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you know what's up, baby?
Oh, e don't know.
I didn't know you had dreads.
And what is that, Brother?
Just got extensions put in today.
They tight, huh?
Between your eyes.
What the hell is that?
It's the mark of Buddha.
It's the skin marker Buddha.
Looks like he took a dump in the middle of your face.
E don't think that's gonna work out.
Hold on now.
Are you doing this?
I rent a field of dreams and dances with wolves.
You are a wolf Chocolate diva.
No, me.
You got us.
I'll take you off my buddy, this bitch.
I hope you get a virus.
You ain't your computer if you build it.
What you mean, if you build it, they gonna come who these people are gonna come to a fucking Cornfeld.
Who gonna cut the grass?
I know you don't expect me to sell no peanuts out.
This bitch should remind me of slavery day roots and shit, man, This man.
Hey, what was that?
Any crazy?
Oh, I'm saying only way I'm coming is if you got some females and some chronic, and then we all gonna be coming.
That voice just now this.
In here?
You got some nice titties, Dog word.
You must have heard that he's a good man.
Feel great.
It's kind of pretty.
Is it?
Yeah, I told.
Did not.
You You sound like to Yeah, Marco.
Buddha, my ass.
Look atyou now.
Dead ashes.
Every after all these years of blazing, who would have thought the last thing the wind up smoking would be your ass?
I'm gonna miss you, dog.
And I'm gonna be thinking about you while I'm taking them THC s.
And if you really my boy, you'll make sure I passed that motherfucker.
You hurt.
Thanks, pops.
Matter of fact, what's up with that little judge is gonna get a look.
Never mind.
Forget it.
Oh, there's more stinky basket.


How High (2001) - Death by Weed Scene (1/10) | Movieclips (How High (2001) - Death by Weed Scene (1/10) | Movieclips)

11 分類 收藏
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