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  • Yeah.


  • Today I am announcing my plans to become your next mayor of London.


  • E want to lead this incredible city in a new direction, Which is why I have created my transform London 2021 Plan of Attack and innovative Blueprint for success, which I believe will revolutionize our city.

    E希望帶領這座不可思議的城市走向新的方向,這就是為什麼我制定了我的 "改造倫敦2021 "攻擊計劃和創新的成功藍圖,我相信這將徹底改變我們的城市。

  • It consists of the following policies way will get London back toe work and reinvigorate the economy through clear communication.


  • Promoting tourism, stimulating key sectors with extended job retention schemes including hospitality cutting business rates, removing congestion charges and implementing science based protocols to safely get people back toe London toe work shop as well as continued to be immersed in our diverse and admired culture.


  • As an entrepreneur, I believe I can understand the struggles of our small and medium sized enterprises which make up 98% of the economy and prioritize these critical parts of our commercial landscape.


  • To improve the city for every one of its nine million inhabitants, we will put Londoners health first and create the fittest, most resilient citizens in the world who are physically and mentally robust, always prepared for times of crisis.


  • We achieved this by proactively implementing early health promotion and education activities, advocating the benefits of a balanced diet, daily exercise routines, smoking cessation and the avoidance of excessive drinking.


  • This topic is close to my heart as I spent the last nine years putting my own learnings on diet, fitness, addiction and mental health on full public display so others can learn from my successes and failures.


  • We will put science first and make London safe again by implementing a science based decision making led approach.


  • When it comes to setting policies for education, work, travel and all social interactions, we believe there has been a disproportionate response to the coronavirus that has caused the loss of countless lives and ruined people's livelihood, something that could be immediately remedied by implementing intelligent, fact based policies moving forward.


  • We will put education first, get London back to school and ensure a bright future for our young people and the socialization they desperately need for their development.


  • By removing the culture of fear and implementing science based protocols to safely get our younger generation learning again, we will restore the daily structure of our families, staving off the risk of creating a lost generation.


  • We will make London green first by removing on street parking in central London and replacing it with green spaces.


  • The public can enjoy additional retail space to support businesses and more room for pedestrian traffic to encourage visitors to return to the city and kick start the economy.


  • It will also reduce traffic, speed up transportation and improve air quality for the city.


  • We will make London safe by supporting the Met police with MAWR situation based training protocols, foster a new understanding, respect and appreciation by the public and a zero tolerance policy for knife crime and possession.


  • We will also implement proportional representation in the Met police to build the force reflective of the communities it serves.


  • We will make London Digital first, where high speed broadband Internet access is free to all citizens and businesses.

    我們將把 "倫敦數字 "放在第一位,所有市民和企業都可以免費使用高速寬帶上網。

  • Technology startups are supported, promoted and incubated, and all local council interactions with small businesses are digitized with quick response time.


  • In order to stimulate the economy, we will fight for digital freedom of speech Ah, fundamental human rights in order to create a marketplace of ideas where censorship is no longer tolerated on our digital platforms, thereby encouraging open debate and discussion where all points of view could be considered, argued and contested.


  • These groundbreaking policies are really world practical solutions that address the crucial issues we face as a city.


  • I am confident that if properly executed, these policies can make London a world class city once again.


  • However, I can't do it alone.


  • I will need the help of every citizen of this great city working together towards our common goal.


  • You are the one that ultimately can help us affect change in London and in every city around the world.


  • So please help me now.


  • First, share this video and page with all of your social media followers, help us spread this important message to the citizens of this great city and beyond and kick start this movement for change.


  • Second, make sure you register to vote by clicking the link below and by encouraging everyone you know to do the same.


  • No matter who you choose, it is important that everyone exercises their democratic right to vote.


  • Third, give us your email address below toe.


  • Lend your support and I will send you my first official policy video as well as a link on how to volunteer and donate to my campaign.


  • I am excited to embark on this new mission with your help toe lead London in a new direction.


  • We have the most incredible city in the world and I promise toe work tirelessly to make London a world class city once again.


  • I am confident that together we can accomplish our mission.


  • I am here to be of service.


  • Thank you.





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我的倫敦2021年行動計劃 - 布萊恩-羅斯 #brianformayor (My Transform London 2021 Plan of Action - Brian Rose | #brianformayor)

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