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  • In December 1978, Chicago police were just  beginning to uncover the evidence of one of  the most heinous crimes their city had ever seen


  • As body after body was pulled out from under the  floorboards of a seemingly ordinary suburban  home, investigators realized that they were  dealing with America's most evil serial killer

    他們的城市有史以來最令人髮指的罪行。 當一具又一具的屍體被拉出來的時候...在一個看似普通的郊區住宅的地板上,調查人員意識到,他們是。

  • John Wayne Gacy, also known as the Killer Clown,  had murdered more people than any one person  in U.S. history at that point in time.

    處理美國最邪惡的連環殺手。 約翰-韋恩-蓋西,也被稱為殺手小丑。比美國曆史上任何一個人在那個時間點上謀殺的人都多。

  • John Wayne Gacy was a well-known and well-liked  figure in his suburban community North of Chicago.  


  • He owned a successful construction businessattended church faithfully, and was involved in  the local Polish community.


  • He was married to his  second wife and seemed to be a devoted stepfather  to her 2 daughters.


  • Through his position as  a precinct captain for the Democratic Party,  Gacy had the opportunity to meet and be  photographed with First Lady Rosalynn Carter  in early 1978 - the very same year that  his horrific crimes would become public.  

    給她的2個女兒。通過他作為民主黨的分局隊長。Gacy有機會與第一夫人Rosalynn Carter見面併合影。 在1978年初--也就是他的恐怖罪行將被公開的那一年。

  • At that time, though, Gacy was loved and admired  by his neighbours, friends and the police,  and had been known for hosting elaborate parties  for his entire neighborhood.


  • Gacy's alter-ego,  Pogo the Clown, was often a feature of these  parties, and neighbours recall that he seemed  to enjoy dressing up in his clown costume  and makeup and entertaining local children.

    並以為整個社區舉辦精心設計的派對而聞名。蓋西的另一個自我。小丑Pogo,經常是這些聚會的一個特點,鄰居們回憶說,他似乎 以享受穿上小丑服裝和化妝的樂趣,為當地的孩子們提供娛樂。

  • But underneath Gacy's idyllic suburban lifehe was hiding a dark past.


  • Prior to moving to  Chicago, Gacy had been living in Iowa, where he  was arrested for assaulting 2 young men while his  first wife was in the hospital giving birth to his  child.


  • He was sentenced to 10 years in prison, but  after serving 18 months in jail, a now-divorced  Gacy was released on parole and he received permission from the courts to relocate to Chicago  for a fresh start


  • Soon, though, Gacy's community  and the world at large would learn that these  secrets paled in comparison to the sadistic double  life that Gacy had been leading for years.


  • After  telling his second wife that he was bi-sexual,  the two divorced in 1976, and Gacy, now free  to indulge his most sick and twisted fantasies,  


  • soon learned that killing was more  satisfying to him than anything else,  and he would spend the next several years trying  to get hisfixin the most horrific ways.

    很快就知道,對他來說,殺人比什麼都讓他滿意。而他會在接下來的幾年裡,用最可怕的方式來獲得他的 "修復"。

  • It all started to unravel for Gacy with the  disappearance of Robert Piest.


  • On December 11th,  1978, Robert's mother arrived to pick him up  from his shift at the pharmacy where he worked.  

  • When his shift ended, Robert told his mother  that he was going to talk to a man about a  potential construction job that would pay more  than double what he was making at the pharmacy.  


  • He told her it would only take a few minutes, and  then they could go home and enjoy his mother's  birthday celebration.


  • She waited outside  the pharmacy, but Robert never came back.  


  • His panicked mother went home and returned to  the pharmacy with her husband, other children,  and the family's 2 German Shepards, but  they could find no sign of Robert.


  • The  worried family then drove immediately to the  police station to report their son missing.


  • Lieutenant Kozenczak, whose son attended the  same high school as Robert, took their report.  


  • One of the first calls he made was to John Wayne  Gacy.


  • Gacy's friends and neighbors may have been  oblivious to his dark past, but the police  were not.


  • Not only were they aware of his past  convictions, but they had also received numerous  complaints about Gacy in recent years.


  • In 1975,  after an employee of Gacy's construction  company went missing, the man's family  pleaded with police to investigate Gacybut their pleas were ignored.


  • In 1976,  police had run surveillance on Gacy's home related  to the disappearance of a 9 year old boy, but they  were unable to build a case against him.

    懇求警方調查蓋西,但他們的懇求被忽視了。1976年,警方曾對Gacy家進行過監控 與一名9歲男孩的失蹤有關,但他們... ...

  • In 1977,  a young man complained to the police about Gacy,  alleging that Gacy had kidnapped him at gunpoint  and assaulted him.


  • Gacy was arrested, and even  admitted to his encounter with the young man, but  he claimed that it was consensual and prosecutors  declined to press charges.


  • Police were also  beginning to suspect that Gacy was behind a string  of complaints about a man named John who had been  cruising local parks and picking up young men,  many of whom seemed to disappear after their  encounter with John.


  • Despite these incidents,  Gacy had managed to stay one step ahead of the  law so far, but his luck was about to run out.


  • After Robert's family made their missing person's  report, officers quickly realized that the man he  had gone to see about a construction job must have  been John Wayne Gacy - his construction company  had just recently finished a renovation job at  the very pharmacy where Robert had worked.


  • The  coincidence was too much to ignore, and this time  the police seriously considered Gacy as a suspect  in the disappearance of Robert Piest.


  • Little did  they know that this particular crime was just the  tip of the iceberg, and they were about to uncover  one of the most gruesome crime sprees in history.


  • Lieutenant Kozenczak contacted Gacy and asked him  to come into the police station for an interview.  


  • Gacy was cordial and agreed to come in, telling  officers he could be there within a half an hour.  


  • Hours went by with no sign of Gacy.


  • Officers  were beginning to get suspicious when, at 3 a.m.,  Gacy suddenly appeared at the station.

  • His arrival did little to calm their suspicions - Gacy was more than 4 hours late to his interview, and  when he arrived he was covered in mud and grime.  


  • The officer that Gacy had come to see wasn't  available, so he was sent on his way.


  • Later,  officers would learn that Gacy's car had been  towed from a snowbank near the Des Plaines River  at 2 a.m., immediately before he  arrived at the police station.

    警員們得知Gacy的車是在Des Plaines河附近的雪堆裡被拖走的。凌晨2點,就在他到達警察局之前。

  • Armed with this information, officers served  Gacy with a search warrant when he returned the  following day for his interview.


  • He reluctantly  handed over his keys and was detained at the  station while officers searched his home.


  • Therethey found a receipt for a roll of film that  Robert's family confirmed belonged to him - police  concluded that Robert had been in Gacy's home,  but they could find no evidence of a crime, and so  Gacy was released and placed under surveillance.

    警察在搜查他家時,發現了一張膠捲的收據。在那裡,他們發現了一卷膠捲的收據。羅伯特的家人證實屬於他--警方斷定,羅伯特曾在蓋西的家中。 但他們找不到犯罪的證據,於是蓋西被釋放,並被監視起來。

  • The next day, officers found a ring  that they linked to another missing boy,  and employees of Gacy's construction  company told police about 2 different  employees of Gacy's who had mysteriously gone  missing in recent months.


  • A few days later,  Gacy had the audacity to invite the officers  on surveillance duty outside of his home inside  for a cup of coffee.


  • Once inside his home, both  officers noticed the unmistakable stench of death.  


  • That same day, Gacy's lawyers filed a lawsuit  against the police department for harassment,  but before long Gacy would have much  bigger legal issues to worry about.


  • While he was under 24-hour surveillance, officers  witnessed Gacy selling marijuana to a gas station  clerk, and they jumped on the opportunity  to arrest him.


  • While Gacy was in custody for  drug-related charges, police officers threaten to  tear up the floorboards in his home, prompting him  to admit to murder.


  • He tells officers that yeshe did kill a man in his home, but claims that it  was self defense.


  • He shows police the exact spot  under his garage where he buried the body, and  during their search for this body, officers find  a trap door leading to a crawl space under Gacy's  home - inside, amid the terrible stench of decayofficers find parts of at least 3 other bodies.

    是自衛。他向警方展示了他埋葬屍體的車庫下面的確切位置,並且...在搜查這具屍體的過程中 警察發現了一扇通往Gacy家下面的爬行空間的陷阱門 家裡--在可怕的腐爛臭味中,警察發現了至少3具其他屍體的部分。

  • Once he realized that police had found the  first bodies, Gacy cracked. In a rambling,  hours long confession in which he  referred to himself in the 3rd person,  


  • Gacy told police thatJohnorJackhad killed  at least 32 young men, and that he had buried 27  of the bodies on his property and had disposed  of the rest, including the body of Robert Piest,  in the Des Plaines River.

    蓋西告訴警方,"約翰 "或 "傑克 "至少殺了32個年輕人,他還埋了27個。在他的財產上的屍體,並處理了其餘的屍體,包括羅伯特-皮斯特的屍體。

  • In fact, Gacy had been  dumping Robert's body in that same river on the  night he was towed out of the snowbank before he  showed up at the police station covered in mud.

    在Des Plaines河裡事實上,Gacy一直在把Robert的屍體扔在那條河裡,在這一天當晚,他被拖出雪堆,才滿身泥濘地出現在警察局。

  • Gacy was charged with the murder of Robert  Piest, although police had yet to find his  body.


  • By January 8th, 1979, police had  uncovered the remains of 29 bodies,  but only 7 had been positively identified.


  • Gacy  was charged with the murders of 7 young men  as police continued their efforts to identify the  rest of his victims.


  • Parents of missing boys from  around the world contacted the Chicago police to  find out if their sons among Gacy's victims, and  forensic specialists and dentists were called in  to help identify the bodies using dental records,  which, in the time before DNA testing, was the  most reliable method of identifying victims.  

    警方繼續努力確認其他受害者的身份。失蹤男孩的父母全世界的人都聯繫了芝加哥警方,想知道他們的兒子是否在蓋西的受害者之列。 法醫專家和牙醫被叫來,利用牙科記錄幫助辨認屍體。 在DNA檢測之前,這是確認受害者身份的最可靠方法。

  • In April 1979, a Grand Jury indicted  Gacy on a total of 33 murders - the  largest number attributed to one  person in U.S. history at that time.


  • Throughout this, Gacy continued to give interviews  to the police, and even described his first murder  to officers in gruesome detail.


  • He admitted that  he had stabbed his victim to death in his bedroom,  before burying him in the crawlspace, and police  found a large blood stain on the underside  of the bedroom carpet that matched his story.


  •  Investigators also found a red light and a police  radio in Gacy's car, prompting them to conclude  that he had posed as a police officer in order  to kidnap his victims.

    的臥室地毯,符合他的說法。 調查人員還發現了一個紅燈和一個警方的蓋西車裡的收音機,促使他們得出結論,他冒充警察,以便

  • As the trial date loomedpolice still had not found Robert Piest's body,  but they had found his jacket under  the floor of Gacy's laundry room.


  • In January 1979, during the height of the  investigation into the Killer Clown, the Chicago  Metropolitan Clown Guild held a press conferencestating that the Gacy investigation was negatively  impacting the city's professional clowns.


  • Parents  were too afraid to have their children near a  clown after the details of Gacy's crimes and his  alter-ego Pogo the Clown were made public.


  • Gacy's  friends and neighbours recalled that he frequently  joked about howclowns can get away with murder”,  though at the time they thought he was referring  to his tendency to grope women while in costume.

    在蓋西的犯罪細節和他的另一個自我小丑Pogo被公開後,小丑。蓋西的朋友和鄰居回憶說,他經常開玩笑說 "小丑可以逃脫謀殺"。 雖然當時他們認為他指的是他在化裝時摸女人的傾向。

  • Gacy's trial began on February 6th, 1980.


  • Due to  the graphic nature of the crimes and the evidence,  the judge banned anyone under the age of 16 from  the courtroom.


  • Gacy, who was facing the death  penalty, pled not guilty to the charges and his  lawyers attemptted to launch a defence based on  insanity, but after a 5 week trial, it took the  jury just 2 hours to find John Wayne Gacy guilty  of the heinous murder of 33 young men.

    他的律師試圖以 "我 "為由進行辯護。但經過5周的審判 陪審團只花了2個小時就判定約翰-韋恩-蓋西有罪。

  • State  Attorney Bernard Carey was quoted as saying  “He certainly qualifies for the death penaltyIf he doesn't, who does?”


  • Gacy was sentenced to  death by lethal injection, and sent to Menard  Correctional Center to await his execution.

    "他當然有資格被判處死刑。 如果他不符合,誰符合?"蓋西被判處注射死刑,並被送往梅納德懲教中心等待處決。

  • Gacy would spend the next several years on death  row while his automatic appeals were exhausted.  


  • During his time on death row, Gacy took  up art, painting numerous creepy pictures  of, of course, clowns.


  • Several of Gacy's  paintings were auctioned off along with  other inmates' art to raise money  to buy art supplies for prisoners.  


  • Years later, after Gacy's death, two local  businessmen purchased 30 of these paintings,  and invited the families of his victims  to destroy them in a public bonfire.


  • After nearly 15 years on death row, all of Gacy's  appeals were exhausted, and his execution date was  set for May 10th, 1994.


  • Gacy's last meal consisted  of fried shrimp, a pound of fresh strawberries  and a bucket of KFC chicken with fries - prior  to his murder spree and subsequent incarceration,  Gacy had actually managed 3 KFC restaurants owned  by his former father-in-law.

    定於1994年5月10日。蓋西的最後一餐是炸蝦、一磅新鮮草莓... ...和一桶肯德基雞肉配薯條--在他的謀殺狂潮和隨後的監禁之前。

  • As he was strapped  to the gurney awaiting his execution, Gacy was  asked if he had any last words.


  • He snarled at  his executioners: “Kiss my ass”, and at 12:58  a.m., he was executed by lethal injection.


  • At the time of Gacy's execution, only 26 of  his 33 victims had been positively identified.  


  • The advent of DNA testing helped police  identify more of Gacy's unknown victims,  including the 2011 identification of William  George Bundy, a Chicago man who told his family  he was going to a party, and was never seen  again.


  • To this day, 6 victims of the killer  clown remain unidentified.


  • As a direct result  of Gacy's unthinkable crimes, Chicago police  spearheaded the creation of a computerized  database of missing and murdered children  and youths to make it easier for various police  departments across the country to communicate  and share information in the hopes that  similar crimes could be avoided in the future.

    小丑的身份仍然不明。由於蓋西的犯罪行為令人匪夷所思,芝加哥警方的直接結果是率先建立了一個關於失蹤和被害兒童的計算機化數據庫。 和青少年,以方便全國各警種部門溝通 並分享資訊,希望今後能避免類似的犯罪。

  • John Wayne Gacy brutally murdered 33 young men  and buried their bodies under the floorboards of  his home.


  • He had appeared to be a successful  businessman and a pillar of his community,  but neighbours would soon learn  that appearances can be deceiving.  


  • Hiding behind the facade was America's most evil  serial killer, John Wayne Gacy, the Killer Clown.


  • Now go watchWho Are the Most Evil Serial Killers  in America?”, or watch this other video instead!

    現在去看 "誰是美國最邪惡的連環殺手?",或者看這個其他的視頻來代替!

In December 1978, Chicago police were just  beginning to uncover the evidence of one of  the most heinous crimes their city had ever seen



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