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  • Thank you so much, President Christ,

    感謝您 克里斯校長

  • the Board of Trustees, members of the faculty, devoted parents and friends,

    感謝學校理事會 各位教職員 父母 及親友

  • and especially the fabulous class of 2013.


  • Congratulations. You have reached the light at the end of the tunnel.

    恭喜你們 來到大學旅程的終點

  • And when you first arrived at Smith four years ago, I’m sure you never would have imagined

    四年前 你們剛來到史密斯時 一定沒想到

  • that at the other end of that tunnel, there would be a lady behind a podium talking to you in a funny accent.

    在這終點 竟得聽個口音怪異的女人演講

  • This accent has been the bane of my existence

    這口音 曾對我生活造成極大的困擾

  • until in 1980, I moved to New York from England

    直到1980年 我從英國搬到紐約

  • and I met Henry Kissinger,

    遇見了Henry Kissinger

  • and he said to me, “Don’t ever worry about your accent,

    他跟我說 不用為妳的口音感到困擾

  • in American public life, you can never, underestimate the advantages of complete and total incomprehensibility

    在美國 難以理解的口音反而有其優勢

  • I'm so grateful to be with you at this very special moment.

    真的很高興 能與你們共度這特別的一刻

  • You don't know it but I have spent the last few weeks stalking you

    你不知道 我過去幾週都在追蹤你們

  • -- on your Smith websites, on your Twitter feeds,

    看史密斯學院的網站 你們的推特

  • on Facebook, on Instagram, on Tumblr

    還有臉書 Instagram 及Tumblr

  • so I could get to know you better.


  • So here's what I've found:

    以下 是我的發現

  • you're fascinating and curious and quirky

    你們既迷人 又有好奇心 卻也古怪

  • and asking the big questions and worrying about the little things,

    會問些高深問題 卻也會擔心小細節

  • and solving the cosmic riddles


  • and agonizing about what shoes to wear in commencement,


  • and what happens if you trip and become a YouTube sensation.


  • I’ve learned about Smithies writing honors thesis on subjects


  • that I not only don’t understand but I can’t even pronounce.

    我既無法理解 甚至根本不會發音

  • Like Lisa Stephanie Cunden’s thesis on entro

    像是Lisa Stephanie Cunden關於熵的論文

  • Hi Lisa! I want you to hear her thesis pronounced in a Greek accent.

    嗨 Lisa! 你們聽聽我用希臘腔唸她的論文標題

  • on entropy and enthalpy contributions to the chelate effect


  • I’ve learned about the three seniors who were part of the basketball team,


  • which made the Division III NCAA tournament


  • a historic accomplishment to add to your already...


  • lot of fans for them


  • a historic accomplishment to add to your already historic status as the birthplace of women’s basketball.

    這項歷史性的成就 使這女子籃球發源地更增榮光

  • I’ve learned about the many Smithies who will be the first in their families to graduate from college,

    我也聽說 許多史密斯人會是家族中第一個大學畢業生

  • like Massiel De los Santos, who began her journey in the Dominican Republic.

    像是來自多明尼加的Massiel De los Santos

  • So before I go any further, because I’ve been so impressed,

    在我演說正式開始前 因為你們讓我印象深刻

  • I feel compelled to extend to all of you, Graduating class of 2013,


  • a lifelong invitation to blog on The Huffington Post


  • about your graduation, and about all your adventures on the next stage of the journey youre starting today.

    撰寫關於畢業 還有從今天開始 下個人生階段的冒險

  • And in order to bypass the growing Huffington Post bureaucracy,


  • I’m going to give you right now my e-mail address,

    我現在就給你們 我的電子信箱


    [email protected]

  • and you can send it directly to me and get a password for life.


  • Getting to know you has made me feel very protective of you

    了解你們 讓我產生保護你們的責任感

  • especially because I have two daughters who are about your age, college-age kids.


  • And it also made me realized that you don’t need protection

    但這也讓我明白 你們不需要受保護

  • because youre absolutely ready and prepared to take on the world.


  • And if you have attended the Wurtele Center for Work and Life,


  • you even have a Passport to Life After Smith,


  • with the opportunity to learn things like job interviewing skills,

    你有機會學習各種事物 像是面試技巧

  • how to balance a budget, cook a healthy meal and even change a tire.

    如何控管預算 健康烹飪 甚至學習更換輪胎

  • So you can consider my speech today a continuation of the Passport to Life After Smith,

    你可以把我的演講 當作人生通行證的延伸

  • though in the interest of full disclosure, I can’t cook and definitely cannot change a tire.

    但我得坦白承認 我既不會烹飪 也不會換輪胎

  • But part of life after Smith will be deciding what things do you want to put your energy into

    畢業後 你得決定要將精力投入哪些事物

  • and what things you don’t.


  • It was a big revelation for me


  • when I realized that I didn't have to complete everything I thought I wanted to do,

    當我明白 我不用完成所有自認想做的事

  • like learning German or becoming a good skier or learning to cook.

    像是學德語 溜冰 或是烹飪

  • Indeed I realized that you can complete a project by dropping it.

    我了解到 放棄 也能算是一種完成

  • Commencement speakers are traditionally expected to tell graduates

    傳統上 畢業演說者該告訴畢業生

  • how to go out there and climb the ladder of success,

    如何邁出步伐 攀上成功之梯

  • but I want to ask you, instead,


  • to redefine success.


  • Because the world you are headed into desperately needs it.

    因為你將進入的世界 迫切需要這個

  • And because you are up to it.


  • Your education at Smith has made it unequivocally clear


  • that you are entitled to take your place in the world on equal footing,


  • in every field, and at the top of every field.

    不論在任何領域 甚至成為該領域的精英

  • But what I urge you to do


  • is not just take your place at the top of the world,


  • but to change the world.


  • What I urge you to do is to lead the third women’s revolution.


  • The first was led by the suffragists


  • over a hundred years ago,


  • when brave women like Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton

    數位勇敢女性 像是蘇珊‧安東尼和伊莉莎白‧斯坦頓

  • fought among other things, to give women the right to vote.


  • The second women’s revolution was powerfully led by Smith alumnae,


  • Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem.


  • They foughtand Gloria continues to fight


  • to expand the role of women in our society,


  • to give us full access to the rooms of power where decisions are being made.


  • And while the second revolution is still in progress,


  • we simply can’t wait any longer for the third revolution to begin.

    我們不能再等了 第三次革命得立即展開

  • And I can’t imagine a place


  • where I would be more likely to find the leaders of that revolution than right here at Smith.


  • At the moment, our society’s notion of success is largely composed of two parts:

    目前社會對於成功 大致上有兩種衡量方式

  • money and power.


  • In fact, success, money and power have practically become synonymous.

    事實上 成功 金錢 權力 幾乎可視為同義詞

  • But it’s time for a third metric, beyond money and power


  • one founded on well-being, wisdom,

    這種衡量方式該基於健康 智慧

  • our ability to wonder, and to give back.

    還有 好奇 以及回饋的能力

  • Money and power by themselves are like a two legged stool


  • you can balance on them for a while,

    坐在上頭 你只能短暫保持平衡

  • but eventually youre going to topple over.


  • And more and more people, very successful people, are toppling over every day.

    越來越多的成功人士 嚐到失敗滋味

  • Basically, success the way weve defined it is no longer sustainable.

    基本上 我們之前對成功的定義已不再適用

  • It’s not sustainable for human beings;


  • it’s not sustainable for the planet.


  • To live the lives we want, and not just the lives we settle for,

    為了擁有理想的人生 而不僅只滿足現狀

  • the lives according to society’s definition of success,


  • we need to include the third metric.


  • In 2004, President Christ gave a speech that was really ahead of its time.

    2004年 克里斯校長發表了一場思想先進的演說

  • It was titledInside the Clockwork of Women’s Careers.”

    標題是 女性職業的結構

  • To me, it’s very much a third women’s revolution call to arms.

    對我而言 那就像是第三次女性革命的開戰宣言

  • She spoke of the need to dispel myths about ambition and success,


  • chief among them the myth that success and ambition look like a straight line.

    其中最主要的迷思是 擁有野心便能直達成功

  • Now I guess it’s no big surprise


  • that the image of success created by men would be, yes, a long, phallic-shaped straight line.

    由男性所定義的成功 沒錯 是條長長的 陽具形狀的直線

  • But if we don’t redefine success,


  • the personal price we pay will get higher and higher.


  • And as the data shows,


  • already, that price is much higher for women than for men.


  • Among career women who have stressful jobs


  • in which career woman doesn’t


  • there is a nearly 40 percent increased risk of heart disease,

    罹患心臟疾病的風險 增加了將近40%

  • and a 60 percent increased risk of diabetes.


  • And in the last 30 years, as women have made strides and gains in the workplace,

    在近30年來 當女性在職場上大有發展時

  • self-reported levels of stress have gone up by 18 percent.


  • Another Smith graduation speaker, Alistair Cooke,

    另一位史密斯畢業演說嘉賓Alistair Cooke

  • notoriously told the class of 1954


  • that their way to the top would be determined by the men they married.

    嫁對人 才能登上枝頭作鳳凰

  • Well…I want to do old Alistair one better,


  • and tell you that you don’t get to the top by marrying someone.

    想登上枝頭的話 不用找金龜婿

  • A much simpler way is to sleep your way to the top.


  • Right now I imagine President Christ is thinking she probably should have vetted this speech.


  • But no, I’m talking about sleep in the literal sense.

    放心 我說的睡 是字面上的意思

  • Because right now, the workplace is absolutely fueled by sleep deprivation and burnout.


  • I actually know of what I speak:


  • In 2007, sleep deprived and exhausted,

    2007年 因為睡眠不足及過勞

  • I fainted, hit my head on my desk, broke my cheekbone

    我昏倒了 頭撞到桌子 導致顴骨破裂

  • and got four stitches on my right eye.


  • And that was the beginning of my reacquainting myself with sleep,


  • and with the need to redefine success


  • to include our own sense of well-being.


  • because even if sleep deprivation is not affecting your health,


  • it’s affecting your creativity, your productivity, and your decision-making.

    也會影響你的創造力 生產力 及決策力

  • Did you know that the Exxon Valdez wreck, the explosion of the Challenger space shuttle,

    你知道嗎? 瓦迪斯號漏油 挑戰者號太空梭爆炸

  • and the nuclear accidents at Chernobyl and Three Mile Island


  • were at least all partially the result of decisions made on too little sleep.


  • According to researchers at Walter Reed hospital,

    根據Walter Reed醫院的研究結果

  • the only thing that gets better with sleep deprivation


  • ismagical thinkingand reliance on superstition.


  • So for those of you majoring in fortune telling,

    所以 主修算命學的同學們

  • go ahead and burn the midnight oil.


  • The rest of you: not so much.

    其他的同學 別太常熬夜

  • As you can tell by now, I’m a major sleep evangelist.

    現在你們知道了吧 我是睡眠倡導者

  • The Huffington Post, in our newsroom, we have two nap rooms.

    赫芬頓郵報的新聞室中 設有兩間補眠室

  • At first, hundreds of editors and reporters and engineers

    一開始 那幾百個編輯 記者 工程師

  • were very reluctant to be seen in the middle of the afternoon having a nap.


  • But now, the two nap rooms are continuously booked and we need to open a third.

    但現在補眠室長期客滿 我們需要設立第三間

  • Although I might say, the other day I was walking by one of the nap rooms

    不過 我得補充 有一天 我經過其中一間補眠室

  • and I saw two people coming out of the nap rooms.


  • And I thought to myself, whatever it takes to recharge yourself.

    我在心裡想著 不管你想如何補充精力

  • Just please don’t tell HR, okay?

    千萬別讓人資部門知道 好嗎

  • What adding well-being to our definition of success means


  • is that in addition to looking after our financial capital, we need to look after our human capital.

    除了重視金錢資本 我們也該重視健康資本

  • My mother was an expert at that. I still remember, when I was 12 years old,

    我媽是這方面的專家 還記得我12歲時

  • a successful Greek businessman came to dinner at our home in Athens.


  • He told us everything how well things were going on in his life


  • My mother looked at him, looking burned out, exhausted, drained. And said to him,

    我媽看著他疲憊 精力耗盡般的姿態 跟他說

  • “I don’t care how well your business is doing,”


  • Youre not taking care of you.


  • Your business might have a great bottom line, but you are your most important capital.

    你的事業也許資本雄厚 但健康才是你最重要的資產

  • There are only so many withdrawals you can make from your health bank account,


  • but you just keep on withdrawing.


  • You could go bankrupt if you don’t make some deposits soon.”

    如果繼續這樣下去的話 你會面臨健康破產

  • And indeed, not long after that, the man had to be admitted for an angioplasty.

    果然不久以後 那人不得不接受血管修復術

  • When we include well-being in our definition of success,


  • another thing that changes is our relationship with time.


  • Right now, we are all so stressed out about time

    現在 我們總是對時間充滿壓力

  • that every time we look at our watch it’s later than we think.

    每次看錶時 時間總過得比想像中快

  • Researchers have a term for it: "Time Famine."

    研究者稱此為 時間饑荒

  • And Dr. Seuss wrote about it ahead of the researchers of course.


  • How did it get so late so soon?” he wrote.

    作品中寫道 時間怎麼會過得這麼快?

  • It’s night before it’s afternoon. December is here before it’s June.

    下午都還沒到 天就黑了 6月都還沒來 12月就到了

  • My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon?”

    天呀 時光如此飛逝 時間怎麼過這麼快?

  • Does that feel familiar to anyone? Or, more likely, to everyone?

    有人覺得這聽起來很熟悉嗎? 大概所有人都覺得熟悉吧

  • The problem is that as long as success is defined by just money and power, climbing and burnout,

    問題是一旦成功只以金錢 力量 爬上巔峰 燃燒殆盡定義

  • we will never have the time


  • to be able to enjoy that other aspect of the third metric:


  • wonder


  • I was blessed with a mother who was in a constant state of wonder.

    很幸運 我有一位隨時隨地都充滿好奇心的母親

  • Whether she was washing the dishes


  • or feeding seagulls at the beach


  • or reprimanding overworking businessmen,


  • she maintained her sense of wonder,


  • delighted at both the mysteries of the universe


  • and the everyday little things that fill our lives.


  • And whenever I’d complain or be upset about something,


  • she would say to me:


  • Darling, change the channel. ”

    親愛的 快轉台吧!

  • You are in control of the clicker.”


  • Don’t replay that bad, scary movie.”


  • One of the gifts that attitude to life gave her

    這種人生態度 賦予她一項天賦

  • was the ability to cut through hierarchies.


  • I remember one night, when I was iving in London,

    我還記得有天晚上 我還住在倫敦時

  • and dating a Tory member of Parliament


  • It might have been one of those decisions made on sleep deprivation


  • and he brought home to dinner the Prime Minister Ted Heath.


  • My mother was in the kitchen, where she was most of the time,

    那時我媽在廚房 大多數時間她都待在那裡

  • and a plumber had to come in to fix some last-minute problem.


  • So my mother asked the plumber what he thought of the prime minister.


  • Not much,” the plumber said, “he hasn’t been good for working people.”

    他回答 "不怎麼樣 他對勞工沒啥貢獻”

  • Oh!” my mother said, “Let me go bring him here so you can tell him directly,”

    我媽說 “喔! 那我叫首相過來 你直接跟他說”

  • And she didn’t think there was any problem at all about bringing the Prime Minister into the kitchen


  • And that’s where he sat down and...


  • and heard a mouthful from the plumber.


  • Well-being, wonder, and now the third W — wisdom.

    我提過了健康 好奇 接下來是智慧

  • If you look around you, you see leaders

    如果你看看四周 會看到一些領導者

  • in positions of powerin politics, in media, in business,

    掌權於政治 媒體 商業等等領域

  • all of them with high IQs and great degrees


  • making terrible decisions.


  • What is missing is not IQ, but wisdom.

    他們不是智商不足 而是缺乏智慧

  • And today, it's getting harder and harder to tap into our own wisdom.

    今日 增長智慧變得越來越難

  • Because we are all so hyper-connected to our devices, our screens, our social media,

    因為我們過度依賴科技裝置 螢幕 社會媒體

  • that we're having a hard time disconnecting from technology


  • and reconnecting with ourselves.


  • Your very own, very wise Smith sophomore, Erin McDaniel,

    一位非常有智慧的史密斯大二生Erin McDaniel

  • wrote in the Sophian about her decision to disconnect from all her social media.

    在史密斯校報中 提到她遠離社群媒體的決定

  • "We have eschewed," she said, "real social connections in favor of superficial, technology-bridged ones..."

    我們已脫離了真實社會聯繫 轉而依賴科技的膚淺社交

  • We have become, in many cases, nearly as socially robotic as our computers.”

    各種層面而言 我們幾乎成了電腦般的社交機器

  • Now, you don’t have the head of a digital company telling you to completely disconnect from technology.


  • What I’m telling you is to regularly disconnect from technology,


  • to regularly unplug and recharge in order to reconnect with ourselves and our own deepest wisdom.

    定期拔掉插頭 重新充電 以回歸自我 找回深層智慧

  • Because I’m convinced that there are two fundamental truths about human beings.


  • The first truth is that we all have within us

    第一個真理是 我們心中都有著

  • a centered place of wisdom, harmony, and strength.

    一處智慧 和諧 與力量的聚集之地

  • This is a truth that all the world’s religions


  • whether Christianity, Islam, Judaism, or Buddhism

    不管是基督教 回教 猶太教 或佛教

  • and many of its philosophies,


  • hold true in one form or another: “The Kingdom of God is Within.”

    都相信著- 神之國度在人心中

  • But the second truth is that were all going to spend most of our lives not in that place.

    而第二個真理是 我們大部分的人生都不在那裡

  • We keep veering away from that place again and again and again.

    我們遠離那個地方 一遍又一遍

  • In fact, we may spend of our lives off-course more often than we are on-course.


  • At the Huffington Post, we