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you're fulfilling your true purpose if you commit your life to the highest advantage of others.
I wrote Rich Dad poor Dad because I'm serving a mission to serve my fellow human being.
Because the school system will never teach you about money.
They teach people to be poor.
Poor people say I can't afford it.
I can't do that.
I don't have time because this is escape.
The reason they're pours haven't failed.
It's that fear mentality.
You play it safe and you don't introduce new risks into your life.
We're gonna change what we teach our kids to introduce a real different mindset.
How can I afford it?
How can I do that?
A question opens a mine.
A statement closes the mind one of the greatest ways acquired Great wealth, this playing monopoly in real life.
So my game financially is business number one second is real estate.
And that's why I pay no taxes.
My success comes from spirituality, not finance.
Every time I failed, it was like what have I learned?
A grow from it.
We have a mission to do.
You do not belong to you.
You belong to the universe.
What does God want done that I might be able to lend a hand it doing.
I don't think God likes people being poor.
All right.


ROBERT KIYOSAKI - RICH DAD POOR DAD - How To Invest In Yourself For A Better Future | TRAILER(富爸爸窮爸爸)--如何投資自己,創造更好的未來。 (ROBERT KIYOSAKI - RICH DAD POOR DAD - How To Invest In Yourself For A Better Future | TRAILER)

8 分類 收藏
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