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  • tell me about the injuries because we watch you in the documentary.


  • And, uh, you know, we watch you walking around with crutches and, you know, and I'm sure, you know, look, you're you're living your life.

    我們看著你拄著柺杖走來走去,你知道,我肯定,你知道,你看,你... ...你過著你的生活。

  • You're like, Hey, this is how I move.


  • And I get to do all these things.


  • But for a lot of people, it's hard to watch because they know they know Ronnie on stage.


  • And now you're on the crutches, You know, what are the injuries been like?


  • I know you've been seeing a chiropractor since your football days.


  • So you've been having issues.


  • This is something your whole career.


  • How do you explain the back injuries and surgeries to people who don't understand?


  • I think it's something that built up over time because I played football and, uh, you know, lifting weights in high school hurt myself, really hurt my back really bad, you know, just trying to learn how to do power lifting, you know?


  • And then I played football and hurt my back again there, you know, just being hit, you know, all the time.


  • But this position I played, you had to hit somebody on every play, and there was a lot of times that I got injured, you know, just just just playing, playing football.

    但我打的這個位置, 你必須打別人的每一個發揮, 並有很多時候,我受傷了, 你知道,只是打,打球。

  • And then, uh then there's body building.

    然後,呃... ...然後有健美。

  • You know, uh, you left in every single day just about this for me.


  • It was these six days a week, and, uh, there's always gonna be a chance to, you know, get hurt there, too.


  • So I got injured the power lifting team back in the day.


  • Then I got injured playing football.


  • Then I got injured playing bodybuilding.


  • I think all the injuries just piled up after a while.


  • And, uh, that's when you need surgery.

    這時你就需要做手術了 And, uh, that's when you need surgery.

  • When the when the pain comes so intense, you can't take it no more.

  • And you refuse to stop lifting.


  • Yeah, yeah, yeah.


  • Lifting to something that I've done, you know, my whole entire life.

    提升到的東西,我已經做了, 你知道,我的整個生活。

  • Uh, I've always done, and I've always look forward to doing it, and it's always just been a hobby of mine, you know?


  • Yeah, it's just too bad, you know, have avenged myself doing it, but it didn't really, you know, stop me from doing it.

    是啊,這只是太糟糕了,你知道, 有報復自己做, 但它並沒有真正,你知道,阻止我從做它。

  • Does the lifting cause injuries to your back, or can you lift without it causing problems?


  • Yeah, Yeah, yeah, of course.


  • You just lift the right way the correct way, and you won't get injured.


  • E had any injuries.


  • Uh, last time I was injured in the weight room was probably back in 95.


  • 96 somewhere.


  • You know, I had, like, 100 digits, but e I haven't had anything since then.

    你知道,我有,像,100個數字, 但我沒有任何東西,因為然後。

  • Okay, but my injured most of come just from just being compound it from all the years of being on Palace and King, playing football, doing bodybuilding, it it just all altogether.

    好吧,但我的傷最來 只是從只是被複合它 從所有的年的宮殿和國王, 打足球,做健美, 它只是所有總。

  • Uh, it just went from this one thing.


  • A lot of people think it's just from me, you know, lifting heavy.


  • They always saw me going heavy when I was on tape or whatever, but I lived in heavy like that when I was in high school, too, you know, because I want power team.

    他們總是看到我去沉重的時候,我是在錄音帶或什麼的, 但我住在沉重的一樣,當我在高中,也,你知道, 因為我想力量的團隊。

  • I'm tryingto I left the other guys.


  • And you know, of course, you well, injuries gonna happen.

    你知道,當然,你... ...受傷會發生。

  • So just, uh, unfortunately, that mine got to the point where I said the pain got so bad that I couldn't take it, So I had that have a third year.

    所以,呃,不幸的是,我的得到了點 在那裡我說,疼痛得到了如此糟糕的,我不能把它,所以我有,有一個第三年。

tell me about the injuries because we watch you in the documentary.



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