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  • Hank: I think they can see us a little bit.

  • John: I don't think they can see us.

  • H: They're thirsty for Augustus Waters, John.

  • J: Is that what it said?

  • H: Yeah.

  • J: Haha, that's a funny pun, 'cause he's Waters. It's an import- it's an important metaphor

  • in the book.

  • J: Good morning Hank, it's Tuesday ... It's actually Monday, we're on our way to The Fault

  • In Our Stars move premiere. It's very exciting. The collaboration between the two of us and

  • the community that's emerged from it means more to me than anything else in my professional

  • life, and before we go do this crazy thing, I just wanna say thank you.

  • Hank: You're welcome. Also thank you.

  • J: That's what I was waiting for, the mutual thank-you!

  • (Crowd screaming)

  • J: Hold on, I have to video-blog really quickly. Instead of a red carpet, we have a TFIOS blue carpet,

  • how awesome is that?

  • J (voiceover): So Hank, we signed for some people who'd lined up to go to see the premiere,

  • and then said hi to a lot more people who had Okay cloud posters by which time my brain

  • was slightly fried.

  • J: Okay Hank, I have successfully signed a bunch of uh... posters and everything not

  • skin. That's my rule, anything that's not skin and I am back on the magic TFIOS blue

  • carpet.

  • So Hank currently across from me are like a large wall of photographers, uh that's,

  • hence all the flashes, but I need to tell you that The Fault in Our Stars movie is coming

  • out on Friday. This Friday. Like the day after the day after tomorrow. Unless you go to The

  • Night Before Our Stars, in which case it's coming out the day after tomorrow.

  • If you want to see it on Thursday, at least in some cities that is still possible, you

  • can go to and get tickets, link in the doobly doo.

  • I am sweating through my Burberry shirt, which is only increasing my already sizable anxiety.

  • J: Aww, you look so cute!

  • J (voiceover): Then Nat Wolff showed up for our Today Show live chat.

  • J: There are people from The Today Show talking to me inside of my ear.

  • J (voiceover): And then came the live chat with our astonishingly beautiful and talented

  • Hazel, Shailene Woodley.

  • By the time that was over, things were starting to get quite crowed. I met Indy 500 winner

  • Ryan Hunter-Reay.

  • Then things got even more crowed and I kind of lost my ability to even.

  • J: I don't know, I don't know what to say, I don't have, I don't have a... I don't have

  • J (voiceover): Took a selfie with Mike Birbiglia, and then stood on the carpet with my brilliant

  • and lovely wife just a few feet away from Shailene and Laura Dern.

  • And then, I got to meet Spelling Bee co-champion Ansun Sujoe, unquestionably the highlight

  • of my evening!

  • Okay Hank, I just did all of those press interviews and now I am going to into the movie, look!

  • Look look look look look! That's the movie!

  • Well Hank, they didn't let me film inside the theatre, so greetings from Tuesday, where

  • my view of Manhattan is not half bad. Hank, the premiere was just absolutely amazing

  • - laughing and crying with 1200 people, and I'm so glad that you were sitting there, two

  • seats away from me.

  • So Hank, before I say anything else, I just wanna establish that I'm not getting paid

  • for the movie, like I got paid for the rights a long time ago, but I don't get a percentage

  • of ticket sales or anything, and I don't have to talk about it. And if I didn't like it,

  • believe me, you'd know.

  • But in fact, I love the movie; I think it's amazingly faithful to the book, and powerful,

  • and funny, and moving.

  • Hank, the people who made this movie cared about the story, and they care about each

  • other, and you can really see that.

  • Last night we all got to be together one last time, which was sad in a way but it was also

  • very exciting, because it means that soon, in fact very soon, EVERYONE will get to see

  • the movie.

  • Thanks to all of Nerdfighteria for being part of this process with me - read the book first!

  • And Hank, I will see you on Friday - when The Fault In Our Stars movie will be out in

  • theatres everywhere!

  • Nat: 'How you doing, Hank? Well, so I kind of, y'know it was a great premiere that we

  • had, but, y'know, okay, Hank.'

Hank: I think they can see us a little bit.


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星際迷航》電影首映 (The Fault in Our Stars Movie Premiere)

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