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you guys came down here, we'll come back to my channel, so I'm getting married next month and Okay, I already have my wedding dress, but I thought it would be fun to try at some dresses on Ali Express to perhaps were for pre wedding photo shoot.
So I wanted to pick up a different range of different types of dresses, so I chose five on L'Express, but unfortunately, only four major for one of the dresses, I think what happened was they put the wrong country on the shipping label and it ended up shipping to the U.
When I'm in Australia, so I don't know what happened there.
I'm still waiting for refund.
Let's hope that I get it.
All the dresses I got were really affordable.
They are around the $85 to 100 range and joining me today, I have my friend Nat.
She's gonna be helping me put on all the dresses, looking forward, todo hopefully that the dresses are NFL.
So if you guys are interested in any of these dresses, I will link them or down below.
So let's just start the video.
So that's gonna help me put this on.
Hey, it's actually really Oh, my gosh.
Do you want it?
Okay, look, Tender And do you want it all done up?
We just want the me Let's just do the main one so you can wear as a short dress or you put this song.
It's so hot.
So this is dressed number one.
This one was $83.99 And I got this in a beige.
So first impressions, When I put it out of the bag, I was like, Yeah, this is not gonna look good, but actually, it's not as bad as I thought it would be.
The color is too light for my skin tone.
It just doesn't really match that.
Well, it kind of makes this makes me really pearl.
So I chose this dress because when I saw it in the photo, it looks really cool that you can wear in different stars.
I like how you can wear it as like, a short mini dress.
And you can also wear as a long wedding dress.
Okay, now, obviously, it's not the same.
Photo just looks amazing in the photo, doesn't it?
In the photo, the transparent mesh part looks, ah, lot darker, and it fits the girl's skin tone perfectly.
But obviously for me, E only paid $83 for this dress, so I can't expect amazing quality.
It's nice, it's nice, but you can tell the quality is not good.
I mean, she's got longer legs.
E get it.
But I think for it, like we thought that it was the worst that I actually thought, especially not that bad.
Okay, it's actually quite achieved a little bit, but this one I got in a size two on, actually, usually I wear size zero us.
So maybe that's why if it was maybe a bit tight, it would look a lot better.
But it's actually really teaching about in the photo is see through.
But in real life, this is a lot more see through.
Then it should be because you can see like you can obviously tell.
But there's address on the this ride.
It's flowing.
It's nice.
I don't mind this.
Let's try the next one that did allow the button.
If I did this by myself, I wouldn't want e Look out.
What is this'll e compared to this?
The other one like this is the same size as the yellow dress e I got this in the size to I'm assuming I tie this.
Yeah, E what is this one is Do it.
It's so easy.
What is going on?
I get what they tried to do.
It actually looks It would have been really nice.
And I was like, Damn, Paula, the boot cops like down here.
Hang on there we O s.
Oh, this is the next dress.
It was $79.22 and I got this one in a size two.
Even though this was exactly the same size as the previous one, This one is a lot bigger.
The previous one, it was still a little bit too big, but it wasn't any one year.
As bad as it's like what I do like hold on power.
Oh, no.
So okay, in the photo, I mean obviously fits the model perfectly.
This is meant to be tight inside of the chain on.
Then they don't need that.
There's two layers of two layers.
All the dresses I've tried on so far that really lazy.
So I really wanted to try something different something more simple.
Okay, look, I actually do like addresses.
Just the sizes.
On even What size is it s eyes to us, which is the same size as the previous one.
But anyone that can treat in that waste what shoulders that big e?
Because, actually, the waste is not that big.
I have no boobs.
E a coffee?
Yeah, that's one is mental.
Yeah, even then.
A little kind of tie in the middle.
Kind of.
It looks weird.
Yeah, it really broad shoulders Thio fit this This at a gym?
You wanna be a burrito?
E about it.
Received your acceptance speech.
The funniest on your personal planet awarded by.
Okay, let's try the next one on.
I think this is one of my favorite thing is pretty love.
Um, I bring it to perfect.
Do like a pre wedding shoes.
Like we did a pre wedding shoot.
Kind of spontaneous, but my friends Della did a pre wedding shoot in Japan when we first got engaged.
So this is the next dress, and it was $109.82 and I also got this one in a size two.
It's a little bit big here on the shoulder, so I need to order that a little bit and maybe a little bit big the back.
But it's really not that bad.
Like I like it.
It's so flowy is, well, you don't look at the photo.
It's actually a nice dress, but if you're comparing it, it's nothing like that.
Open in the back is very soon ways, and that's one thing I don't like about it.
Is that the waste?
It makes it very wide.
Yeah, it's part in the middle.
It's not the same because in the picture it's darker and it's the same color tone as the model for mine.
It's just white, and I got this dress in ivory because I wanted, like, the darker color because it came in white and ivory.
I assume that everyone would be more darker than the white.
It's glued on these flu like I could rip it off.
Oh, no, it's glued or no, I hate it when that happens, because I bought a few yes style prom dresses with flowers glued on, and they just like fell off because they strap for so long.
It's just kind of sinking down, I guess Despite this not looking like the picture, if you just look at it as a dress that you just paid $100 for, it's really not that bad.
So you've got a lot of layers in this dress.
You got this organza lay up.
Then you've got another layer of organza.
Also, it's 12 three.
You're not a label.
Ginza four.
Then you've got the silky part here.
Oh, this material's actually quite thick.
He sit down.
It's like cute as always.
Yeah, I feel like it looks better when you sit down because then just go up a bit higher.
Oh E Oh, my gosh is split up over the floor.
But it's so yeah, I need a vacuum.
This is the last dress, and this one was $85.79.
It's so good, right?
I got this stress in a white in the size to two weeks ago.
I was in Japan and I actually took this dress with me because I was like, this dress is so extra, so glittery, it would be perfect for some photos.
What I didn't think about was all that glitters on this dress.
A soon as you put a dress out of the packaging.
Glitz logo is everywhere.
Like there's glitter all around me right now and I'm draining to clean up in photos.
I feel like it looks not bad, right?
Its so called It's pretty It a little bit my incident.
Like Ice Princess.
Yeah, like it's social in real life.
Like when the light hits, it feels like, Gosh, just like sprung up on May.
Oh, you're walking?
So it just looks like this glitter glued onto address.
But I know for sure if you're walking around the whole day, just gonna fall, So I mean, Okay, I'm stepping on myself.
The dress itself.
It's not the most amazing quality dress, and the glitters are quite rough.
I feel like in the photo soft material, it's on super hard, where, like they just, like, tracked a bunch of blue and just glitter on top.
Looks like a very It's just like to the fuck.
Yeah, it looks amazing.
Do a little 12.
Okay, well, here is my favorite.
He's your favorite animal over.
I like the previous one better.
I think that one is really nice.
Smooth sizing ways once again, still a bit too big for me.
But, I mean, that's to be expected that I usually website zero anyway.
But unfortunately, on L'Express size to was the smallest.
I could get the layers of the stress.
You've got this glittery layered, and you've got one layer of organza on two layers of organza and one layer off this silky material.
It's a little bit itchy, though.
In the back.
Yeah, the Clippers, they're just kind of scratching.
Gets my back because they're really rough.
If you touch material, it z rough like it's like borderline sandpaper.
It is like, obviously, it's not the same as a photo.
I feel like the photo.
It looks a lot more lighter, comfortable to wear.
And this one is just very crunchy.
You know what I mean?
If you actually don't look at the picture and if you think about the price I paid for, it is pretty amazing.
Like $85 pretty thing.
This dress you wanna be Oh, what do you know that I was for it?
You take it so yeah, I take it you can have a I bought these dresses for fun.
But usually if I don't like them, I just don't think the U.
So the quality of the material they use is obviously a lot better.
This one's like you can tell it's cheap college, but it looks good.
So I feel like you can't really tell unless if you look really closely.
No, I think like especially with the events E o or something that if you wear this or maybe not the first dress, you know, the first one, the 2nd, 3rd and this one you could Yeah.
Really nice.
People would ask you E s, you could make it several fences talking Tajae your favorite the previous third dress.
I love that one.
I'll go get my mom to ultra a little bit and then I'm gonna wear it for, like, a pre wedding shoot.
I'm actually really impressed.
I was expecting to hate every single dress because, I mean, I've been scarred from, like, president from Taliban all that.
So, Like, honestly, if you are on a budget for your wedding, go on, express guys, days are pretty Damn the last two choices.
Yeah, I would like everything down below.
So if you guys are interested to check out the dresses, then you check out the description box.
The most expensive dress I got never came.
So this one was supposed to be similar to the previous one.
I have a photo up.
What it's supposed to look like proceeds all these dresses around the same time.
But I'd never received the last one.
So I went to Japan.
But I got home.
I asked Erica did any more parcels, Companies like, No, I was like, Well, and then I check the tracking number, and then they should get to the U.
At some random address.
So I never got that dress, but they're issuing me a refund.
Now that's the end of this video guys hoping you or enjoyed It was really fun trying on all these dresses, and they turned out a lot better than I expected.
I did open them all up before I filmed the video.
For most of them, I was like, but I feel like after you try the model, it's actually not that bad.
Obviously, none of the dresses looked like the photo at all, but that's to be expected I feel like most of the dresses that they tried to replicate.
They were probably over like 2 $3000 at least for the dresses.
So the fact I was only paying, like around $85.200 for all of them.
I feel like the quality really wasn't that bad.
It was good.
Can I recommend and express dresses as your wedding dress?
Yes, I feel like if you choose the right one, I think like you can actually wear them on your wedding day when I try and find good clothes on.
These websites generally check at the reviews, and I usually pay more attention to reviews that include photos because you can actually see what other people had received.
So for most of these dresses, I chose the dresses that already had reviews, and they were generally pretty good.
My favorite dress was number three.
The four fund was really good as well, but it's just that my carpets school glitter now, so I feel like it's just really messy to wear.
Uh, but if you were just waiting for furniture, it be amazing.
So, yeah, hopefully you guys enjoyed this video and thank you to net is over helping me out a link a channel down below.
So you guys check it out.
And also follow my social media, which I will link down below.
And my vlog channel.
My wedding is coming up next month.
So if you guys want to see some wedding planning vlogs and maybe logs during the day of the wedding, I don't know if I'm gonna be filming yet.
I'll see.
Then you check out my blood channel that will be linked.
Abalos wealthy you guys in the next video.
Bye, guys.


試穿:ALIEXPRESS廉價婚紗......這是一個錯誤。 (?Try On: ALIEXPRESS CHEAP WEDDING DRESSES... it was a mistake)

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