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All right.
So what's going on?
I'm just minding my own business.
Going through Hampstead Heath on these two gentlemen shot right.
What's up?
Introduce you guys.
Your name's Graham got me.
Check it out.
You yelled out the window.
What do you say?
You said the universe universe made me see you today, Brian.
Inspirational being and common when I see him.
Energies, energies, vibrations.
So tell me, guys, how come you know who I am and like what you've been watching stuff the content the last six months.
What do you guys think of everything we've been publishing and what's going on with state of the world and content?
Keep shop today with what is happening in, you know, makes you think about your life and what you can dio a pandemic or a situation where things that happen in us out of your control Get your mind right.
Get yourself right and you'll be alright.
Learned that's learned.
Just learn to see the change before it happened.
So you don't get affected Thio crazy and e respect what you did in keep up.
Keep it seriously.
Inspiration is gentlemen like this that that I I honestly I meet people every day in the streets that speak like you guys do.
And yet on online we think everybody is the opposite.
You keep going the oh, you keep going.
You What would you say to people out there that are worried right now about what's going on?
Or they're freaked out or worried or scared or living in fear?
Like, What do you tell people?
I would say, Don't be worried.
I want to say Try and understand what you don't understand.
People always fair.
What they don't know.
You don't know what you don't know.
So pages that yours, you can educate yourself.
There's a lot of people explaining certain things.
Open your mind and learned to adapt rather than rather than resist.
That's what I say.
Obviously, the next time your research don't be a victim.
Yeah, learn what you can learn and educate yourself.
Test yourself.
It's a beautiful world, that life and I love this positivity man because a lot of a lot of people think because I published all this content that has people worrying about, you know, freedom of speech and whatever vaccines and all that stuff that I'm not optimistic I am, you know, And that's why I appreciate you guys being like we got to stay positive here.
That's one we're gonna get through this.
What about perception in it?
So your life is how you see your life.
The world might be a crazy place.
But if you're if you've got your mind right and you understand certain things that you can still look as beautiful places is a E.
I know, right?
It's true.
It's a beautiful day on What do you think about when when they actually try?
Thio sensor Freedom of speech.
Like when?
When someone says, Look, I just wanna put this point out there.
I'm not asking or advocating for violence or revolution or destruction of property.
I just wanna put in opinion out there, and we can't do that on certain digital platforms that might even published this.
What do you think about that?
I think that's horrible that you know, platforms, air trying to control your mindset and your mind State.
Hey, what do you say?
What's the saying again?
Uh, but it was gonna have been doing something right.
So when you see o e z e, always compare this to like flat Earthers.
And look, I don't know if you're flatter Respect.
If you are, that's fine.
But like you're allowed to put your opinion out there and you put the videos on YouTube and people can listen to you or they can think you're crazy, that's cool.
But when it comes to stuff, we talk about their like, you can't even put it up there.
Remember, we're not forcing.
I'm not forcing that opinion on you.
Take you take just sharing an opinion.
It's allowed.
It should be allowed on.
A platform says it's not allowed.
What gives them the power to do that?
It's a free country, Isn't it different Freedom of speech?
You know, the last time I checked, man.
But yeah, you got to question the agenda.
The platforms.
Is that what's happening?
So look, man, I really appreciate you guys is guys like you better keep that keep me honestly, doing this every single day.
Final thoughts from you to come on.
Final four Final thoughts.
Like I said, already adapt.
Understand what you don't understand.
Learn as much as you can.
Educate yourself, open your mind and number, said Life's about perceptions so how you look at life will be your life.
Whatever you believe will be your reality.
Literally a mentor.
That about you.
Life is beautiful.
Enjoy it.
Wake up.
Have gratitude, Grace.
Andi, understand?
Anything is possible in the positive mindset.
Even even in the e agreement.
All right, let's stay positive.
I appreciate all of you out there.
Thank you guys so much, man.
E man, we're just doing what feels like Help you?
I'm trying to stay healthy.
Oh, you guys are killing me.
Alright, man.
London Real army.
I appreciate you guys.
Thes guys are amazing.
I appreciate you.
All right.
Let's keep the faith Will stay optimistic.
Let's stay informed and educated unless question our authority and all that stuff.
All right, peace to you guys.
Peace to you out there.


"當你做對一件事的時候,總會有仇人"--真人真事真談?"? (“You Will Always Have Haters When You’re Doing Something Right” - Real Talk from Real People????)

36 分類 收藏
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