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All right.
Good morning.
I am off to go into the field today.
And first I'm gonna go speak with Simon Woodroffe.
He's a fascinating guy.
He was in the entertainment business for 30 years, and then he founded Yo Sushi on if you're not from London, Um, it was a really innovative restaurant at the time.
Conveyor belts with sushi floating around the place, and robots that serve you drinks.
And he took that brand really very, very far.
Then he was one of the first dragons on Dragon stand here in the UK, and now he's taking his your brand into hospitality and beyond.
And so I'm actually going down right now to his houseboat in Chelsea, and I'm gonna sit down with him and ask him some some serious questions about how we can get London back toe work A z You know, lately I've been I've been frustrated, um, listening to friends of mine that are entrepreneurs and watching this beautiful city that I love, um, just go down the tubes from a lack of leadership.
Ah, lack of clear protocols when it comes to, you know, science based decisions around co vid um, just not listening, you know, to these people and, uh, the people in governments, they never were entrepreneurs.
They don't know what it's like to go out there and have to lead a team that scared have to put your capital on the line.
And it's the lifeblood of London, you know, our small and medium sized businesses, or 98% of everything.
Um, there were the culture of the city comes from.
And so I want to talk to Simon and find out what are his thoughts on what we can dio What the government can dio, um, to really promote getting this whole city back toe work.
I don't know if that means getting people actually into London to spend helping these businesses set up outdoor space.
Whatever it is, I want to try to find some solutions.
So I head on over right now, Hopefully is not gonna throw me off his boat.
Uh, do some dragons Dan stuff on me.
But I'm excited to talk to him because he's been there and done that.
He understands retail.
He understands hospitality, and hopefully he can get some decisions.
So I'll be posting that video shortly.


我們如何讓倫敦重回工作崗位 ? ?Simon Woodruff OBE - YO!Sushi ? & Dragons ?Den (How We Get London Back to Work ??? Simon Woodruff OBE - Founder of YO! Sushi ? & Dragons ? Den)

46 分類 收藏
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