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good morning from Italy.
You know what?
I'm really excited about this.
I've recorded special seen just for this moment.
So let's roll that.
It's so I'm well aware that the majority of the videos I do are Japan focused.
But you know what they say when in Rome.
Yeah, I know it's incredibly dorky, but how many times in your life do you actually have the chance to say when in Rome when you're actually in Rome?
Right now I am in Naples, Italy, and I've got so much to share with you guys.
It is gonna be an incredible day.
Believe it or not, we're bringing Japan Thio Italy today.
But before we can do that, we require breakfast and coffee and all that.
So why don't we roll a bit of an intro?
Breakfast was amazing and I didn't eat alone.
I've actually got people with me, and I'm gonna be giving these two gentlemen a proper introduction later on.
Who's old enough to remember her?
Be baby e.
Think it's pretty good time to introduce properly.
Introduce these two fine gentlemen.
We're going to start right here.
This is absolute she in?
Atsushi is a shamisen player also This'll This is kck.
KCK is also a shamisen player And today we're bringing Japan Thio Italy.
Oh, but before we can do that, Pizza pizza is great but they don't really look like shamisen players yet, so we're gonna fix that now.
That's much better the way the magic is about to start.
E o.
Are you ready?
Jen's have several performances set for today.
This is more just a warm up.
I can't wait to show them on the big stage, so let's enjoy.
How was it was good.
It was good things got a little crazy after the shamisen performance way.
So needless to say, things got kind of out of hand there for a while.
It was a lot of fun, but I also realized that I haven't even given you guys the slightest inkling of what all of this is about rather than showing you a few signs.
So this seems like a pretty good time to do that.
The simplest form of things.
I'm here for work.
I brought these two shamisen players case Gay and Atsushi out to Italy to do this job.
Now what?
What is this?
I guess the easiest way to explain it is that it's a festival.
I'm not even gonna do the injustice of trying to butcher the name with my terrible Italian pronunciation.
But in English should be called the Festival of the Orient.
On top of having exhibitions from all over the Orient, including China Japan time, they've recently started adding exhibitions, apparently from like the US And I've got to show you guys the United States exhibition because it's hilarious.
It's like something that you imagine that other countries see is like American stereotypes.
So we're definitely gonna be doing that.
But for now, hopefully that puts the mystery to rest of why I'm suddenly in Italy.
And yes, it is my first time to Italy.
Back inside.
Now on.
Guys are back at it.
It the bathrooms here aren't marked except for with text trying to figure out which I think this is the men's room, but we're gonna check way.
We found some cool spots.
So it's photo time.
Yeah, Now it's time to head back and get changed.
And while they're doing that, I want to show you guys Thea American Exhibition because it is by far one of the most stereotypically amazing things I think I've ever seen.
It's right over here.
He was ready to see all of America stereotypes in one place.
Thistle is America.
That's an entire shop for black licorice.
Some people love it, and some people hate it.
Which side of the fence do you fall on?
Because that's it's a whole shop for black licorice E.
With so plan right now is some form of food on most definitely some form of drink.
It's been well over an hour, hour and a half.
We've had a couple drinks, a couple of drinks, a couple of drinks.
Now we've got to get him back and head back to the hotel.
Alright, guys, I know this one has been briefing kind of all over the place.
I would love to keep blogging, but unfortunately, I came out here for work, and I've got a full day and night of it ahead of me.
Ah, lot of people have been asking.
Well, are you gonna be traveling around other parts of Italy?
I would love to, but my time in here was very limited.
I'll probably have to come back, E.
I hope that you did enjoy getting to come along to Italy with me.
I was so happy that I was able to bring you.
I can't wait to hang out with you guys down in the comments on this one.
So I will see you down there.
And, as promised, I'm gonna wrap this up with that performance by Case K and Atsushi.
I'll see you guys again real soon.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.


把日本帶到意大利 (Bringing Japan to Italy)

66 分類 收藏
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