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The parents of Elliot and Harvey, age 9 and 11,
would like your permission to teach them the general principals of horsemanship.
They are both great admirers of your work.
Good day your grace
Good day, please sit
So you want to be grooms?
Yes please
I am in need of an apprentice or two. So I shall impart some of my wisdom.
Is it true you’re a Duke?
My full title is William Cavendish, the first Duke of Newcastle Upon-Tyne.
Why do you like horses so much?
The horse is the most trusted of all our friends, we use him in all parts of our daily life.
I am practising the art of manège, that is using complex patterns to train our horses to be subtle and fit and make them fly should we need too.
How do you care for the horses?
We must first brush them, making sure that we brush along the hairline not against the hair.
This brings out the sweat we have caused through riding.
We must then place the saddle upon his back and tighten his girth.
And then place his bridle with a bit in his mouth and make sure he is dressed and prepared for his riding that day.
What is a switch and what is it used for?
A switch is a wand, a long piece of wood, and we use this to communicate with the horse
never to punish
to touch him in various places to ask him to perform a movement.
How do you train a horse?
You must use the strength, spirit and disposition of the horse and nothing against its known nature.
You must teach a horse to be balanced, so that he carries not only himself, but also his rider.
And shift the weight on to his hind legs to make him nimble.
What is your greatest achievement?
I am most proud and pleased to have served King Charles as general of the north during the Civil War.
And though we were defeated in battle, my loyalty has brought me much reward.
Well, I must bid you farewell,
I have important work to do in the stables.
Thank you for teaching us about your life.
It was my pleasure.


生活是怎樣的?第8集: 斯圖亞特|遇見馬匹訓練師(Stuarts) (What Was Life Like? Episode 8: Stuarts | Meet a Horse Trainer)

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