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The refrigerator.
Is it just a cold box for your food stuffs?
Or is it more?
Can we learn something about people by looking
into their private polar repository?
I think yes.
What do we have here?
Last night's leftover chicken casserole,
meat in loaf fashion,
broccoli and brussels sprouts,
and a little Riesling to take the edge off.
Any guesses?
You're looking at the fridge of a mom.
But we are just getting started.
Here we see various colors and levels
of sport drink,
remnants of Orange Chicken,
five different hot sauces,
and a mysterious tupperware of brown.
As you might have ascertained,
this is the refrigerator of any male living
by himself, ages 18-32.
Pitiful, really.
Hopefully he meets someone soon.
Okay, I see a carton of eggs with six missing,
one peanut butter cup,
a half eaten carrot cake,
three cans of soda pop
and half a slice of pizza.
This is the fridge of a pessimist.
Or an optimist.
Could go either way, really.
Whoa nelly.
Here we see magazine cutouts,
pictures of a man taken from afar,
a homemade doll of Don Cheadle,
roasted red pepper hummus,
and a severed human arm.
Why, yes, we are looking into
the refrigerator of a serial killer.
He really should put that arm in the freezer.
Oh my, look what we have here!
A grand feast!
Ripe fruit, steamy, plump turkey legs,
wheels of cheese,
brightly colored neon frosting pies!
What's that?
You don't see it?
Well, you're just not believing.
There you go, you're believing!
Don't stop believing!
Yes, there...
is the refrigerator of the Lost Boys
from the film Hook. Mmm! Bangerang!
Oh my goodness! Look at this.
Is that...pudding?
Why, yes, it's pudding.
Lots and lots of nothing but pudding.
Whose refrigerator is this?
This is my refrigerator.
I'm the narrator and I love pudding.
I'm also your biological father.
Please call me at this number to reconnect 203-446-5839
Your mother was insane.
She fell in love with that monkey
that the Russians sent up into space.
I was working the mines, titanium ore.
I'd sneak you in each morning in a satchel,
and then put you into a bin of Titaniam ore
on the way out each evening.
If you have asthma, this is probably why.
But you probably also like butterscotch pudding.
I've got a lot of that.
So I apologize for putting you up for adoption.
But I would like to reconnect and enjoy
pudding with you in the present.
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神奇!從冰箱可看出你的人格特質 What Your Fridge Says About You

47708 分類 收藏
Halu Hsieh 發佈於 2014 年 5 月 24 日    歆茹 翻譯    Kristi Yang 審核
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