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we raised a bunch of money for, ah digital platform that we stream on.
I got criticized from that and I've never had.
I've never had this much criticism or attention.
You know, I'd wait.
I've been waiting for Vice to write an article about us for nine years, and then they wrote a nasty one.
I'm waiting for the BBC to write an article about us for nine years, and then they wrote a nasty one, and I got I kind of got through it.
But some of my family members were watching it, and I had to, like, tell him to stop my my approach.
With all forms of criticism, there was a really I was really lucky that one of the first people I interviewed, potentially in the first person I ever interviewed, I believe you've interviewed in two was Simon Senate.
I think he's great.
I've loved his work on, but I interviewed him.
This was 2016 and moved to New York.
I was at the huffpost.
I'm interviewing Simon on.
I'm like, you know, smiling from from ear to ear because he's someone that I love his books and I asked him the same question and he gave me such a brilliant answer that I think really set me up, he said.
When he first started his career, he was getting so many people that were criticizing him on also people that were saying good things about him, of course.
And he said that what him and his team were doing in the beginning is that they would contact every person that was criticizing him and they would get them in a room and they were trying to speak to them and convince them over why.
What he was trying to do was actually helpful and trying to help them understand and see what they saw.
And he literally said that we would reach out to them, get them into a meeting and sit down with them.
And then he told me that he started to realize that they were draining so much energy in this approach.
Not only were people not being convinced, but they were just getting drained, sitting in so many meetings, trying to convince people who didn't really agree with what he was saying or whatever it was at the time, Andi and he started to take a new approach where he now started, he realized that he hadn't responded toe all the love.
So every time there was a negative comment, he'd respond.
But every time there was a comment like This is amazing.
He would never responded.
So he shifted and he started to just respond to the love on that kind of started Thio, capitalize and accelerate the love.
Now that doesn't mean that you don't take feedback, and that doesn't mean that you don't respond to parts that you know you can improve.
And I think my belief system has always been that I want to extremely respond to the positive Onda love because that's really important.
And I want to respond to feedback by my actions on also recognizing that I really am always trying to be really clear on my intention.
On def, I can genuinely wake up every day and say, I'm trying my best.
I'm really working hard to serve.
I make mistakes.
I'm not perfect, but I'm making my amends and I'm trying to grow.
But my intention from day one, it's only been to serve and make a difference and celebrate incredible leaders and thinkers and people, and I think that's what I goto bed with in the night, feeling like it's okay, because that's what I really have.
I'll never be able to.
And no one will ever be able to explain the details and the ins and outs of every scenario.
Every person on the planet, right?
You just can't on DSO.
I find satisfaction and contentment in in being able to say I'm trying my best.
I'm always trying to improve and grow Andi, that I welcome Andi learn from feedback and on growing every way.
But I'm not going to stop doing what I'm doing.
Uh, because I really believe it's It's what's needed for from my purpose and and for others.
And so with you and you talk about your family, I think that's always the toughest.
And you may have experienced this when things were going well.
You don't hear from anyone.
And when things go badly, all of a sudden, all your friends and family message you onda, they almost and and again it's the human mind that navigates or sorry gravitates towards and amplifies negativity.
So that's why when you're being celebrated in succeeding, people will talk for a bit.
But when you are struggling and being criticized, everyone will talk about ITM or and I just realized that to be human nature.
So I found myself distancing myself at that time from anyone who just keeps raising negativity on the other beautiful thing.
About those times.
Brian and I don't have you felt this is it really shows you who's there for you.
It's a great test of who really believes in you.
I can say that in my life, whenever I've experienced any sort of humbling or criticism, it's been a really good light onto who my real friends are and everything.
And I can handle my heart, say that I'm really grateful that 99.9% of the people that I believed would stay by me have always stayed by me because they know me.
And I think that's a really important part.
Is that having a group of people that are not, yes, people that having a group of people around you that deeply no, you, Andi and you deeply know them and they can be the people that help you construct your self esteem and what that means is the only way to live like you can't live in the world of like everyone's opinion matters.
But you also can't live in the falsehood of no one's opinion matters.
Both of those are untrue, right?
No one can say I don't care about what anyone thinks and no one should live with the belief that I care whatever one thinks.
And so the only way to live is having your counsel creating a group of mentors and guides around you that could be honest with you and open with you.
But also know your heart and know why you do what you do.
And they at that time could help you say, this is something you need to improve.
But, hey, I know this is your intention, and please continue doing my my my wife, my wife.


仇人必恨:Jay Shetty解釋了他認為處理網上責備的最佳方式是什麼。 (HATERS GONNA HATE: Jay Shetty Explains What He Thinks Is The Best Way To Deal With Criticism Online)

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