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  • It's time for another let's play featuring The  Infographics Show's favorite lab rat. Thanks to  


  • a pandemic we're a bit limited on the challenges  we can send our most expendable writer on,  

    大流行,我們有點有限的挑戰 我們可以發送我們最消耗的作家。

  • so instead we're having him try out some of  the net's favorite games! Turns out, he was  


  • pretty bad at minecraft, but is he any better at  Kerbal Space Program? Stay tuned and find out!


  • Alright, Kerbal Space Program- now this  game I've had my eye on for a while.  


  • It was actually sitting on my steam  wishlist so I was kind of stoked for  


  • Infographics to buy me a copy and  have me play it as a challenge.


  • I love space, and I love sandbox style games, plus  I know about space flight already from my general  


  • knowledge and the fact that one of my friends  used to work for NASA before moving to Europe  


  • to work for the ESA. No, I don't know where  the aliens are at, and she wouldn't tell me.


  • Ok, so I figured I'd watch some  tutorials before hopping on and  


  • avoid some of the pain of jumping into  the game blind like I did with Minecraft,  


  • and the guy I was watching playing  recommended a few mods so I installed  


  • them to make life easier for myself. Nextit was time to conquer space- Kerbal style.


  • First mission, launch a rocket. Simple enough,  


  • especially given the fact that I have like  three rocket parts to work with. (use video 1)


  • I fired up my booster and in seconds my Kerbal was  having to peel his face off the interior of the  


  • capsule thanks to the incredible acceleration.  I nearly panicked though when after deploying  

    多虧了不可思議的加速度。 但當我在部署了

  • my chute it decided to not open up until the  rocket was like six inches from the ground.  

    我的降落傘它決定不打開 直到火箭是像六英寸從地面。

  • I owe Jeb a cold one, he rode a rocket  to nearly certain doom like a pro.


  • Next mission- orbit Kerbin. (use video 2)


  • Alright, so to get into orbit I know that you  have to move sideways as fast or faster than the  


  • planet is pulling you down. Astronauts only appear  weightless in orbit because they're in free fall,  


  • perpetually 'missing' the planet as it pulls  them down thanks to their sideways momentum.  

    永遠 "錯過 "了地球,因為地球將它們拉下,這要感謝它們的側向動力。

  • It's like when you're in an elevator that's in  free fall and experience the same weightlessness-  


  • only an astronaut's body won't turn into  jello on impact with the bottom floor  


  • because they never really stop fallingthey just keep always missing the earth.

    因為他們從來沒有真正停止下降, 他們只是一直總是錯過了地球。

  • So, I had to launch up on a trajectory  with a lot of horizontal speed. Now,  


  • you can go straight up and then at the apex  of your trajectory start pushing sideways,  


  • but that's like walking along the sides of  a square building to get from one side to  


  • the other. You can cheat instead by cutting the  distance roughly in half and just go diagonal.


  • Thanks to the Kerbal engineer addon I could  see the delta V I needed to achieve orbit,  

    多虧了Kerbal工程師插件,我可以看到實現軌道所需的delta V。

  • and I got the Kerbin values from a handy dandy  subway map I found online. Actually flying the  


  • rocket was a bit hairy, but we got into orbit  no problem. Then, I snatched up my science  


  • from the goo canisters because the tutorial  I watched online warned about stuff getting  


  • vaporized on re-entry, and then fired my engine  retrograde to drop out of orbit. Sure enough,  


  • the goo canisters exploded and I panicked for  a moment thinking my capsule was going kablam


  • My goal was a Munar landing, so the next step  was to achieve a flyby of the Mun. (use video 3)


  • I decided I'd fly a two man missionbringing Jebediah and Bob along so  


  • that Bob could do handy science stuff. I  used my handy delta v subway map again and  


  • built a multi-stage rocket with liquid fuel  boosters- I decided the solid fuel boosters  


  • were overkill for my current needs and  made my rockets a bit uncontrollable.


  • Well, everything was going great until about  8,000 meters when the rocket started flipping  


  • end over end. I realized that in this current  design, as the fuel drained it changed the  


  • center of gravity of the rocket and made it  extremely unstable in thick atmosphere. Oh,  


  • also, I forgot to put a parachute on the capsule.  I was determined to save my Kerbal's lives though,  

    還有,我忘了在太空艙上放一個降落傘。 我決心要拯救我的Kerbal的生命,雖然。

  • so I decoupled the capsule and decided that  the only way to survive was to jump for it.


  • Now, Jeb's parachute opened no problem, and he  floated serenely down, enjoying the view of an out  


  • of control rocket loaded with fuel flying around  over his head. Bob however, well I don't know if  

    控制火箭加載燃料 飛過他的頭。然而,鮑勃,好吧,我不知道如果...

  • it's a bug or maybe only pilots get parachutesbut Bob had no chute. Moving at 50 meters a second  


  • towards a very pancakey death on the oceanall Bob could do was put his helmet back on-  


  • safety first, kids- and then start firing his RCS  jetpack as furiously as he could. That shaved like  


  • a whole 1 meter per second off his fall speedbut incredibly, Bob survived his splash down!  


  • Nevermind that at those speeds a human would have  had every bone in their body shattered, and their  


  • shins would've ended up in their skull if they  hit feet first- somehow Bob actually survived.


  • My rocket needed a redesign,  


  • and Bob needed a loooong vacation. So it was  Mun shot number 2 for me. (use videos 4 and 5)


  • Attempt number 2, a one-man  mission because Bob and I weren't  


  • exactly on speaking terms. Newlighter and improved design,  


  • featuring an honest-to-god parachute on  the capsule for a safe return this time!


  • Lift off and orbit went without a hitchbut when I began my Munar injection burn I  


  • kind of realized... my delta v was looking pretty  low. I knew I hadn't exactly achieved the most  

    我意識到... 我的delta v看起來很低。我知道我沒有完全實現最

  • efficient orbit in the world, but according  to my delta v subway map of the Kerbal system,  

    世界上有效的軌道,但根據我的delta v地鐵地圖的Kerbal系統。

  • I should've had more than enough delta  v in my final stage to fly by the mun.

    我在最後階段應該有更多的delta v來飛過mun。

  • With the engine sputtering to a stop, it was time  to revert to vehicle assembly- wouldn't it be nice  


  • if real missions could do the same? Would save  billions in tax payer dollars that's for sure.


  • Ok, attempt number 3! (Use video 6)


  • I skipped recording the liftoff this  time because you guys get it by now,  


  • and I successfully completed  a munar injection burn- only  


  • to realize that I again was short on go-juice  to deorbit and land back home. Once more,  


  • revert to assembly. Time for more tinkering- I'm  still coming up short in delta v. There's been so  

    恢復到組裝。是時候再修修補補了--我在delta v上還是差了那麼一點。

  • many versions of KSP I found out, that maybe  I was using an old delta v map or something?

    很多版本的KSP我都發現了,也許我用的是舊的delta v地圖什麼的?

  • Attempt number 4! (use video 7)


  • Alright, this time I know I overengineered  this mission, with more than enough fuel. If  


  • I came up short again, my flying and  engineering skills must really suck


  • But no, I managed to make it out to the moon and  had more than enough fuel to deorbit and make it  

    但是沒有,我成功地登上了月球 而且有足夠的燃料來脫離軌道,並使之成功

  • back home. As I was cruising within a few thousand  meters of the Munar surface though, I couldn't  


  • help but think of how awe inspiring this all was.  I mean, I know the graphics are not the best- and  

    不禁想到這一切是多麼令人敬畏的啟發。 我的意思是,我知道畫面不是最好的,而且

  • they really can't be in games like this or it'll  melt your computer- but there is just something  

    他們真的不能在這樣的遊戲或它會融化你的電腦,但有 只是一些東西

  • about space flight that's so awesome. I would've  given anything to have been on one of the original  


  • Apollo missions, since apparently the USA has  given up on doing anything awesome in space.


  • After exiting the mun's sphere of influence, I  waited to get to apoapsis and fired my deorbit  


  • burn. It's always best to fire at apoapsis  since it's more fuel efficient, though to be  


  • honest I had so much fuel left over I could've  been as sloppy and inefficient as I wanted to.


  • Everything was going well until I sped up the  game and... I flew straight through Kerbin and  

    一切都很順利,直到我加快了遊戲速度... ...我直接飛過了科爾賓星

  • popped out the other side. I guess this  is because the game simulates in chunks  


  • and if it's moving too fast it'll simulate  straight through re-entry... you know what,  

    如果它移動的速度太快,它會模擬直接通過返回... 你知道嗎。

  • as far as I'm concerned, this  is a mission accomplished.


  • Time for a Mun landing! (use video 8)


  • Alright, I designed a multi-stage  rocket with a munar injection stage,  


  • and then a combined descent and return  stage. My tech tree was kind of lacking,  


  • so I don't know if there's better tech out there  to do this with, but I was stuck with what I had.  


  • This design was definitely inefficientand building something more along the  


  • lines of an apollo lander would have been  way better. But as I was quickly learning,  


  • this was kerbal space program, and there's no  problem that can't be solved with more boosters.


  • So sitting on the launch pad I decided I'd  try to snag some quick science using my brand  


  • new science module. It's free science, so why  not? I sent Bob out of the capsule and tried to  


  • sloooowwwllly edge him downwards to get in range  of the science module so he could nab the science  


  • and reset it- I wanted to use it again in flightAnd that's when Bob totally biffed it, falling off  

    並重置它 - 我想再次使用它的飛行。 這時,鮑勃完全biffed它, 掉下來,

  • the capsule and smacking against the boosters  before landing flat on his face on the ground.


  • Ok, my science greed needed to get  under control. I'm so sorry- again- Bob,  

    好吧,我的科學貪婪需要得到控制。我很抱歉... 再次... 鮑勃。

  • I'll make it up to you one day...

    有一天我會補償你的... ...

  • Attempt number 2, and I decided to just launchEverything went peachy until about 9,000 meters,  

    第二次嘗試,我決定直接發射。 一切都很順利,直到大約9000米。

  • when I tried to do a gravity turn way too early  and the whole thing flipped out of control.  

    當我試圖做一個重力轉彎的方式太早 和整個事情翻轉失控。

  • I figured I'd throw some fins on this bad  boy and sort out the stability problems.


  • Also, it couldn't hurt to put some  booster separators on my big boosters.  


  • Last thing I needed was a mid-air collision.


  • Ok, attempt no. 3, Rome wasn't built in a dayThe fins worked great, booster separation went  

    好吧,第三次嘗試,羅馬不是一天建成的。 鰭工作得很好,助推器的分離也很好

  • off without a hitch... and then I realized  that my burn to orbit was hugely inefficient.

    順利完成... 然後我意識到,我的燃燒到軌道是非常低效的。

  • Alright, I did some off-camera  research to try to get better  


  • tech and came back for attempt no.4. (use video 9)


  • This time I'd use different boosters and fuel  lines so that my main engine could fire at the  


  • same time as my boosters, but use fuel from  the boosters rather than from its own reserve.  


  • This way I could gain all that acceleration  without using any of my main ascent stage's fuel.  


  • Also, I switched to a one-man landerSorry Bob, but you gotta sit this one out.  

    另外,我換了一個單人登陸器。 對不起,鮑勃,但你必須坐在這一個了。

  • I can't spare the delta v andwas getting pretty sick at failing.


  • Sadly the design was pretty unstable  and inevitably flipped out of control.  


  • Too bad, because the boosters looked pretty slick.


  • Ok, complete new design, time for a new attempt.  (use video 10). This time I decided that bigger  

    好了,完成新的設計,是時候進行新的嘗試了。 使用視頻10)。這一次,我決定,更大的

  • was better, and used the brand new size fuel tanks  and a new engine to brute force my way to victory.  


  • The initial thrust to weight ratio was gonna  kill my delta v though low in the atmosphere,  

    最初的推力和重量比會殺死我的delta v,雖然在大氣中很低。

  • so I strapped on a pair of boosters and  lit that firecracker up. To be honest,  


  • I didn't expect this design to work for  some reason, probably because it looks so...  

    我沒想到這個設計會有效果,可能是因為它看起來太... ...

  • dumb. But, sometimes dumb just worksand I was in orbit with delta v to spare.

    愚蠢的。但是,有時愚蠢的只是工作, 而我在軌道上與delta V備用。

  • Or so I thought. (use video 11).


  • I'm pretty sure my descent burn to the mun  was pretty inefficient, because by the time  

    我敢肯定,我的後裔燃燒的彈藥是非常低效的, 因為當我的後裔燃燒的彈藥是非常低效的, 因為當我的後裔燃燒的彈藥是非常低效的。

  • Valentina touched down she definitely did  not have enough fuel to get back home.  


  • Rather than let poor V die on the mun aloneit was time to revert the launch once more.  


  • Man, I'm doing a good job of not crashing  things which I feel is the most important  


  • part of this game, but I am crap at  figuring out how to fly efficiently.


  • Alright, attempt number... I forget to  be honest. Let's all be grateful the  


  • real NASA didn't screw up this  badly. (use videos 12 and 13).


  • I had meant for Valentina to be the first  Kerbal on the Mun, hashtag girlpower, but  

    我本來是想讓瓦倫蒂娜成為第一個在Mun上的Kerbal人的,標籤是girlpower,但是... ...

  • when I redesigned the whole ship  I accidentally let Jeb pilot it.  


  • At this point, I just wanted to plant  a damn flag on the damn Mun already,  


  • so it was mission go with Jeb enroute to be  the first Kerbal to stand on a heavenly object.


  • The new design worked pretty well and I even  made it into orbit with some spare fuel in the  


  • ascent stage. That was good, because I was pretty  sure I would need it for the descent on the Mun.


  • I made it to the Mun in one piece and then  eyeballed a good landing spot on the sun side,  


  • only to realize I was about to go  over the edge of a giant crater  


  • so I fired to change my trajectory to just  short of the crater. After a few burns to  


  • adjust my landing area, I screamed towards  the surface at over 100 meters a second,  


  • waiting for a last second suicide  burn to land safely. It was ballsy,  


  • but you know what- I have faith in the mathand the math didn't lie. The suicide burn was  


  • successful and I hit the surface at about 1 meter  a second. Not too shabby for a piloted landing!


  • Now it was time to do a few bounces, plantflag, and discover that the Mun was not made  


  • out of cheese after all. Then, well, I hadn't  really brought much science to do or anything,  


  • it was all pretty bare bones to be honestso there wasn't much to do but fly home.


  • Instead of flying straight into an orbit  and wasting fuel, instead I got to a decent  


  • height and burned a trajectory straight back into  Kerbin's sphere of influence. Then I flew back up  


  • to apoapsis and with literal fumes left in the  tank managed to successfully deorbit- a bit too  

    到apoapsis,並與字面上的煙霧留在坦克成功地脫軌 - 有點太

  • aggressively with my first burn putting me onsuicide run straight into Kerbin's surface at an  


  • extremely steep trajectory. I readjusted  to something a little less.. 'suicidey',  

    極其陡峭的軌跡。我重新調整到了一些不那麼... I readjusted to something a little less..."自殺式 "的東西。

  • and time warped for a nice re-entry into the  atmosphere. Much like the real apollo mission,  


  • I let my landing stage burn up in the  atmosphere ahead of my capsule, leading  


  • to one heck of an awesome light show. Man, is  there anything cooler than rockets, or re-entry?


  • No, the answer is no.


  • A few minutes later Jebediah was back safely on  the surface of Kerbin, except I realized I left  


  • the Smart A.S.S. On retrograde and his capsule  kept flipping over trying to align retrograde.  


  • Oh well, Jeb was safe back home, even if it  was the middle of nowhere, and my mission  

    哦,好吧,傑布是安全的回家, 即使它是在中間的地方,和我的任務,

  • was completed. Mun landing accomplished, and my  Kerbal space program was basically as advanced  


  • as the US's- despite the US having half a century  to do something other than sit in low earth orbit.


  • I had a blast with this one, I definitely  liked KSP much better than Minecraft,  


  • though in the end, I feel like I'm going  to be playing both games long term.


  • Ready for more action? Check outplayed Minecraft for the first time!  


  • Or watch this other video instead!


It's time for another let's play featuring The  Infographics Show's favorite lab rat. Thanks to  



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