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It took me 40 years to figure out the message that service was the way.
And I want to get into it because you talk about it in your book.
But like, it took me a while because, you know, in my teens and twenties and even in my thirties, it was about me, me, me, you know, I was basically the hedge fund manager guy.
So I'm kind of amazed that that you could be open minded to that.
Because I'm sure a lot of your peers were thinking the same kind of thing, right?
I really owe that to the teachers on.
That's what I mean.
Brian, what?
What I was saying about your show and what you're doing and what I'm trying to do is that if you don't experience compassion, you won't really believe it exists on the only way you experience compassion is if you sit in the presence of someone who has unlimited compassion.
And so I feel like when you're growing up, you're surrounded by people who have an addiction to wealth, or you have you're surrounded by people who have an addiction to laziness or you're surrounded by people who have an obsession or an absorption with status and power.
And so all you're experiencing is that experience.
And all of a sudden, when you throw a and again, it doesn't have to be a monk, it could be anyone who shows you this right.
It doesn't have its not specifically to do with being a monk.
But when I when you meet a monk whose embodying, uh, love and compassion and and mastery of the mind you all of a sudden start experiencing and you go, Oh, it's possible it exists it like you feel it and and I think that's what you know.
There's a beautiful statement by I believe it's from ST Francis.
He says that you know, you should you should preach all day.
You should preach all day on.
Sometimes you should open your mouth on bits.
That belief that you know the energy is contained in someone's presence on the way they live their life, even without opening their mouth forever.
Saying why?
Why my wife?
Why don't you want stop my wife?
Uh huh.


為他人服務。"如果你沒有經歷過慈悲,你就不會相信它的存在" | Jay Shetty (SERVICE TO OTHERS: "If You Don't Experience Compassion, You Won't Believe It Exists" | Jay Shetty)

20 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 9 月 16 日
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