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- My family's much like anybody else's.
- Mmhmm.
There's half of them that you love and respect, and then, there's the other half.
Which half am I meeting?
(upbeat music)
[Henry] Well, there's my cousin, Alistair, based in Taiwan, works in movies.
(punching and screaming)
[Director] Cut!
(alarm goes off)
[Henry] He's dating Kitty Pong, an actress.
(upbeat tango music)
[Kitty] Ah, you like it?
I was feeling very, very ...
Where is the emotions?
Can you feel it?
Oh, I can feel all of you, and all of me.
[Speaking Mandarin] She's terrible, can't we get someone else?
[Speaking Mandarin] He's financing the whole movie. You tell him his girlfriend sucks.
Okay, and what about your cousin, Eddie, you know you never talk about him?
Well, Eddie's a big finance guy in Hong Kong.
A real family man.
(upbeat music)
(camera shoots)
[Russell] You know if you move, it would look more natural.
No, this way you get our optimal angles.
Ah, then we're done.
Russell, thank you so much.
It's an honor to be photographed by you.
My pleasure, people will love it in the next Hong Kong Vogue.
Thank you, Russell.
Hong Kong Vogue?
I knew it, your dress is a disaster.
If you wore a Bottega gown, like I told you to, we'd be in the American Vogue.
You can wear that gown to hell, Eddie.
(children's cars hoot)
[Henry] And there's Astrid.
Oh, I remember Astrid.
She's like who I wanna be when I grow up.
Astrid is awesome, and she's probably the only one I'm actually close with, and she's really grounded, and down-to-earth once you get to know her.
(big band music)
Not only did she graduate top of her class at Oxford, start multiple charities and is a fashion icon, Astrid has the biggest heart of any of my cousins.
[Little Girl] Mummy, see what I mean--
No, not now.
Hi, I'm Astrid.
What's your name?
[Little Girl] Ira.
[Astrid] And who is this?
Well, I think Bunbun looks very dashing with his bow.
You have a good eye.
Thank you.
[Man] Miss Leong, right this way.
Very nice to meet you both.
(door slams)
[Jeweler] These are all brand new from Antwerp.
You're the first person I've shown them to.
What are those?
Those are very special.
Burmese pearl drop earrings, set with emeralds and rare pigeon blood red rubies.
They were worn by Queen Supayalat at her self-anointed coronation in 1878.
How much?
Having you wear one of my pieces is better publicity than I can buy.
I'll let them go at cost.
1.2 million.
(plane flies over)


【映画で英語】映画『クレイジーリッチ』より、”クレイジーリッチな従兄弟に会う”(Meet the Crazy Rich Cousins | Crazy Rich Asians | HBO Max)

135 分類 收藏
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