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  • Today I am announcing my plans to become your next mayor of London and we've just opened up a brand new website.


  • It's Brian for mayor dot London and there's an incredible 15 minutes official announcement video.


  • So I highly recommend that you go to the website after you're done watching this today and watch this piece that we put together.


  • It really details exactly why I'm running and the specific policies that I will put in place once I'm elected mayor of this incredible city.


  • But I wanted to sit down with you today and and really just speak one on one and casually and and from the heart about what's been going on in my mind this past month and why I've decided to make you know this incredible decision to really change the course of my life and maybe change the course of the future of London and you know, nine million people's lives and go ahead and do something like this.


  • And and I thought, Why not put myself in the leather chair and just have a conversation with you?


  • So I really appreciate you being here, and it's interesting.


  • You know, I sat down with my wife really recently and told her about, you know, my plans to run and she said, Why?


  • Why are you doing this like London really is going so well?


  • The business is going great.


  • You're broadcasting incredible messages.


  • You know, the digital freedom platform is is really come into its own.


  • You know why I go do this thing, which is it's such a risk.


  • It's such an uncertainty and it opens.


  • It opens me up to, you know, so much criticism and so much, you know, potential unknown.


  • And it was a really good question, and I really appreciate my wife for asking me questions like that.


  • And, you know, when I thought about it and I think about running for mayor, I come to this conclusion and that is I can't not do this, you know, this has been laid in front of me not almost like a challenge, and said, You know what, Brian?


  • You can talk the talk about how the city needs to change, or you can step up and walk the walk.


  • You can put yourself in the arena and try to provide a solution, or you can keep complaining about the problems And if you work here in London real, you know I have a policy.

    你可以把自己放在舞臺上,並試圖提供一個解決方案, 或者你可以繼續抱怨的問題,如果你在這裡工作在倫敦真正的,你知道我有一個政策。

  • If you walk into my office, you're not allowed to bring me problems unless you bring me solutions.


  • And so I believe this is my chance to bring solutions.


  • Toe London and I am super excited about the new direction that I have in mind for this city.

    Toe London和我對這個城市的新方向感到超級興奮。

  • One that that gets London back toe work ones that that gets our kids back in school.

    一個能讓倫敦回到工作崗位上的人... ...一個能讓我們的孩子回到學校的人。

  • One that puts science first and makes decisions based on science.


  • One that has a proportionate response to the virus, ones that that supports our entrepreneurs and small businesses and hospitality sectors.


  • One that thinks positively about transformation and transportacion, one that focuses on being digital and promoting the Internet and promoting everything digital and also one that really fights for what I call digital freedom of speech.


  • And that is that we can all put ideas out there and really exercise our right to free speech.


  • So weaken see the best ideas win, and I've seen we've seen a failure of that in the last six months and thes air some of the things that I wanna dio once elected mayor and eso again.


  • I just wanted to talk to you today about some of my ideas.


  • You know, I was born in America, but I've lived in this city for over 20 years and I love London.


  • You know, I feel like, you know, the DNA of this city is inside of me.


  • It means so much to me.


  • And I've had so many fascinating connections where so many different types of people all across this, uh, this great metropolis, friends and different boroughs and different places and different types of people.


  • I've, you know, im entered a 10 year old, Ah, young man in Hackney and spent a year really trying toe turn him into Ah ah, great young man.


  • And I've spent time and in so many different places with so many types of people, and I truly believe it is the greatest city in the world.


  • But unfortunately, right now, what I see is a total lack of leadership.


  • I also see a completely disproportionate response to this virus.


  • I see a total lack of science based decision making, and it's hard to watch, and I could no longer stand by and just watch it happen you know, London used Thio personify one of the greatest global brands in the world.


  • It personified determination and innovation and perseverance and fortitude and this indomitable spirit that Winston Churchill spoke about.


  • But now, if you look at us, we're one of the lowest performing major cities in the world.


  • And so I've decided to stand for London and I think with strong leadership and again, uh, using science based decision making, a proportionate response to the virus and my transformed London 2021 plan of attack, which includes eight major policies which you can find on my website and I'll speak briefly about today.


  • I believe that with your help together, we can take the city in a new direction and make it a place that we're proud of once again.


  • And so that's why I decided to take this.


  • You know, this this massive move and the truth is I had no intention of becoming your next mayor.

    你知道,這個巨大的舉動... ...而事實是,我無意成為你的下一任市長。

  • I really didn't.


  • Up until a few months ago when it started Thio really take hold somewhere in the back of my mind as I was constantly asking questions.


  • Why isn't this better?


  • Why hasn't this change?


  • Why can't.


  • The government seemed to figure this out.


  • Um, you know, I've been the founder and host of London real for the past nine years, and every day I've come into this studio trying to create transformational content to change your life.


  • You know, uh, it means a lot to me, the work that we do here and whether it's having a conversation in here with a a Navy seal or a mixed martial artist.

    你知道,呃,這對我來說意義重大 我們在這裡做的工作 不管是和海豹突擊隊員還是綜合格鬥家在這裡對話

  • Or, um, you know, a professor or a doctor or an author.


  • Or it's putting out one of our documentary films, like Iron Mine to reconnect or just move With the Portal or teaching in my academy, which I'm really proud of.


  • The over 5000 people we've graduated in over 107 countries, teaching them business, broadcasting, public speaking.


  • We've been out there making a difference, and we have a mission here in London real and it zahn our back wall.

    我們一直在那裡有所作為,我們有一個使命 在倫敦真正的和它扎恩我們的後牆。

  • So if you get to come to the studio, you'll see it and it says, um that our mission is to create a mass scale transformation of humanity into a fully empowered, conscious and cooperative species.


  • And we thought long and hard about that mission.


  • And so everything we do every day is to make sure that mission happens.


  • We really want to transform the world, and we we've done it.


  • We've really done an amazing job, you know, nine years, half a billion video views of our content Now is actually the worst time for me to stop being the CEO of London Real.

    我們真的做了一件了不起的工作,你知道,九年來,我們的內容有5億次視頻瀏覽量 現在其實是我不再擔任倫敦地產CEO的最壞時機。

  • You know, our business has never been bigger.


  • Our show has never been more popular.


  • Our digital freedom platform is incredible.


  • Incredible censorship, free piece of technology that's even moving forward.


  • And so this is the worst time that I could ever decide to stop being the CEO of London Real.


  • This is necessary right now, and I don't see anyone else stepping up to do this job.


  • And so again, um, it's time to kind of put up or shut up.


  • And now I think I have to make this move and step up and run for mayor.


  • And, you know, don't get me wrong.


  • I mean this.


  • This whole thing is on some level, terrifying.


  • You know, I've never jumped into the arena, and I know that politics can get nasty and the mainstream media has nothing good to say about us now wait until they see that we are running for office and I say we because I do feel like we're all running together.


  • You know, I feel like every single London, real or around the world is running with me as mayor.


  • And I believe that the ideas that we are proponents off not only can change this city, I think they can change every city around the world.


  • I really dio.


  • And I think if we succeed and our elected mayor that a lot of other places will wake up and we might create change in New York City or Los Angeles or Cape Town or Paris or Tokyo or Singapore or Buenos Aires or Rio de Janeiro.


  • I really feel like this will validate everything we've been talking about for the past six or seven months, and so I really think of it as an effort we all have to do together.


  • And also I can't do this alone.


  • You know, every citizen in this city is gonna have to step up and take ownership and find a way to give back to their friends, their families and their communities if we're gonna be successful.

    你知道,在這個城市的每一個公民 是要去必須站出來,並採取所有權 並找到一種方法來回饋 他們的朋友,他們的家人和他們的社區 如果我們要去成功。

  • And if you know me at London, real or our academy, you know that I always stress that we all have to take ownership and get out of our comfort zone and fight our own resistance to be the best version of ourself every day.


  • And that's the on leeway we're gonna be able to turn London around.


  • It's not like I could just, you know, walk over to City Hall and push a few buttons.

    這不是像我可以只是,你知道, 走到市政廳,按幾個按鈕。

  • It's gonna take everyone.


  • And so, um, it's important that all of you are with me and so you know, real quickly, just a little bit about me.


  • I've lived in London for over 20 years, and I spent 11 years total as a banker in the city of London, which is kind of the Wall Street of London, if you're not familiar with it.


  • And then I spent the last nine years on London real being a broadcaster and funny enough, my mom brought me here in 1986.


  • Um, it was my mom and my brother and my sister and me.


  • So a single mother and three kids, and so my mom really wanted to give us really a well rounded view of the world.


  • She didn't want us to be like, um, just Americans.


  • So she brought us here.


  • And I'm just get a little emotional just because it reminds me how hard she worked as a mother.


  • Um, but I remember when we landed in London in 1986 it was a European vacation.


  • You know, the true sense of the Yanks coming over here and we went through, like, literally.

    你知道,真正意義上的美國佬來到這裡 我們經歷了,就像,字面上。

  • I think we did like 18 countries in Europe, including London, And I still remember coming to this city, and it had an effect on me.

    我想我們在歐洲做了18個國家,包括倫敦, 我仍然記得來到這個城市,它對我有影響。

  • There was something I connected with in this city, and it was no coincidence that, you know some I guess it was 11 years later, I would come back for my first time in 1997 to work professionally.


  • So I've always felt a connection with this city.


  • And in 2007 I got my British citizenship, and it was a really big day for me.


  • I recorded that event back in the day.


  • This is way before London.


  • Real.


  • I've got the videotape of it and it sits on my wall at home.


  • It's one of my proudest accomplishments.


  • Is being a British citizen.


  • Um, this is home for me.


Today I am announcing my plans to become your next mayor of London and we've just opened up a brand new website.



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