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I don't know how this happened but I got an upgrade!
I already had a pool view room reserved but they said, "Guess what? You're upgraded to a suite!"
I was like, "What!?". It's probably because they're not that maybe but I'm not complaining.
I'm very, very happy. It is such a nice hotel.
There's so much to do here... well, not that much, but there's a variety of things to do here.
I just wanted to show you the room real quick because it's pretty kick ass.
Everything is controlled with the key card. You have to put your key card in to light up everything
and have all the outlets working and the lights.
Here is the living room area.
Very spacious and a nice big mirror.
Over here is the nice pool view. It looks amazing.
Past that is supposed to be the beach which I am very excited to see.
Over here, we have the bathroom.
This is the shower. They have one of those nice rain showers things which is always good. Pretty big.
The nice sink over here.
Got the dryer and the toiletries.
What is this?
Rituals. The ritual of happy Buddha. Sounds very zen-like.
There's a separate room for the toilet over here
and then i thought that was it... and there's also some towels.
I thought that was the one bathroom that we would have
but turns out that there's another bathroom area in here
This is the bedroom and then over here is another bathroom and sink area
so there's two sinks and then more toiletries and another dryer
another little shower over here
and another toilet.
They love those bidets here.
Aww, I just noticed this. Look. They put the tissue in a bow.
How very sweet. I love it when they do cute, clever things like that.
In here, there's a very large closet with plenty of room for us to hang clothes if we want to.
There's some extra pillows and a safe, which is always good to have.
Some drawers to store more clothes.
Looks like a kettle up there and a fridge where there's not much room but it's there if you need it.
Finally, over here is the bedroom.
They're going to have to separate this.
My friend, Stephanie, is going to come in a bit and we're not going to want to be that close to each other
so housekeeping is going to separate that for us.
The beds are small and I wish they were a tad bigger but oh well.
They said every room is like that when there's two beds.
They also gave us two robes and slippers. Slippers are always nice.
We've got some coffee. Oh cool, it's Nespresso. Love the Nespresso.
Some teas.
They have a really nice welcome message here that says, "Welcome, Mrs. Crystal Behrends. Enjoy your stay!"
We have another patio over here.
We've got a patio on that side from our living room and this is from our bedroom.
How gorgeous. Looks like a nice day today too.
Look at those nice views. Lots of palm trees. Kind of reminds me of Florida.
Always love a good balcony.
They gave us this little brochure of information.
They've got three places where you can eat. The restaurant, a chill-out bar and a pool bar.
The chill-out bar is on the rooftop and they have live music from 6:30 to midnight so that's pretty nice.
They have a buffet restaurant and breakfast is included so we'll get some free breakfast tomorrow.
They also have an al a carte restaurant. You just have to make reservations.
They have a spa, a gym and the pool obviously.
Also a shuttle to Albufiera, the town.
That's the room in Albufeira. I feel like I'm not saying that right.
Alba... Alba-fure-ira. Alba-feera? Alba-fura?
Anyway, I'm going to figure it out by the end of this trip.
Very excited to stay at Albufeira.
This room so lovely. I'm so happy that they upgraded us and I'm sure Stephanie is going to really love this too.
I'm just ready to relax and enjoy this two-night stay here and I'm very excited about the beach.
We're going to go to the beach and/or pool. It's actually a lot cooler here than we thought.
This morning it was 64 degrees and right now, it's 74 degrees. I just assumed it to be 80 or 90 degrees.
Alright, got our towels and we're going to the beach first. go to the beach first.
They're all European vacationers here.
I haven't seen any Americans. We're like the only Americans in this town or something.
I'm excited about that. I was looking for something really European.
And I let you pick this town. I was just going to Algarve for a few days.
I know. You told me about Algarve, so I looked more into it and there's different cities
but this was the one that seemed like the most quiet I felt like.
but that was a mistake because apparently, it's a huge party town at night
I was looking at the Instagram Stories related to my location
and everybody on the street... well, in New Town.
There's Old Town and New Town here.
New Town is a super big party street and lots of Irish pubs.
Irish pubs galore!
Irish pubs galore, so I was quite surprised that was so we started doing some research on it
and found out that there's a thriving nightlife here.
You can go for lunch but a lot of places aren't opening until 6:00 to 8:30 tonight.
I feel like we have to wait and see it.
At least going a little bit.
The party doesn't really start until 1:00 AM.
Yeah, we're not going to be doing that but we will be experiencing a little bit of it.
What attracted me to this location was the pictures of this beach.
I wanted easy access and this seemed like the best place to do it so that's why I chose Albufeira.
Oh, somebody's nude right there. Is this a nude area?
Fully nude or just topless?
Well no, just the top.
I think that's just everyday here.
Ohhhh, oh yeah. I see. Ok, got it.
Yes, there's lots of topless woman here. Okay.
I had this conversation with my German friends about it.
It's just the culture. It's just the way it is.
Whereas in the U.S., it's just not accepted like it is here.
Wow, yeah, definitely not used to that.
This is it. We're going to choose right here.
We had a nice, relaxing time at the beach.
It was actually quite nice. The weather is pretty warm now and it's not too hot.
It was good to lay out for... was it about an hour?
No idea. Not keeping time here.
Today is just our relax day.
We were going to eat at that restaurant behind us there but it was too chaotic and looked really busy.
I'm already tired from walking up these steps. Haha.
Only one hundred more.
Yeah. Ahhhh!
We're just going to eat at the pool area because I'm sure it's more relaxing there.
That's the parking spot for public access. It's pretty tiny.
I see a lot of people parking on the side of the road over there too.
Since we're guests at this hotel, we have special access.


聖拉斐爾大西洋度假村和葡萄牙阿爾布費拉夢幻般的海灘 (Sao Rafael Atlantico Resort and the Dreamy Beaches of Albufeira, Portugal)

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Summer 發佈於 2020 年 9 月 10 日
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