trip at  


  • the very last minute. Oh, what good fortune. You read that on Reddit and now you know:  


  • Bankers=Evil. J.P. Morgan=Murderous  Villain. But wait for a moment before  


  • you go on the dark web and buy yourselfKalashnikov to take on the world's bankers

    你去暗網給自己買把卡拉什尼科夫槍 去對付世界上的銀行家。

  • A little bit more research tells you  that his cancelation was due to the  


  • fact he was having some problems getting  his art collection from Europe over to the  


  • States. There's also evidence that when J.P.  canceled, his alleged mortal enemy Guggenheim  


  • hadn't even bought his ticket. As for those three  guys being against the establishment of the Fed,  


  • there aren't any news clippings from back then  that had them going on record saying they were.  


  • In fact, Strauss discussed the Fed in the New York  Times and he said he was for it, not against it


  • No good conspiracy theory could float without  the Rothschilds being mentioned, so we should  


  • add that some people believe it was that family  that was behind the murder of the wealthy triad


  • Ok, so if J.P. Morgan didn't do it, then who did? We are guessing the first thing that comes to  

    好吧,如果不是J.P.摩根做的,那麼是誰做的?我們猜測第一個想到的是 We are guessing the first thing that comes to

  • your mind is an ancient Egyptian mummy. Those damn  mummies, still sticking their noses in everything


  • This is how the tale goes. One of the people that died on the Titanic was a  


  • guy named William Stead. He was a newspaper editor  and spiritualist who held some pretty far-out  

    一個叫William Stead的人他是一個報社編輯和靈脩者,他持有一些非常遙遠的... ...

  • views. Hey, he's said to be the father of tabloid  journalism so far-out views were his mainstay


  • He was a brave man, too, seeing that he helped  women and children into lifeboats and gave his  


  • lifejacket away. He was actually last seen  with one of the guys we just mentioned,  

    他最後一次被看到是和我們剛才提到的一個人在一起他最後一次被看到是和我們剛才提到的一個人在一起。 He was actually last seen with one of the guys we just mentioned,

  • John Jacob Astor. Both of them were holding onto  a raft but their feet iced up and they went under


  • Prior to going on that trip, Stead had  often talked about a mummy's curse.  


  • The curse goes back to some English dudes that  bought the mummy case of Princess of Amen-Ra  


  • and after that things didn't go too well for them. The case got back to England eventually,  


  • but there it sat ready to curse the  country. To cut a long story short,  


  • everyone who bought it or went near it died, or so  we are told. In 1912, a rich American was said to  


  • have bought the case and he didn't believe in all  those silly superstitious tales. He wanted to ship  


  • the thing over to the U.S. on board the Titanic. It's a fact that the tabloid creator Stead wrote  


  • about what later became known as theThe Unlucky  Mummy”, and so people put two and two together and  

    關於後來被稱為 "倒黴的木乃伊 "的東西,於是人們把兩個和兩個放在一起,然後...

  • got five, saying that because Stead died the  mummy must have been on the ship. It wasn't. 

    他說因為斯泰德死了... ...木乃伊一定是在船上的其實不然

  • Still, one of the survivors on the Titanic hadstory to tell. When he was back on dry land, he  


  • described how Stead had been telling people on the  ship how the mummy's curse was going to destroy  


  • London. This made headlines. The Washington  Post ran one that went, “Ghost of the Titanic:  


  • Vengeance of Hoodoo Mummy Followed Man Who Wrote  Its History.” So much for the tabloids being the  


  • only ridiculous news sources. Let's get two things straight


  • No mummy case was on that ship. It's in  the British Museum as you watch this


  • Stead was patently crazy, but we'll  forgive him for giving away his lifejacket


  • So, if a mummy mad that her coffin  had been plundered didn't do it  


  • then who would make an obvious next choice  to blame for the sinking of the Titanic


  • God... it was God that did itbut  not a catholic God, a protestant God.  


  • You see, the construction number for  the Titanic was 401 as you already know,  


  • but some people say it had another  number on the hull that was 390904. 


  • What does that say if you look  at it in a mirror? “NO POPE.” 


  • The story goes that one day someone in the  yard was straightening his tie in the mirror  


  • and he saw this number. “My God,” he thought,  “It's a sign that means the ship is doomed.”  


  • The poor Catholics that built the ship  in the Belfast shipyard were sure that it  


  • meant the Titanic was in for a rough ride. The truth is, that number never actually  

    意味著 "泰坦尼克號 "將面臨艱難的航行。事實是,這個數字實際上從未

  • appeared on the ship. Another fact is the people  who worked in that shipyard weren't Catholic but  


  • Protestant. It's also believed that the No Pope  rumor didn't start circulating until the 1950s. 


  • So, if it wasn't the fault of the  Germans, or J.P. Morgan, or a mummy,  

    所以,如果這不是德國人的錯,或者J. P. 摩根的錯,或者木乃伊的錯。

  • or God, then who could it have been? Well, we can blame the iceberg if we  


  • want to be very boring and factual, but  we can also add something to this story


  • You might not know that one of the seamen that  was supposed to sail on the Titanic was named  

    你可能不知道,本該在泰坦尼克號上航行的海員中,有一個叫作 "泰坦尼克號"。

  • David Blair, or Davy to his friends. He was  one of the guys that sailed on the ship when  

    大衛・布萊爾,或戴維的朋友。他是其中一個在船上航行的人,當... ...

  • it made its first trial runs, but just before  it took that perilous journey over the ocean,  


  • he was assigned a different job. He was really  bummed about that, too, writing to his sister  


  • saying, “This is a magnificent ship, I feel very  disappointed I am not to make her first voyage.” 


  • Blair got off lucky, but did he do  something naughty after getting the snub


  • It's a fact that when he left the ship, he took  some keys with him, keys that opened a locker to  


  • where a pair of binoculars were kept. This was  the only locker up where the crow's nest was,  


  • and that's the place you really need binoculars  when you're looking for things like icebergs


  • Two of the lookouts actually survived and when  Congress asked them if binoculars would have  


  • helped them to better see that iceberg both men  said yes, most likely. Congress asked how much  


  • sooner do you think you'd have seen it, to which  one man replied, “Enough to get out of the way.” 


  • So, there you go, human error was likely  to blame. We're sorry to disappoint  


  • you. The theories are much more fun. Now you need to watch, “50 Insane Facts  


  • About Titanic You Didn't Know.” Or, “Where  Did All The Bodies On Titanic Disappear?”


You all know the story. It's about 11.40 pm on  April 14, 1912, and Britain's largest passenger  



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